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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Magic - Paroles

Thuggin' - Album

That's Me


Magic talking:

I'm that motherfucking nigga everyone asking about.

Yall know who the fuck this is.

That nigga nigga Mr. Magic. (huh)

That nigga nigga Mr. Magic.

Chorus x2

That's me motherfucker that's me (Who that is be with P?)

That's me motherfucker that's me (Who that is be with C?)

That's me motherfucker that's me

I'm the one they call Mr. fucking Magic

Verse 1:

I'll treat your mind like blood so watch Mr. Magic get hot

spitting lyrical fire 'til they day i die

Yall remember me as that shadow that jumped out of the midst

making hit after hit and got the whole rap game pissed

Got 'em wondering where I came from

straight from hell the first nigga to make Lucifer run

You underestimate my consistency

Look like you waiting a weak verse nigga you might as well get rid of me

Mad cause you can't trigger me

Which angle is I come from, mad cause you can't catch me son

I already won and believe the best is yet to come

I'll be flippin MC's until the day that I'm deceased

and got every record label waiting on my contract to be released

I mean all in the pentenaries, niggas is probably mentioning me

Give or take a couple of years, I'll be the man eventually

You can't stop what supposed to be

I'm the one, I'm the chosen man, That's ME

Chorus x2

Verse 2:

I'm the whisper you can hear in every project hall

the conversation you can hear through every crack in the wall

the funny noises you can hear in your house when it's dark

the biggest upset in years cause im at the top of the charts

got niggas wondering why the fuck they struggling

I guess that's a fucked position that Magic put you in

But it's my turn so give me some breathing room

you aint on a nigga's ass killer but that's cool

It's all to be expected shit you let me know I'm competion

but there's alot more to me that you niggas couldn't even vision

give you a run for your money and bitch I'll take your shit

I'll run your pussy ass home like a bitch

See aint no studio up in me, better not offend me

I'll rape Barney and kill Officer Friendly

shoot at the sheriff and the motherfucking deputy

See I'm the one you looking for motherfucker that's ME

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Just name a designated time and a designated place

point them niggas out and I promise they be erased

Aint a maybone in my body, If I did I'd take it out

In front of the whole world so nobody would have doubt

that nobody could take me out, I'm just in a half-clout

Forgive me if I'm wrong but my money is what I'm bout

My dope is high coat, smoking po-po till I die

trying to make a couple mill 'fore the age of 25

I spin and been like a motherfucking tornado

cut your from nose to navel, now that shit gonna potato

It's kinda hard to believe that a nigga like me from the C-T-C

Went from serving fiends to posing in magazines

Nigga we hustled on the same corner

the only difference is my hustle was a little stronger

I say you should go and fear, you got the right worry

cause I was created to make end careers early, ya heard me?

That's me motherfucker that's me (huh)

That's me motherfucker that's me (nigga nigga what)

That's me motherfucker that's me (nigga nigga what)

I'm the one they call Mr. fucking huh what

Chorus x2

Magic talking:

And if you dont know now you motherfucking know

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