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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Ecouter Gusttavo Lima - Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê)


Cinta Adalah Misteri (Dewa 19)

Bila Cinta
Kau ikuti kemana
ia pergi
walau jalan
terjal berliku
Walau perih
slalu menunggu

Cintamu butakan
matamu dan hatimu
harusnya cintamu
buka pintu kalbumu

Cinta adalah misteri
kita hanya manusia
tak berdaya melawan
takdir sang Raja Manusia
(tlah terlukis di Langit)

Jika sayapnya merangkulmu
dan pisau tajam siap melukai

Cemburu (Dewa 19)

ingin kubunuh pacarmu
saat dia cium bibirmu merahmu
di depan kedua mataku
hatiku terbakar jadinya....cantik....
aku cemburu....

ingin kubunuh pacarmu
saat dia peluk tubuh indahmu
di depan teman-temanku
makan hati jadinya...oh cantik...

mungkin memang nasibku
yang selalu menunggu untuk jadi
yang pertma amungkin
kukatakan kepadanya saja
bahwa aku juga milikmu
bahwa aku juga...u....u....u
bahwa aku juga kekasih hatimu....

meskipun aku pacar rahasiamu
meskipun aku selalu yang kedua
tap aku manusia
yang mudah sakit jadinya

Dua Sedjoli (Dewa 19)

Usap air matamu yang menetes di pipimu
Kupastikan semuanya akan baik2 saja

Bila kau terus pandangi langit tinggi di angkasa
Tak 'kan ada habisnya s'gala hasrat di dunia

Hawa tercipta di dunia
Untuk menemani sang adam
Begitu juga dirimu
Tercipta 'tuk temani aku

Renungkan sejenak arti hadirmu di sini
Jangan pernah ingkari dirimu adalah wanita

Harusnya dirimu menjadi perhiasan sangkar maduku
Walaupun kadang diriku bertekuk lutut di hadapmu


Harusnya dirimu menjadi perhiasan sangkar maduku
Walaupun kadang diriku bertekuk lutut di hadapmu


Bukalah pintu jiwamu dengar bisikan sanubari
Semua adalah isyarat, isyarat dari sang pencipta

Dua Sejoli (Dewa 19)

Usap air matamu
Yang menetes di pipimu
Ku pastikan semuanya
Akan baik-baik saja

Bila kau terus pandangi
Langit tinggi di angkasa
Tak kan ada habisnya
S'gala hasrat di dunia

Hawa tercipta di dunia
Untuk menemani sang Adam
Begitu juga dirimu
Tercipta tuk temani aku

Renungkan sejenak...
Arti hadirku di sini
Jangan pernah ingkari
Dirimu adalah Wanita

(*)Harusnya dirimu menjadi
Perhiasan sangkar maduku
Walaupun kadang diriku
Bertekuk lutut di hadapanmu...

Kembali ke Reff

Kembali ke:(*),Reff(3x)

Bukalah pintu jiwamu
Dengar bisikan sanubari
Semua adalah isyarat
Isyarat dari Sang Pencipta

Sayap-Sayap Patah (Dewa 19)

Sayangku ku mohon tetap disini
temani jasadku,yang belum mati
rohku melayang, tak kembali
bila kau pun pergi
meninggalkan yang terbaik
bagi kita semua

Ku coba kembangkan
sayap patahku
tuk terbang tinggi lagi diangkasa
melayang melukis langit
merangkai awan awan mendung

Ooh Shit (Master P)

[Master P]
It was a late friday night and a chill was at the club
I was kind typsy from smokin that bud
Walked to the bar seen this bitch fine & Tender
The b*tch at the counter aske a nigga couldnt remember
looked in her face a perfect redbone
took her to the hotel till the chill yo was on
she started rubin & massagin my chest
she said why you were a bullet proof vest
I sai bitch cause im to deep up in this
but just handle your buissness
she reached for my dick like a dipstick
and grabbed my nuts and started to kiss
I rubbed my fingers against her face
before we did it popped in the Marvin**e tape
Theres nothing wrong with me **in you
[Master P]
but back to the story all right
I guess its time to ** cause off went the lights
bitch was kinda hot
didnt have a rubber but a nigga still hit that cock
side to side back to front she put wip cream on my dick & swalloed the cum
I flipped the bitch over one more time
but the bitch was to kinky to be mine
I looked at my watch said ohh shit
I got a concert to do bitch
she said I guess its time to go, would I ever see you again?
I said probably so
but I didnt know it would be that soon
cause after the concert a nigga dick turn blue
and when I see her Im gonna kill that bitch damn
she did do suckin to my dick

Ohh Shit, bitch what did you do to my dick x4

Chill man pull this mother**er I gotta take a piss damn
Ohh Ohh bitch Ohh im gonna kill that bitch god my dick burnin
Chill man bring me to the mother**in hospital

Outta State (Akinyele)

[Extra P] Yeah.. yeah.. everything's real!

Chorus: Akinyele

I got all my life to live
and I got so much love to give
But I gotta survive, and make papes outta state
I'm ready to make papes outta state, man
I got all my life to live
and I got so much love to give
But I gotta survive, and make papes outta state
I'm ready to make papes outta state

Ak to the Nel to the LE, I'm tryin hard as hell
to pick my future before my future picks me
Twenty-one years of AGE, not with minimum WAGE
Don't ever seem like I'ma get paid rhymin on the STAGE
College, I always dreamt of tryin it; the only problem here
I don't seem to meet financial aid requirements
Locked writin rhymes in the crib -- when would I get out?
Seems like I'm pushin yo a hip-hop bid
At home the vibes don't feel right
My parents keep lookin at me as if I'm some type of parasite
My moms seperated from her spouse
The oldest of two kids, it's my job to play man of the house
That means gettin off my ASS, makin immediate CASH
That broke shit, save it for an orthopedic CAST
I get road maps, learned the interstate
Shit I'm headed out state to make papes; man


I'm ready to get up on a scam trip
The I-95 outta state to make the damn loot flip!
First I need a crackhead with a credit card
So he can head uptown and purchase me a rented car
Just make sure that it's black
And take off the rearview mirrors cause it ain't no lookin back
I'm goin one deep, in the driver's seat
Throwin the vegetarian book cause I'm ready for beef
I got a three-hundred and fifty-seven, faren-degrees-heit
of HEAT, better known as a burner on the STREET
Cool, I got the keys to the CAR
Accelerate on the gas, and have the rubber burn up
on the TAR, I'm out to get money real FAR
I hear my moms voice, {singing} "I'm wishin on a star!!"
But I got to go far ma! {sing} "But I could wonder where you are!"
On the streets just DELIVERIN, packages
so I can just relax and get some type of LIVIN
Think that it is when it ISN'T
Easy to see a family, suffer from povery, as bein GIVEN
Man, like heck, and when I get back
I'ma rip up them welfare checks
I got a new nine to five mom, so don't wait up late
My job's located outta state


I reached my destiny and my goal
I done flashed right past the dumb-ass highway patrol
If everything goes well I'm in it to win it
I'm tryin to find a hotel so I can rest up for a minute
A round of crackheads gonna show me -- neighborhood clowns
fear me up and down cause they really don't know me
But all my hits, I see them scopin out the clip
They wanna get open, I can let shit rip!
Whatever is broke got to be fixed, twenty dimes and nicks
Step into my house made of bricks
My man gave me work, home on credit
You think that I'm comin back? Tch, black he can forget it
Cause I got moves to BAKE, no time to be FAKE
Bad enough gotta watch out for a SNAKE called JAKE
Money nonstop, kept in the hush
At twelve o'clock, I'ma catch, huh, the midnight bus
And watch the dough flow like water
I'm not Taco Bell but hell I'ma make a run for the border
I feel odd, like a extraterrestrial left alone
A calling card number, so I could phone home
to let my people know my mission went great
on my great escape to outta state

Rest in peace to my little brother Donnie Boy
Rest in peace to my man Rakim
Rest in peace to my man, named Understanding
Rest in peace, umm, to Atiba
Rest in peace to my man Wilson from Exena Street
Rest in peace, to all my other peeps
Also rest in peace, to my man T-Bone
You know I ain't forget you
Yeah yeah, and I'm.. and I'm.. and I'm..
and I'm.. and I'm OUT!! *echoes*

Trial Of The Century (AZ)

[Featuring Foxy Brown, Panama P.I.]
Just like a motion picture, gun fire froze a nigga
Compose the liquor, caused me to stager, stumble over quicker
Duckin' low, wit the four four, tryin' to bust and blow
Empty out before the Po Po come bust the show
Sobered up, knew it was beef, but over what?
Been in the cut, escapin' these streets, they cold as **
Tuck my chain in, rose to my feet, no time for aimin'
Back arched, all you saw was sparks, niggas blazin'
One fell, callin' for help, heard him yell
My last shell, tore through his spine, it's time to bail
It's slow motion, dust in my clothes started ?boatin'?
It's bizarre copin', my blood flowin' like the Art Of Goshen
Thoughts racin', hit the corner slow pacin'
No destination, it's up North a nigga facin'
CHORUS: Panama P.I.
If we all gonna die, I'm prepared to meet my maker
But before I touch that death bed feel, I gotta see some paper
Keep my head to the sky, won't let no one pull us down
Do whatever it takes, cuz that's the breaks, money make this world go
I pleed innocent, the love for my freedom is infinite
Thoughts was intimate, I mastered the minds, the mortal 10 percent
Self Defense, incarceration couldn't help repent
Caught in commotion at the time I felt it, felt intense
Him or me, it's misery through my memory
But mentally, outcome wise I feel no sympathy
You know the streets, how some niggas could go for weeks
Rock you slow to sleep, play you for doe, now you know it's beef
Know it's deep, I live my life on the creep
Tinted Jeeps, bulletproof coupes move Mystique
Foxy Brown: (AZ)
Let him speak, my dogg is innocent
It was my gats (Boo I got this), this cat named Roberto it's certain
Desert Ease in my skirts end
Let my nigga live (Oha), while I breed us up a kid
Face this little bi - tch
No explanation, speedy trial, ** the extra waitin'
Hesitatin', they know the time a nigga facin'
So what's the verdict?
CHORUS (overlaps the last line of AZ's verse)
I feel ill inside, though my life is still a ride
Some may criticize, but it's a blessin', that I'm still alive
From all the smoke lit, all the hoes hit, all the cold shit
From comin' that close gettin' my dome split
Spreaded out, so much on my mind, gotta let it out
To live, and die for a cause I feel dead with out
Check my rap sheet, no prior cases, just some Tech's beef
Charged with drunk drivin' once, but I was half 'sleep
Swervin', off of St. Mark's and Burgan, in a rented Suburban
I must've dozed when I was turnin'
But peep this, I'm on trial now, no sign of weakness
No secrets, just goin' to court, & I'm tryin' to beat this
A new Don, another score, another new born, been too long
Here's a dick jury for y'all to chew on
{Judge's voice: Order in the court, order in the court
That's contempt of court!}
CHORUS (2 times)
Panama P.I.:
If we all gonna die

Is It Real (My Mind Still Playin' Tricks On Me) (Willie D)

Is it fiction, is it fact?
Is it fake or reality?
All I know for sure
Is my mind's still playing tricks on me

Verse 1:
Here I go again, the same old shit
My mind is still playing tricks
Cause today when I left my residence
I heard we had a new black president
And he wasn't no Uncle Tom
Rudy poof stankin' fetch house nigga scum
And white folks wasn't planning to murder him kid
Cause they voted for him just like the blacks did
And this might sound reckless
But I got a loan on a brand new Lexus in Texas
If I'm lying I'm dying, everybody was color blind
Went to church and I gotta admit
Walked in, didn't see one hypocrite
It appeared every single soul was reached
Cause the pastor practiced what he preached
Then I woke up in a cold sweat homie
My mind's still playing tricks on me


Verse 2:
I took a cold shower and I got dressed
It's Christmas so I gotta look my best
Everybody going to my dear house
That's my grandmother, and she the boss
As I drove up in my low
I saw cars on both sides of the road
Then I started saying 'what's up' to relatives
That I hadn't seen in years
Walked up to grandma, and gave her a big smack
And she gave me one back
She said "there's plenty of food, Willie
Help yourself when you get into the mood"
I marked on the paper
As my man slammed bones on the domino table
The women played cards
And the children were playing in the front yard
It was getting late so I had to break
But yo, not before I ate
And gave grandma a goodbye kiss, nigga
I reached to hug her, but I couldn't feel her
Fell to the ground and I snapped holmes
Looked up, and saw a bunch of headstones
My grandma's name was on plot 11
Now I remember, she died in '87
It wasn't close to Christmas or Halloween
I was at the cemetary having a daydream
And that's real **ed up, homie
My mind's still playing tricks on me


Verse 3:
I used to make big money, drive big cars
Everybody know me, the fool who left the Geto Boys
Thought I could be a bigger nigga by going solo
But my record sales said no no
So did concert promoters and magazines
I went back to eating rice and lima beans
No more fancy restaurants
And I hadn't seen the mall in months
Now why would I leave the group
Just when it's starting to blow up, troop
I got tired of being famous, black
When my mother** pockets didn't reflect that
I need help before I go left
Cause I'm starting to second guess myself
I know I can't have a nigga ** me
But I want to get back with the group, gee
Now if you believe that shit, duke
Your mind's playing tricks on you, too

Is it real (5x)

Un Dia Sin **o (Mar De Copas)

Hoy hallé entre los dos el pasar de una vida
El pesar de mis noches
El morir de mis días
Sin saber si aún
Eras mía...
Eras mía...

Hubo un tiempo en que yo no quería dar un brazo a torcer
Pero el alma entregué porque seas mía
Sin saber que hacer
Con tu alegría
Ahh ahhh ahhhhh...

Y tan lejos de mi
Te encontré
A golpe de un mirar
A punto de decir que ya no estoy aquí

Y tan cerca de mi
Yo te hallé
Cuando busqué sobre mi hombro vacío
Y encontré tu compañía

Cuanto puede cargar tu vida sola
Cuanto dura una noche
Cuanto pesan dos vidas
Sin saber que hacer
Si son distintas...
Si son distintas...

Hubo días en que tu diste tu brazo a torcer
Te ahogaste en el mar de mis recuerdos
Sin saber nadar
Ahh ahhh ahhhhh...

Y tan lejos de ti yo me hallé
Tan solo recordar a pasos de tu risa
Y frente a tu mirar
Y tan cerca de ti me encontré
Al preguntar si aún estaba vivo y encontré que eras mi vida.


ITunes: http://bit.ly/V93ECU Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/1wGsrL58wWJNBcOrw215aD Ontdek meer muziek in de Arcade Spotify app: http://spoti.fi/10us3...

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