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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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DJ Muggs - Paroles

Soul Assassins - Album

New York Undercover


[Featuring Call O' Da Wild]



NYC it's hell of a place to be

Come inside

Wanna know? Let's go

The Big Rotten Apple surrounded by runaways connected by bridges

and uplift the sky high vertical positions

keeps criminals in vicious cycles


Cats be untameable and ghettos too

You might see nightly drug busts on corners and in corridors

outside of tenement walls

Number holes in back store fronts where senior citizens press their


to win a quick bucks while blood guts

Litter sidewalks where cops use chalk to outline

ya physical design, now peep the headlines

"Madman kidnaps four or more

torch a nig' apartment store

on 25th and Douglas", parallel in pages "The Mob hits"

In Central Park, rapists with shake faces

It's all thorough, one city, five boroughs

Associated with interlockin sub tunnels

New York's undercover, haa

You niggas wanna know why the skies are grey like cold steel

Air still, quality stand to see the Mob tell

Too much confusion, car pollution, drug abusin

Distribution and gun shootin

Teenagers sportin vibrator pagers, fornicators

While immigrants work the garment district for low wages

Nigga's Pop's crazy alcoholic wit swollen lips

My moms be on some ol' fat cat shit

It's economic, supply and demand, increase ya profit

wit mad product, they can't sign us like domestic violence

It's goin down on my island or Manhatten

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten where shit happens

It's all thorough, one city, five boroughs

Associated with interlockin sub tunnels

New York's undercover brothers

For all you motherfuckers and baby mothers

Believe that!


We're under siege, envy's NY period!

See New York City we get deep

We's rolls threes three and creep

New York's undercover you'll discover

You're under siege, envy's the NY period!

See, huh

Execution type murders

Cops puttin niggas in the dope yoke hold

Stranglin their life source....

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