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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Ecouter Iran"آهنگ دوست داشتم با صدای بانو پوران "


Third Eye (Black Eyed Peas)

La la la la la la la la la la la,
la la la la la la la la la la la,
la la la la la la la la la la la,

He was fooling me once before
But I tell you there's no fooling me twice no more
'Cos when I open up my third eye, third eye
Gotta get away wit' murder, wit' murder.
He was fooling me once before
But i tell you there's no fooling me twice no more,
So stop your opression, opression,
Check it out i got a question, a question.

Bush is Pinnochio, Pinnochio,
Who the Hell is Gepetto, Gepetto?
Beware of Gepetto.

'Cos he got knives and clips and a dagger that's shit with two crucifix,
And he's got ya back won't flick if ya two brother has an ??????? at Christmas,
Welcome to the valley of the beast where they sing in harmony where I speak no peace,
Keepin' an eye on a fella your cheddar, things that aint really for the better,
I could point out odd behaviour to keep your meal from the poisonous flavour,
Then would you call, I can't say let me make your mind so you're in the door danger,
He can sell sand to Iran,
Ice to an eskimo,
Water to a dam,
He can put a killer up for sale,
The one who taught him how to stab.

He was fooling me once before
But I tell you he aint fooling me twice no more
'Cos when I open up my third eye, third eye
Gotta get away wit' murder, wit' murder.
Know what i'm saying?

Can't fool me again,
I'm here to games to late,
I know your kind,
Don't fall down again
Won't trip on games you like,
I know your kind.

You can fool me once (no no),
But you can't fool me two times (no no),
'Cos I got three eyes (yeah yeah),
One up from the left side (yeah yeah),
The other from the right side (yeah yeah),
One eye on the inside (yeah yeah),
And I can see you outside (no no),
Trying to come in.

La la la la la la la la la la la (you can't fool me)
La la la la la la la la la la la (you cant do me)
La la la la la la la la la la la (you cant run through me)
La la la la la
La la la la la
Sometimes we need to change, to change, to change,
Leave the past behind,
Leave the past behind or shall we.............look into the future?
Look ahead,
That's right.

Nature Of The Threat (Ras Kass)

Let freedom ring with a buckshot but not just yet
We need to truly understand the nature of the threat
And a pale man walks in the threshold of darkness
Roughly 20 000 years ago the first humans evolved with
The phenotypical trait genetic recessive blue eyes blonde hair and
white skin
Albinism apparently was a sin to the original man Africans
So the mutants traveled north of the equator
Called Europeans later, the first race haters
So here's the devils' alpha to the beta
Cuz history's best qualified to teach one
Quoting German philosopher Schopenhauer
"Every white man is a faded or bleached one"
Migration created further mutation
Genetic drifts, evolution through recombination
Adaptation to the climate
As the Caucus Mountain man reverted to that of a primate
Savage Neanderthals until the late Paleolithic age
That's when the Black Grimaldi man came
With the symbol of the dragon
Fire and art
Check cave paintings in France and Spain to the Venus of Willendorf
Around 2000 B.C. southern Russians migrate in small units
Those who traveled west po**ted Europe
Those who went east settled in Iran, known as Aryans
1500 B.C. some crossed the Khyber pass into India and
Created Hinduism, the first caste system
The origins of racism
A white dot on the forehead meant elite
A black dot-the feet
Untrustable, untouchables
They wrote the holy Vedas in Sanskrit
That's the language that created Greek, German, Latin and English
Now the Minoans also around 2000 B.C.
Start on the island of Crete in the Agean Sea
The Greek culture begins Western Civilization
But "Western Civilization" means "White Domination"
Myceneans learned from Kemet, called Egypt in Greek
It had existed since at least 3000 B.C.
Creating geometry and astronomy
This knowledge influenced Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates
Cuz Imhotep the real real father of medicine
Was worshiped in Greece and Rome in the form of a Black African
The word Africa comes from the Greek Aphrike meaning "without cold"
The word philosophy means "love of knowledge"... stole from first man
Greek power expands
The first Greek fraternities band
The word gymnasium is Greek for "**"
This was the place where adolescent boys were educated and molested
This was accepted cuz Greek culture was homo**ual
for example, Sappho trained girls on the island of Lesbos
Hence, the word ** (let these mutha**as know)
December 25, the birth of Saturn
A homo**ual god, now check the historical pattern
December 25, now thought the birth of Christ
Was Saturnalia, when men got drunk, **ed each other then they beat
their wife
Fact is, it was still practiced, until they called it Christmas
So put a gerbil on your Christmas list

The Hellenistic Era, Alexander the Great
Conquers all the way to India leaving four successor states
By the Fifth century B.C.
R.O.M.E. succeeds to be
The conqueror of Egypt and Greece
But had the threat of the Black Phoenicians in Sicily
The Punic Wars began 264 B.C.
The Black general Hannibal and Carthaginian Peace
In 146 B.C. Carthage fell after a six-month siege
Rome sold every citizen into slavery, the first genocide in history
And more bi**uality in sight
Julius Caesar was known as "every woman's husband and every man's wife"
Spartacus Revolt-a slave rebellion that lost
Where 6,000 slaves got nailed on a cross...
Cross? Aw, shit! Jesus Christ!
Time for some-act-right
Christians get your facts right
Cuz Christ was not his name, that's Greek for "one who is anointed"
Yoshua Ben Yosef was his name, do Christians know this?
So who do you praise, do you know his name?
Or do you do this in vain?
Accepting the religion they gave slaves to behave
Peep the description of historian Josephus
Short, dark, with an underdeveloped beard was Jesus
He had the Romans fearing revolution
The solution was to take him to court and falsely accuse him
After being murdered by Pilate how can it be

** The Middle East (System Of A Down)

** the middle east
There's too many problems
They just get in the way
We sure could live without them
They hijack our planes
They raise our oil prices
We'll kill them all and have a ball
And end their **in' crisis
BEIRUT, LEBANON-Won't exist once we're done
LIBYA, IRAN-We'll flush the bastards down the can
SYRIANS and SHIITES-Crush their faces with our might
Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these dicks

Abre Los Ojos (Chris Conner)

abre los ojos

te veo hoy
estas so�±ando con palabras de carton
dejame ver
en sus ojos de ni�±a
que hoy esconde tras su sumbra de mujer

son tantos recuerdos que quieres encontrar
buscando respuestas para volver
a comenzar

y por fin abrio sus ojos
se desperto sin miedo a hablar
se dijo que este ya no era su lugar
comenzo a caminar

poco a poco les heridas se iran
dejame ver
esa leve sonrriza
que se dibuja en tus labios al hablar

son tantos recuerdos que quieres olvidar
encontraste el sentido para volver
a comenzar

y por fin abrio sus ojos
se desperto sin miedo a hablar
se dijo que este ya no era su lugar
comenzo a caminar

seguera por ti
(seguera por mi)
seguera por mi
(seguera por ti)
seguera tan solo por que sea
(por que sea)
sea por ti

recuerdo cuando abrio sus ojos
y desperto sin miedo a hablar
ella por fin encontro su lugar
ya no hay precio por amar

Under Fire (Kurtis Blow)

One for the trouble two for the bass
Check me out while I rock this place

Under fire
Take it higher
Under fire

Hello party people I'm Kurtis Blow
King of the rap and a 10 years pro
The ladies heart stopper the fly guys best
A sureshot rocker and I'm always fresh
But when I try make it they try to take it
And it ain't in my nature just to fake it
So bust my moves,you'll never stop me
I'm the best MC,I could never be


Here I am rappin',they call me the king
But there's more to me than just doing my thing
Wanna move ahead,got to make a choice
Got to make this planet hear my voice
Lebanon,Russia,Iraq and Iran
Too many people dyin' playing Superman
Be cool,don't be no fool
Please Mr.Reagan don't put me


I'm Kurtis Blow and I want you to see
To make it today we need unity
Do not fear reality
'Cause they can't stop what was meant to be(Even under fire)

Trying hard to make through the easy way of life
Thinking you can fake it with a pistol or a knife
You live it,you give it,you do it,you blew it
And then you want to tell everybody you knew it
It's easy to point your fingers
And say you and you and you're wrong
But when it's time to be about unity
Huh-huh-huh you sing another song

Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby,baby

Well I am the member of a new breed
And the solution is a revolution
So I hope you all see the light
Hear my name....Unite!To the next phase

K-U-R-T-I-S B-L-O-W what you wanna do(x2)

Under fire (x2)

K-U-R-T-I-S B-L-O-W what you wanna do(x12)

What Side You On? (Public Enemy)

It's overtime
So the lyric
They fear it
When they hear it
The flow
100 miles and runnin
Get near it
And go
Check it out
To the race
Give the drummer a taste
The bass iz commin commin
Suckas runnin from it
Damn why you call him
The man
Here I am scramm
Never ran
Never fight the black
From Iraq
Or Iran
Who bombed Japan
Blood on his hands
Part of a plan
He don't really believe
In uhh! God damn

If it comes down to shuttin
Them down
I'm in the hood surrounded
Tell em I'm grounded
I'm on that psycho analytical
Tip if politics iz stickin to
The mix
Like tricks
I'm one more time givin time
Where the rhyme go
Elite to the street
To the brothas doin death row
So where ya at
If the beat ain't fat
Say what

And get some
Rattle rattle
Kiss and I hum
Come can you
Get it on the one
C'mon pick it up
pick it at
pack it at
pack it up
To the black
Who be talkin
Where they at
Where they at
Wicked wild
Feelin irie
Not sorry
Get it see it written down in a diary
Same say ** all dat
Political shit
But wanna get paid when
Their brains in the second grade

Nowhere to run/here they come come
Nowhere to run/here they come come

I'm a fan first
I reverse another trick verse
To the point
Where I can rock dis funky joint
In the brain game, I'm keepin my head clear
In 33 years so what
I never had a beer
I don't know what I'm missin
I'm not dissin
But I know I ain't**kissin
Time to draw the line
This time the rhyme
Got da good guy goin gettin da nine
Cause I know the hoody
Got it good wit the hitman
Can I get a hitman
Know I'm duckin nat quicksand
The funky automatic
Handlin static
Sellin out I ain't good at it
& when I got bumbed
I'm gonna open up
Hitt em up stone to da bone
But it ain't gotta be like that

And thats that
Can u tell me yall...what
All in wit the law
They fall in
The great white hole where they
Be sellin their soul
Never get enough
They be talkin dat roughneck shit
Be comin they quit
** dat blood iz ticker
Than water shit
That shit iz counterfeit
Devil go where da shoe fit
Black mans law iz raw like Africa
You violate
Were comin after ya

They're here


All right this one goes out to all our friends in New York:
H2O, The Slackers, Stubborn All Stars
Must respect
Hey Tim take it away my man.

Well I heard they fly a confederate flag
Down at the state house
Got a gun to my head from the hand of a man
Down at the state house
Well I reach for a dollar in the hole in my pocket
Down at the state house
They said I got some rights and I really shouldn't knock it
Down at the state house

What can we do? (x7)

Broken bones, broken rules
They can all be fixed (oh yeah)
So let those who battle with the pen
And the others with the fist (its the gospel now)
The strong ones will be defiant with words that can convince
You can take this as rules but I'll take it as a dis


Well they wanna hold me with wrongful suspicion
Down at the state house
And I'm all bundled up in an awkward position
Down at the state house
And they say its all part of a hundred year tradition
Down at the state house
And I do feel they got a mental condition
Down at the state house

What can we do? (x7)

Hey gettin' crazy watch me
Was it you all along working for the CIA?
Iran contra Panama
American casket parlet (work it now, work it)
Visions of light yes, visions of death no, visions gone astray (oh yeah)
Jump on that DC-10 my man oh and you fly away

Ignore the weak ignore the poor
Down at the state house
They got a real good position for me on the floor... hell no
Down at the state house
They said your gonna make a real real nice world
Down at the state house
But they do not know the law not no at all
Down at the state house

What can we do? (x7)

All right this one goes out to Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Crown of Thornz, Dgeneration,
DJ Ansen, Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven, Simon and the Bar Sinisters, Nine Lives and
His New Band Under The Gun, Madball, Marky Ramone and the Intruders.
Hey Marky go get your **in' shine box

Triumph Of The Swill (Dead Kennedys)

Life can only get better
All you need to do is fall in love
Everyone else has fun but you
Buy that fun you'll fit in too

Dance your problems away
Cheap escape to that mind-control beat
Mellow out-Life's too hard
You don't even want to think

See the macho cock-rock metal heroes
Vomit fire out of their big mouths
Shake your fists obediently
Make Leni Riefenstahl real proud

See the Aryan bozo with the red guitar
Parachute on the White House lawn
Gonna bomb the commies with his air guitar
So dumb he can't drive 55

Like Bing Crosby before them
Too idiotic to be real
You want it loud?
We'll make sure it goes nowhere
So you won't get ideas

Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill

Music is banned in Khomeini's Iran
On the grounds that it stimulates the brain
We've done him one better in the land of coke & honey
Using music to put people's brains to sleep

Ever wonder why commercial radio's so bad?
It's 'cause someone upstairs wants it that way
If the Doors or John Lennon were getting started now
The industry wouldn't sign 'em in a million years

So what do we get
Christian censorship and taxed blank tapes
Shoppers strung out on our false hopes
Will flock to obey

Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill

Azrael (Azrael)

Historias de hombres que van a morir
almas al cielo quieren subir
ellos saben que hay que sufrir.
La vida nos dio esta oportunidad
y este es el precio que hay que pagar
Azrael, El nos juzgara.
Hombres malvados, juzgados iran con el juez
Demonios hambrientos de sangre malvada y cruel
Hombres endiablados condenados por el Juez
quien nos va a separar de todo bien.
Leyes de hombres hay que respetar
juegos de guerras hay que soportar
Viaje al infierno quieren ganar,
la vida es corta y hay que aguantar,
malas tentaciones hay que soportar
y tu alma la podras salvar.

(Intro) As Long As We Can (Kelly Willis)

Oh, shit, here we go again
Gonna kick it as long as we can
We like to boast from
The far west coast
To the desert fields of Iran

You want to fight well let's go
You know that we came to drop bombs
The straight edge punks
From the desert sun
All want some of the shit
That we're on

We are the ones
You know we don't ** around
Gonna go as long as we can
We're back again what goes around
Comes around
You wanna go, you know that we're down
As long as we can

We're self-righteous hypocrites and
We don't wanna hear what you say
Capitalistic, Narcissistic
And no we're not gonna change

The bright lights make you blind now
You want everything for free
You pay for gas while we count out cash
We're going down in history

We are the ones
You know we don't ** around
Gonna go as long as we can
We're back again what goes around
Comes around
You wanna go
You know that we're down
As long as we can

As long as we can


شاعر : جهانبخش پازوکی آهنگ ساز : جهانبخش پازوکی تنظیم : ناصر چشم آذر من بارونو دوست داشتم تو نهر گل آلود من آفتابو دوست داشتم تو سیاهی دود من تلاطم دریا تو چ...

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