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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Kool Moe Dee - Paroles

Funke Funke Wisdom - Album

Death Blow


To the Break of dawn

To the to the to the

Times up punk

yea yea Time to settle the score

To the break of dawn another dumb move

Ha ha ha this time it's over boy

This is me and you head to head let's go

Here we go beat down round 2

Heads up punk 'cause it all comes down to

Me and you face to face head to head

Mic to mic I like the weak shit you said

To the break of dawn beats nitro

Lyrics weak, say goodnight 'cho

Star Trek shades, man cut the joke

Let's get serious and go for broke

You still got a lock on my jock like a pitbull

Victor before you pull it off you thought Mr. Pitiful

Here's some mouthwash, g

Your mouth smells like my jockstrap, C-

A-U-S-E, you're rhyme didn't mean

?D-O-D-D?, junior Moe Dee

Stop biting, chewing, swallowing

Who in the hell told you that you could do what you were doing

Raise up son, I need jock relief

Here's a toothpick, now get my jock out your teeth

You swallow it, yea, finish, burp

Now let a real man go to work

'Cause I'm a whip you like your daddy, beat ya like a baby

Sick ya like a dog, dropping lyrics wit rabies

Cut ya like a knife 'cause you're nuthin but hype

You slice and dice and ice twice for life

I'm a treat ya like a hooker punk, change your clothes

Put you on the streets wit ya jingling hoes

Keep talking about me and I'll keep pimping

Just bring me that money and take this last whipping

How can one man be so dumb

You're trying to come off and don't know how to come

You're young and dumb and quick at the tongue

You high strung bum come and get done

I'll do you wit a death blow


Kill 'em kill 'em

I'll hit ya wit a death blow

My lyrical beatdown will leave ya in a coma

'Cause you can't hang without a high school diploma

Your brain of fatigue, you're out of your league

You're running out of gas and you're tank is on E

Somebody buy him a heart 'cause he's petro

Take you're whipping like a man brother let go

No apologies, tears of violence

Get your black suits 'cause I ain't smiling

I'm shooting the gift of gab, brother you're ripped in half

Soon as the mic is past, you won't live to laugh

If there's laughter, I'll get the last one

You loafed on the lyrics and you caught a bad one

So who's got no style, look at your profile

You can't dance, can't dress and you're so foul

Still wearing played out 4 finger rings

Played out fat gold chains and things

You changed your look now change your gameplan

Trying to dress but you still wear name brand

Brother, you look crazy weak

And it gets worse when we hear you speak

So you ain't got a chance in hell

You'll be known as the late LL

The man who lost one, one too often

Came wit a soft one and went to his coffin

A close casket they won't show ya

When I finish, you're mama won't know ya

'Cause I'm a rip you limb from limb

You tombstone read he had no win

So RIP, Rest in peace, rip 'em

D.I.D., dead indeed, did 'em

A H-I-T, hitman, so whatcha hit 'em wit

A rhyme silencer, I hit 'em wit a death blow


If mama said knock me out, come do it

You can't win and that (record scratch) knew it

I'm a send you home in a body bag

Wit the mic in your throat and a jock for a gag

You're out of here, over, finished, all in

And Marly marl can't save you from fallin

'Cause as soon as you came back what did you do

To the break of dawn, another dumb move

You can't go hard, you're just so-so Todd

I'm that type of guy, oh my God

It's gets no rougher comes no weaker

marly hooked the beats so now you need a

Writer to bring you back from hell

Because I'm a rock up L

Low life loser, life like luna

Lafidasical, lispless luna

Tic liver lifeless, living likeness

Lusting longing lyrics like this

Little league, lard larsonist liar

Label ledger, left the leper liar

Bull, lull, lateral learning

Laps language latent lurking

Language, language, local logo

Light laboring, limited local

Now LL's a laughing stock

'Cause I bit that ass to the last stop

I watched you fall like Hitler fell

And now you're down to a broken L

You're records ain't hot and you're shows don't sell

Yo, tell 'em how you fell L, hard as hell

You came back and you thought you had me

But think about it, whos' your daddy

Kill 'em... Big daddy, I don't want none...

I did 'em wit a death blow

To the break of dawn

To the, to the, to the, get him out of here

(Kool Moe Dee Talks)

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