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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Kool Moe Dee - Paroles

East Coast Vs. West Coast - Album

Let's Go



Reporter: So tell me... How do you feel about 'Jack the Ripper'?

[Evil Thriller laughter]

(Get him!)

Verse 1

Want me to get him? Well I got him

My mouth is an Uzi and I shot him

With the hundreds of rhymes and rhythm designed

To make him rewind this time I draw the line

He's mine...just chill

Don't nobody touch him cos Imma get ill

The boy's phony as a three-dollar bill

And this time I shoot to kill

Just like a sucker you took the bait

Now you're like a dead fish on my dish, too late

So party people kick your feet up, I'm about to heat up

You're hungry for a battle, now it's time to eat up

Boy, I'm gonna chew you, cos I knew you was

Talkin' that junk, punk, now Imma do you

The way you should be done, call you my son

Make you say "Daddy, I don't want none"

I've had enough of you actin' tough

You huff, puff, grab your stuff you cream puff bluff

Talk about a battle, but you don't wanna do it

You got yourself into it, you blew it

You egomaniac, I'm a brainiac

You came back with a stone cold plain attack

Your rhymes are weak-wack, how can you speak that?

You need to sneak back to the drawing board Jack...

The Ripper, down with my zipper

You get paid to be a Moe Dee tipster

Tryna knock the way I rock, get off my jock

Imma knock you out the box, let's go...

Let's Go!

Verse 2

Put up or shut up, get up, yeah what up?

Huh, get on the microphone and get cut up

Talk about how your records went double platinum

With those lyrics?! Huh, I laugh at them

So you got paid, take the money you've made

Bet it on yourself, are you afraid?

Money talks, B.S. walks

When I stalk like a hawk a victory is chalked

So put your money where your mouth is, you don't know about this

Battlin's for real men, and I doubt if

You can even hang or give a run for the money

You're just a sucker, and it's funny

How you never ever had a drop of juice in New York

And now you go on tour and try to talk that talk

You try to act like you're a big man, but you're a big fag

Stridin' and hidin' while ridin' my big man

You ain't got a chance in the world

Your records were smokin', but you sound like a girl...

[How you like me now? I'm gettin' busier

I'm double platinum] Hold up, is he a

Man or a girl? What in the world?

You sound like Cheryl the Pearl

And you wanna battle me on the microphone?

Leave that crack alone, let's go...

Let's Go!

I said, Let's Go!

Come on, boy! Let's Go!

Better than me?

Verse 3

Picture that with a Kodak

I don't take no shorts and you know that

I roll hard, run the rap yard, put up your guard

I don't get even, I get odd, Todd

Always one up on ya

And I tried to warn ya

You slept, you took a backstep

Ruined your rep and wept, you should've kept

Your mouth shut, you know what?

You gotta say you're sorry [I'm sorry] So what?

You call me a punk, you wanna see who's soft?

Put the microphone down, let's square-off

You need a hand, you got hands for

Tryna be me, now LL stands for

Lower Level, Lack Lustre

Last Least, Limp Lover

Lousy Lame, Latent Lethargic

Lazy Lemon, Little Logic

Lucky Leech, Liver Lipped

Laborious Louse on a Loser's Lips

Live in Limbo, Lyrical Lapse

Low Life with the loud raps, boy

You can't win, huh, I don't bend

Look what you got yourself in

Just usin' your name I took those L's

Hung 'em on your head and rocked your bells

Now, here we go, blow for blow, let's throw

Rhyme for rhyme, yours and mine, and yo

When it's time to battle rhyme I know

How to make it flow, so let's go

To the ring, rapper's sing and swing

Words and verse, see who deserves to be king

Serve a blow to that ego

As if you didn't know, let's go...

Let's Go!

Let's Go!

Verse 4

How can you say you're the best?

Get put to the test in front of a million and fess

Tried to withdraw because you saw

The juice I got's not like before

Huh, I'm formidable, unforgettable

You're submittable, you look pitiful

Yeah you're headstrong, but you're dead wrong

Wanna survive? Stick with the love songs

Take off your shirt, flex and flirt

And leave the real hard rhymes to the hard rhyme experts

If you don't, boy you'll get hurt

Feel like dirt and have to revert

To comin' on stage butt naked

To make up for what you can't do on record

Open your eyes twice the size and realise

I'm on the rise and you're on the demise

Ostracized by my reprise

Step in my face and watch how that head flies

I mean business and I'm serious

I ain't sellin' out and now here he is

Frontin' and fakin' and talkin' about makin'

The money from money, now don't you know they can

Use your support cos you've got caught

Signed, sealed, delivered, sold and bought

A puppet on a string with no heart

A fool and his money will always part

You used to be a rapper, turned into a businessman

Loafin' on the job and cheatin' the fans

I'm too potent, powerful and spiritual

Mental, emotional, physical and lyrical

You wanna beat me? It's gonna take a miracle

You've got a lock on my jock like a pitbull.

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