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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Kool Moe Dee - Paroles

Funke Funke Wisdom - Album

Here We Go


Here we go

Come on

Yeah yeah

The word is out

Kool Moe Dee's in the house again

And here we go again

And word has it the brother's esoteric knowledge

Is a little too deep for the fans

So he gon' come this time with a simplyfied rhyme

Check it out

[Verse 1:]

Around and around and around we go

People comin to the jam to hear me flow

The live lyricist is here and it's so

I got a funky beat to let you know

Only real brothers wanna hear real rhymes

All the soft suckers want the nickel-and-dime

Candy-coated, sugar-coated bubblegum rap

Long as it's movin on a funky track

My vocabulary's over their head

They can't understand a word I said

So I gotta come with the watered-down sound

With mediocre adjectives, verbs and nouns

Party people in the party only wanna dance

It's hard to rock a party when you're lyrically advanced

I tone down the lyrics, supressed ego

Got a funky rhythm, now watch me go


Here we go

Come On

(Go go go go...)

(Here we go again)

(Yeah y'all come on)

(Here we go again)

[Verse 2:]

Go with the flow? no, no, no

I am the brother that sets tempo

Intelligent, relevant, eloquent speakin

You do the dancin, I'll do the freakin

Some people wanna dance, some people wanna listen

Some people at the party only wanna hear the dissin

My versatile styles, I'm able to adapt

You know I'm talkin shit cause I'm all that

I drop science for the brothers on the street

Intellects get it, and others want the beat

The way they feel I could be erased

All they want is you to pump that bass

Rather than tryin to change the times

They would rather me change my rhymes

A positive brother? yeah, yeah, we know

But they would rather just watch me go


[Verse 3:]

I am a brother, young, gifted and black

There's no need for the profane rap

I'm lyrically potent, very well versed

Some rappers can't rap and try to hide it with a curse

Money in the pocket, gold around the neck

Rings on every finger, boomin system in effect

Tryin to imitate, or better emulate

I can relate, but I rather innovate

Like the creator I love to create

Peace and love, conquerin hate

I got a date with faith

To be known as the great

So all you sissy-soft suckers gainin weight

Become irate, while the ladies girate

Infatuate, lust and mate

Mental state, compensate

If I get too deep, then you won't relate

So now I gotta tone down the sound

Cos I can pick the beat up and turn it around

Turn any jam to a political party

Raise your conscience and rock your body

If you can't relate, just clap your hands

Listen to the rhythm and do your dance

And I'll just party with the alter ego

Rock-the-body-body-body-body, here we go


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