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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Magic - Paroles

Sky's The Limit - Album

Ball Till We Fall


featuring C Murder

C Murder: (talking)

Nigga between this No Limit and TRU shit

You gotta take me out the game to take me from this shit here boy

This real down here niggas getting paid

And we gonna stick together and represent it foverever

Chorus: (x2)

We gon' ball till we fall nigga

I'm gon' ball till I motherfucking fall

C Murder:

Try to sell a million records get paid like a bank teller

Have I ever crossed the line, nigga never

I'm gonna ride with the tank to the end

Test me (test me) and watch Big V do you in

I only answer to one nigga on this earth

That's the colonel, fuck with him you get hurt

I'm known for catching niggas in their residence

I'd tell you more but that shit considered evidence

I'm a motherfucking straight shot

I got to have it on the blocks, where a nigga used to slang rocks

But TRU niggas smoke weed like trees

No Limit niggas cash shecks with no I.D.'s

I never ran from a man in my life

The hardest nigga, but you better have your mind right

Don't snort no coke or shoot heron

Bitch I'm crazy on my motherfucking own, and uh,

I ain't about all that getting dressed up shit

I go to clubs where them thugs hang out bitch

I won't rest till they put my name on the wall

In other words, I'm gonna gonna ball till I motherfucking fall

Chorus x2


I'm gonna ball nigga, there's not a man that gon' stop me

I'm a bad motherfucker so these Fed's are scared to watch me

I real definition of a thug is me

Mr. Magic motherfucker, I know y'all heard of me

Been in it from the beginning, consider my self small

Converted pounds to G's and I ain't never got caught, cause I got heart

That's how I got myself into this position

Now I'm in the game and the fame is an addition

Now vision this 9th Ward nigga working meals

Cause I got skills to pay the bills

Feel what I feel

A nigga couldn't pay me to pause

Cause I'm gonna ball til I motherfucking fall nigga

Chorus x4

Us niggas gonna ball till we fall nigga

Feel what I'm saying

No Limit and TRU records baby, peep this out

" You aint got a thang, unless you got a tank"

Ha Ha

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