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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Ecouter Мечта Марианны "М", детям 7 мес. и папа Мирон


Idols Of Ignorance (Believer)

Dreamers, enticed to turn away
Kneeling, to gods born from clay
Praying, to images carved to stone
Bowing, though sins are not atoned

Hearing, only silence through your cries
Seeing, nothing with lifeless eyes
Worthless, are the objects idolized
Blinded, men fall to their demise

Unholy, lovers of themselves
Money, the lust of which compells
Brutal, without self control
Defying, the Redeemer of their soul

I am the first and the last
Yahweh, Creator of ages past
Ruler, Author of the Book of Life
Fortress, Saviour of impending strife

"I am the Lord
Apart of me
There is none
I form the light
Of this dark world
Bow to me or die!"

[Deuteronomy 4:28; Isaiah 44:9; II Timothy 3:3-5; Isaiah 45:5, 7, 22; Isaiah 44:6]

Black Jesus (Kane & Abel)

featuring Master P Silkk the Shocker

(Master P)
Like 2Pac said only God can judge me
But I think only black Jesus can help me

Verse 1 (Kane)

Six in the morning and I see the sunrise
Wish I died in my sleep didn't want to open my eyes
To see this world so **ed up for me
And my family worked so hard but can earn a decent salary
these bills keep whooping a nigga**
Spent my whole check trying to dress with class
I found myself having to smoke weed just to chill
Both my parents got killed and I ain't cried still
All my niggas getting shot, peoples mama's smoking rock
And who the hell can stop these **ed up cops
They like to overseaers and we like the slave bitches
Offer pussy to a nigga even though they got AIDS
You jumping in that pussy thatn you diving in the grave
White man build the prison and the niggas come through
Like the mother**ers giving out free barbeque
Lock a nigga up for life and say ** you
Most of ya'll ain't make it pass the 12th grade
That's why you making minimum wage or slanging rocks for chump change
Alot of people died for the right to vote
We don't use white devils taking nigga land and missuse it
On top of that I think my uncle on crack
My boy Quay Shaun took a slug in his back
>From another black now he in the coma trying to make it back
Come on come on
My old lady think she pregnant I ain't got no cash for her
She probably ** another nigga I wouldn't put it past her
My mind got me murderous like John Doe
Bitch**niggas trying to play me like a hoe
And now I'm rolling round ** on a steel dick
Bout to pull the trigger end it cause I'm tired of this bullshit
Know what I'm saying grown men don't cry
But the ghetto got me wheeping like a bitch I'm gone die on my knees


Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up
Allah, tell me why this world so **ed up
Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up for me
For me a nigga

Verse 2 (Abel)

They say that I was dealt some bad cards in this game of life
But before I take my trip I'm gone leave with them stripes
Sending dime bags of weed, toting nines til nose bleeds
My nerve so bad I had to pop one of those b's
I had to strap my jimmy hat or catch this double mint disease
See the devil in a crack pipe pointing at me
I seen a nigga shaking just lke he caught the holy ghost
But he really scored a gram of heroin for 80 bones
I got them stones, if you take a hit you can't resist
Now I'm crying, I think one of my brothers on that shit
Do you care if you live or die, really I don't know
But if there's hell below I think we all gonna go


Verse 3 (Master P)

Tell me is this heaven, is this hell
I ain't LL, but all I hear is funeral bells
The ghetto's trying to kill me, a born loser
A born hustler my uncle's a drug user
I'm from the projects or should I say the 3rd Ward
Where fools into killing and fiends walk like androids
Hooked up with the twins or should I say Kane & Abel
Trying to keep some change in my pockets, some food on my table

Verse 4 (Silkk)

You know what P your right
Cause Silkk was on the block like last night
Niggaz doing anything from selling drugs
to sell mugs smoking that glass pipe
I'm from a messed up city where niggas don't live long
they parents out-live they kids
Rest in peace to my homie they like split his wig
Now who won't walk that last mile to they death
Imaging taking a deep (inhales) that was your last breath
Just imaging your mom was prostituting your mom was smoking
Imagine your eyes don't close imagine your eyes don't open
I be like trying to keep the world and stay TRU
There's too much drama in my hood, gotta stay cool

Verse 5 (Master P)

As I lay me down to sleep
Black Jesus if you real, take me out this ghetto g
Cause its crazy its wicked
I got niggaz on every block trying to get a meal, ticket
They killing they murder
Little kids in 3 inch girdles
And life is just like Pac Man
Niggaz gumping up niggas but who gone be the next man
To lose his shoes, I mean lose his life
Who gone think twice, dying in this ghetto life
Cause in the White House, politicians run the country
But where I'm from in the ghetto's its bout drug money
Ice cream slanging
Niggas banging red and blue everybody's hanging
Niggas bout it, little kids get rowdy
But will I make it out this ghetto, I doubt it

(Kane & Abel talking)

I think the devil trying to get me to sell my soul
He keep on walking with me, he keep on talking with me
I think the devil's trying to get me to sell my soul
He trying to temp me with the bitches and money

Black Jesus black jesus if you feel me
Than save me and my ghetto people

Monkey gone to heaven (The Pixies)

there was a guy
an under water guy who controlled the sea
got killed by ten million pounds of sludge
from new york and new jersey
this monkey's gone to heaven

the creature in the sky
got sucked in ahole
now there's a hole in the sky
and the ground's not cold
and if the ground's not cold
everything is gonna burn
we'll all take turns
i'll get mine, too
this monkey's gone to haven

rock me joe!

if man is 5 [3x]
then the devil is 6 [5x]
then god is 7 [3x]
this monkey's gone to heaven

Deus Nova (Pain Of Salvation)

10.000 DC – 1 million people
9.500 DC – 2 million people
9.000 DC – 3 million people
8.500 DC – 4 million people
5.000 DC - 5 million people
4.500 DC - 6 million people
4.000 DC – 7 million people
3.500 DC – 10 million people
3.000 DC – 14 million people
2.500 DC - 20 million people
2.000 DC – 27 million people
1.500 DC – 30 million people
1.000 DC – 50 million people
500 DC – 100 million people
Year 1 AD – 170 million people
500 AD – 190 million people
1.000 AD – 254 million people
1.500 AD – 425 million people
2.000 AD – 6.080 million people

Trying to understand the system of life
Trying to understand myself
I created the world to be an image of myself – of my mind
All of these thoughts, all of these doubts and hopes – inside
I took out to form, a new breed, a new way to be
And now I am many, so many, so much larger than ever I were
Yet at the same so much smaller and more vulnerable
They all can ___ of the whole
Together they become me
I see them interact, develop
I see them take different sides
As were they different minds, believers in different ways, in different gods.
I think they will teach me something.

U Being U (Anouk)

I don't exist for you
You made that crystal clear
Your sweetest thing for 7 years
What did I do to deserve this

Don�t think you own my life
I've still got my pride
Trying so hard to forget
I cannot help but hear your voice

This is love, just trust me baby
Other girls mean nothing to me
Why don't you keep your big mouth shut

And all the bridges that you burn
Come back one day to haunt you
It's just a matter of time

Baby, don't get me wrong
If I'm not there to catch your fall
Did I try for too long
Am I to blame for you being you

Save those tears for someone else
Your trouble's only just begun
Hands off my sunshine leave it alone
Before I go commit a crime

I'm gonna show you what you taught me
No respect, no mercy
Till you fall down on your knees for me

All the bridges that you burn
Come back one day to haunt you
It's just a matter of time

Baby, don't get me wrong
If I'm not there to catch your fall
Did I try for too long
Am I to blame for you being you

730 (Foxy Brown)

Whoa, whoa
What the *plurrr is this, Yo!

They say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
Can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?

Yo how can we start this
My life is thorough never heartless
I laid it down from the Gate to the St Louis arches
From the windy city to the streets in Cali
To them streets in Houston
My niggas always boostin'
Some bitches always holla
How they don't spend a dolla
But that's because they ain't got it
Now tell me where's the logic
And if I talk it - I've done did it or about to do it
I'm making anthems, got a million niggas bouncin' to it
Bust your guns!
And if that ain't enough then bust again
I've been thuggin' since B-I-Z made "Just A Friend"
Matter of fact ever since Flava Flav was rockin' clocks
And even then there was no bitch that could compare to Fox
Let me head knock, Pretty you wit' me right
This Prada fit me tight, this Gucci fit me right
Who could quickly write like seven joints and it be tight?
You know how hood we sound, you know it's Boogie Brown

Yo they say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?
They say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?

Yo my life is full of problems
Sometimes it's hard to dodge 'em
So much you couldn't fathom
I wish I didn't have them
They say I'm 7-30, pretty but I rap too dirty
The law is criticizing me and probably never heard me
So what I crashed my Range
My last name ain't changed
This time it's different though
I'm not exploiting names
Yeah I write my shit
It's not a ** game
So what he wrote some songs
I blew him up the same
I'm never ducking dames
Y'all know just where to find me
I would've killed her but it just wouldn't be fair to mommie
Imagine me doing time, Foxy behind bars
Not me the crime star
Y'all bitches ain't worth it
Although my life ain't perfect, I'll never change a thing
Y'all want success but y'all don't know about the pain it bring
It's supposed to make you happy and keep your paper long
This beat is kind of ill
How could you hate this song?

Yo they say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?
They say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?

Man some hoes is always yackin'
Like I can't make it happen
Like they don't know my cash
Like they don't know my past
Especially pop star bitches with the soft image
So what I ain't with him
BITCH! He's off limits
Be where I always be
See who I choose to see
Although we're not together, his heart belong to me
See at times I think y'all bitches be confusing me
Like I'm somethin' sweet, shorty I'm still street
You're not on my level, and I won't stoop
And I'm the one that got you, kicked out your own group
Chicks be always thinkin' that I'mma let it ride
I might not kill you but I'll hurt you till your dead inside
Third album and you still wanna test Brown
I'm so hood bitches know how boogie get down
It could be real drama
It's still the Ill Na Na
There ain't a bitch wilda
Any beef? Holla!

They say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?
They say I'm 730, say I spaz out
FB is ill, she'll wild out
But can y'all feel my pain?
I can't let it slide
How could I smile when I'm hurtin' so bad inside?

Red And Black (7 Seconds)

Something's creeping up your way,
With cans of pain and things to say.
We wait until the dead of night,
Then nail everything in sight.
We will attack in red and black,
Cover the buildings, the walls and the street.
We will attack in red and black,
Graveyard graffiti this whole ** city.
Lots of kids, with nothing to do,
Important in the eyes of few.
A town with nothin' for the young
An so our crusade has begun.
(Repeat Chorus)

Abortion (Kane & Abel)

Verse 1 (Abel)

Peep this 5'6'' nigga with more game than Starter
Been pimping these hoes since I was shooting dog water
Call me plastic man cause I pack that plastic glock
Slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop
I'm bout it than done some shit that God couldn't forgive
Ever since I was that coke baby with two weeks to live
Shit my life is complex think I got a voodoo hex
Busters try to wet me, bitches step get shot up like Malcolm X
You ** mother**ers got his pocket full of boulders
You sick of being sober hit me on my motorola
Drink Cavassi A straight out the bottle counting g's
Why you counting on the lotto
** ya'll is my motto
Hit the streets make my ends rocks hidden in my M & M's
Bitch this ain't Whodini, ain't no mother** friends
Niggas average while caine be deadly like miscarriage
And if it come to it I'm gone put one in your cabbage
I'd rather steal to get paid like Shaquille O'Neal
Soon as I drop my draws all of ya'll old ladies gone kneel
Getting deep getting funky like some rock star coochie
I'm jigging player haters just like pace makers for my loochie
Partner my name is Kane got more game than the dope game
Know less than 16 for every bird that I slang


My mama wish she had a ** abortion
Cause I done so much shit so much gangsta shit
>From every crime from drugs to extortion
I know my mama wish she had a ** abortion

Verse 2 (Kane)

I roll with No Limit cut throats trying to stack C-Notes
Wearing green and white Nauticas and Mecca polos
It all started my cousin got 'em got some heroin from Puerto Rico
We call it ?? and snorted by alot of people
Going to the place where danger awaits me
I never knew my moms but if I did she probably hate me
>From small time hustling to sticking up dope spots
My grandma found a 100 grand stashed in a shoebox
She kicked me out sent me down south where they be balling
Got a 100 got 200 on a trip to New Orleans
They used to love that weed like its they only child
Now they got the naza cocaine it got 'em wild
This child was born a twin seven minutes from my brother
No visions of my dad wouldn't recognize my mother
And now I'm so obsessed with this money I be earning
I'm sicker than the ** Germans
All I see is green like Erick Sermon


Notty Headed Nigguhz (Artifacts)

[Tame One]
Artifacts, check around my **in BLOCK, I X-Men like Cyclops
When I lift my shades up, my eyes blaze Ghetto Red Hot
But as is, my ad-libs, are more wicked than bad kids
Ask Biz if Tame leaves marks like a shit skid

[El Da Sensai]
It's the Mister, on a mission mixer of the rougher
Mix the snuff that get you up ? but no style is tougher
I dismiss crews, I bruise, snooze ya losin
Groovin provin I can do in men who went out smoother
Artifact chart, my rap gat starts to battle
Tracks be fat so who dat? Nigga I be through black

[Tame One]
I get biz on bitches, puff izz with my cousins
Tame shit so wild, honies roll they eyes like Teddy Ruxpin
I hit mad skins, then roll up bills on the reals
My skills mad ill, but chill kid, everything's real
from naps up top, down to the wrinkles in my Reeboks
I'm up late like Leno playin demos from my toolbox
My crew rocks, two blocks away from the buddha spot
I'm out but don't get it **ed up, cause I wsnt you to rock

[El Da Sensai]
I come from the slums of New Jeruz I do bums
who can't adapt no haps son, you know I close on caption
You know this, boss niggaz like Lex to Mr. Otis
You can't hold this BITCH I'm swift like a lotus


[Tame One]
Well it's the wiseguy, who never did a driveby
but I fly zones, and shine like chrome, on 7:35
I, play my Hi-Fi, volume up sky high
Talkin buddha thai, don't bother tryin to fascinate my eye
I got 20/20 like Baba Wawa on a Friday
Buy my tape, so I can put a Cruiser in my driveway
Say hi Tame, pass the dutch so I can take a puff
of Born Cypher Cypher Master, I never get enough
No curls, no braids, peasy heads still get paid
Smokin sassy-frassy, that grows free, in the Everglades
and get lit, trip up on the phone and talk some ** shit
But that's some next shit, yo peace I'm out to the exit

[El Da Sensai]
It's the funky Mister Ripper split your**
Quick-fast, you never outlast the outcast
I'm stompin weak-ass niggaz, so ready let's go
I gas up a skit, I got the snaps on the petrol
I'm never fake I break the funk breaks I'm breakin
MC El create the styles that brothers ain't makin
To go past the end I run you over like a semi
Remember I be the guy, who's **in up your shit I,
be the one to call myself def in any program
Scan my battleplan before I step into a jam
I cross the major diction when fixed I'm a rap magician
You keep fishin for rhythms while I'm puffin on the ism
A Ford Explore, the rap tour, comin through ya door
One two three PEACE, I'm out for ninety-four


Big Night Out (Fun Lovin' Criminals)

Axamillion morals, difference in opinion
I was with him, he had 7 jack and cokes in him
They had platform heels, nose job bills
And some look like their ill with the **ed up grill
Supermodels on my 'D', 1 2 3
He said "2 for you, 2 for me"
Face like a saint, suckin' like a sinner
Cocaine makes you thinner, cocaine makes you thinner

I got supermodels on my 'D' (3x)

Like Roger Grimsby on eye witness news
Man he'll tell you the truth while he's singin' the blues
Just like gasarama on Avenue B
He'll check under the hood, man he'll teach you Tai Chi
He laughed and with a gesture bought a drinks for the girls
He said "You gotta have the love in this **ed up world"
You gotta have the love in this **ed up world
You gotta have that sweet, sweet love
That keeps you warm at night - ooo bop bop shabba
You gotta have that love, for the world
the world ain't what it's cracked up, get it cracked up to be - ha ha ha
Shoo be doo bop bop

I got Supermodels on my 'D' (8x)

Can't you see, can't you see
That I got a supermodel on my 'D' (repeat to end)


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