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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Magic - Paroles

Thuggin' - Album

Ice On My Wrist


featuring Master P

Master P talking :

Check this out Magic nigga

alot of niggas be faking like they have shit

like they doing this or that

but nigga you know here go the real

Chorus x2 (Master P)

The ice on my wrist shine like a light

I can brighten up your day even at night

Verse 1: (Master P)

I'm just a young nigga hanging with the thug niggas

rolling with the drug dealers now they wanna mug niggas

Ghetto fabulous I mean we ballin'

I represent the 3rd Ward, Calliope, New Orleanas

If the price is on sale then Im a buy it

Niggas talking bout they bigger than No Limit don't try it

No Limit don't stunt, or front, we got bank

I put that on the tank, and about 72 manks

in the closet, you want it we got it

we bout it, No Limit soldiers raise your rolex high

my cousin Hot Boy just got out the pen

and check his wrist I mean he sitting on 1-10

Bling Bling with a 2000 big body

hit the club and the girls get rowdy rowdy

Young G's on spread, a Ferraie and vest

and rolls in the garage that I aint even drove yet

Chorus x2

Verse 2: (Magic)

Shit I aint got as much as P

buy my rolex cost me about 43 g's

Princess cut with a shine that will blind ya

you gone platinum but shit I'm right behind ya

I love diamonds, like I love rhyming

I need sun shades just to see the timing

Aww shit I done caused a fucking accident

with a flick of my wrist man that wasn't meant

All this ice I got them hoes crazy

keep the cat but I'll take some head baby

Last chance you better jump in this Mercedes

'Fore me and P smoke your weed and drinking hennessey

you know the real

Who made the forms list?

I thought yall was rich, man you niggas aint shit

You hate me cause I'm ballin'

Everything that I drive is paid out (What)

My double 8 means my shit is laid out (What)

I'm walking around with a comb on

Shit they need to make a rolle alarm

now I use my rolle for a mirror

and what I see in the reflection is a rich nigga

Chorus x4

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