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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Magic - Paroles

Sky's The Limit - Album

Money Don't Make Me


Chorus: [C Murder]

Money don't make me I make money

Yeah them niggas can't take me cuz I ain't runnin

When its time for me to make a move I'm a make it

Leave a motherfucker standin' in his shoes a born killer (x2)

Verse 1: [C Murder]

No Limit soldier for life nigga give me my props

I come a long fuckin' way from pullin jacks (?) and slangin' rocks

7 digit figures can't make me soft

I be the same motherfucker ready to blow a nigga head off

Bury him, before he bury me

Become a memory, motherfuckers talkin' bout remember C

Nigga, is you crazy, I don't know what death is

The reaper don't fuck with a nigga like me, I'm a handle my biz

Like 4 more, I'm sick with it, you know what I'm sayin'

Don't play no games boy, you know C-Murder ain't playin'

I go to clubs, mean mug, ain't shit gon' happen

I'm a motherfuckin gangsta, niggaz know I ain't just rappin'

Can't stop a crazy motherfucker from doin' what he wanna

I'm still facin' ten years on an open charge in California

So believe if you see me on the corner it really don't matter

And respect a real nigga, or watch your fuckin' brains scatter

Chorus x 2

Verse 2: [Soulja Slim]

Now C-Murder told you bitches don't play no games

And since I got a little paper bitch you think I changed?

? at all times respect my mind

I'd rather be caught with it than without it, I ain't lyin'

Cuz soldier haters come in all shapes and sizes

They act like they your people wearin' them different disguises

You get a little baby and you get some fame

They be all in ya face just because of ya name

I'm worldwide, southside is what I claim

Uptown, magnolia, that's whose bringin' the pain

I'm gettin sick and tired, sick and tired of this shit

Life's a bitch, even when you bitch niggaz and hoes snitch

So tell me what the fuck am I suppossed to do

I run with real niggaz and trill niggaz that's bout it and TRU

Chorus x1

Verse 3: [Magic]

It's Mr. Magic, I'm take my time, I'm a handle my business

Either thuggin or rappin, I refuse to leave a witness

Nigga, money don't make me, I make the money

And you niggaz don't scare me, that's why I ain't runnin

I was in the lower nine, its best you back up bitch

Kidnappers and killas y'all niggaz makin' me homesick

My mind is full of battle scars because I ball

And servin' time in the graveyard, times is hard

But my world still remains the same

Infested with anger, that's why I ride with probably one in the chamber

I'm with million dollar minded niggaz

Between the screen we worth more figures than the world got gravediggaz

We made niggaz, picture us for some years

Throwin a' finger to our foes, and givin' love to our friends

Chorus x2

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