from, opened, whenit's, closei'm, running, things, pair, panty, hosethey, markiei, more, respect, average, employeecould, work, mallbecause, wall, wallif, could, move, mightso, likea, park, benchso, fade, havin, funsee, number, oneand, shoppers, comparethere, square[, step, whilebuy, jewelry, treny, i'llgo, take, stroll, inside, gibb's, pupsthen, fresh, silks, bally's, toonext, stop, olympic, wanted, sneakersthen, ???, room, cesarstroll, femalewhile, security's, riffin, leanin, railafter, food, wendy'sin, cafateria, shoppin, plenty>from, stuff, faceand, pfrr-one-two, gracefinally, aloneup, level, telephonenever, quarter, calling, cardso, reach, touch, everybody, knowthat's, donejust, coolin, oneso, next, brooklyn, aroundplay, _price, right_, 'come, down'and[, ]go, shoppingo, shoppin3xgo, shoppinla-la-lalala-la-la-la-lalatill, end[, gives, shout-outs, ], markie, buggin', tribe, quest, [phife, dawg], microphone, five, assassin, ruffneck, business, float, gravity, cavity, winans, need, sweat, arsenio, gain, type, fame, shame, game, always, same, styles, upon, diss, phifer, half, sport, balance, sneakers, avoid, narrow, path, messin, round, catch, ?the, sizin, em?, stepper, drink, soda, call, pepper, refuse, com-pete, competition, name, special, seckle, mission, streets, though, deep, really, best, might, shorty, [q-tip], uhhh, uh!, zulu, nation, brothers, creation, flooded, ejaculation, right, abstract, poet, incognito, runsss, cape, worst, occasionally, curse, point, across, bust, betweeen, grit, dirt, listen, miss, monotone, children, jazz, smokin, r&b, orig-inal, pitiful, i'd, cold, yanked, plug, bugged, buggin, repeat, usually, reason, action, sometimes, mere, satisfaction, houndin, surroundin, pulsin, migraine, poundin, fret, sense, ?comafied?, feeling, absolute, tense, soar, another, world, mind, seem, being, unkind, "oh, acting, stank, ", regal?, much, riding, dough, sucks, once, again, case, feet, nike's, crowd, realm, saying, --, please, hip-hop, living, yank, result, kind, invalid, although, used, smoke, shaheed, muhammad, schemin, cookies, boomin, buns, pushin, ?hardest?, left, rosie, boulevard, status, battling, baddest, wanting, formula, save, world?, swipe, women, brother, extended, hand, dissed, wonder, feeble, strongest, seperate, evils, brain, against, boot, nasty, critters, quest, theory, driver's, seat, capone, noreaga, featuring, busta, iman, t.h.u.g., killer, rest, peace, know?, gon', thing, thing, [iman, t.h.u.g.], something, stunnin, rappers, done, migrate, queens, jamaica, sunning, feelings, grow, ?buckle?, recognized, cards, shuffle, revolves, couldn't, feedback, hundred, gram, stashed, cheese, stack, fo', yearly, supply, tracks, feelin, wide, bottle-tip, rye, heed, hidden, treasure, recognize, noreaga, 2-5, shine'll, embedded, seams, butter, leathers, chorus, tryin, steal, bomb-diggy, bomb, juice, yukon, [noreaga], chicken, nore, rapid, burn, iraq, embassy, straitjacket, rachateer, niggas'll, fear, turn, everytime, p-h-d, rapidly, tackle, loot, faculty, holes, moschinos, tuxedos, y'all, free-load, reload, explode, fold, ghengis, dusk, dawn, war, score, poly, victoria's, secret, freak, rick, james, pipe, kick, snake, four-fours, escape, nor-van, swervin, tv's, suburban, dishieke, diamond, pinky, trag, noyd, chinky, network, internet, henny, nine-oh, whatever, nashiem, laced, beat, east, coast, overdose, class, e-class, came, iced, dressed, blue, said, reside, secion, play, projects, super-low, plus, coolio, cooty, bangin, studio, >from, inglewood, hood, regulate, should, losin, sleep, jake, spoil, loyal, first, spike, sendin, dogs, bite, busta, rhymes, nigga, off!!, **, what!, what, keeps, **, capone, report, def, [mos, def], goodness, belongs, believe...yes!, [chorus], sink, paper, writing, trapped, line, finish, rhyme, aiyyo, pops, second, wasn't, sincere, promotion, entire, affair's, probably, charged, emotion, guess, persue, 12-11-73, testament, beneficent, element, devoid, form, manifest, spent, early, roosevelt, project, bright, valley, prospects, '83, venny, host, listened, held, close, days, glamour, pose, aiyyo, power, street, understand, talkin, spendin, writin, describe, vibe, space, yo', screw, pain, tenderness, reverence, visit, remember, it?, build, landmarks, evidence, shook, temperment, write, portray, sentiment, promise, infinite, inifinite, love, *repeated*, l-o-v-e, m-o-s-d-e-f-initely, bounce, hear, bounce, y'all, folks, beats, feel?, wheel-driven, contemplate, essence, speech, rhythm, designed, ears, keepin, shine, gallactica, fleetin, ancient, abbacca's, proceed, trees, sproutin, leaves, given, breeze, means, cultivate, earth, backs, drummer, soften, mean, pray, allah, soul, clean, team, ?restorate?, fort, uptown, boogie, world!, 6-3, right, reachin, height, cannot, bringin, commin, burst, clouds, photo, raise, degree, universal, magnetic, beginning, livin, changing, magnificent, building, def, both, sides, farfisa, stereolab, penser, delà, penséeoù, coeur, manquantpenser, penséele, aliénantla, plénitude, l'horreur, joiedans, dépassementcoïincidence, mortde, l'être, néantoù, limites, sont, sans, cesse, projetéestoujours, loin, devantanéantir, morale, religionet, voix, pure, rejoigne, libert, stereolab, refried, ectoplasm, brodels, ooh, youwith, sonic, assault, sidestepin', youi, waythat, celebrate, freedomthan, goals, 'emsee, verbal, tags, audio, spaghettigive, shout, yetii, cabash, foes, whatsoever, original, brodel, trevorpositive, merchant, grandson, lord, buckleyscottish, ralston, luckyad, raspler, swede, indeedhe's, keeping, guy's, greed, characters, dubbed, everyonethe, story, doneit, year, touched, groundso, grabbed, downjust, brown, gather, ‘round, sight, soundpound, pound, throw, rather, profoundi'll, youlike, having, phone, deaf, girlno, doubt, jams, that'll, smack, penned, three, books, lyricsa;, backup'cuz, rockin', transistor, tunesand, feels, nazz, knows, atthe, feed, catthe, goal, carpenterto, loves, worksthe, 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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Ecouter Ghar wapis jab aao gey - Asad Amanat Ali Khan


Mohammed Ali (Faithless)

If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as
a super star and you'll have time to waste with your
minions and tink
I see your face in front of me,
Still grainy from that old black and white TV
My whole family silenced,
Watching you shape destiny with your 2 hands,
Faster than the eye can see.


You know what skinny little me started to struggle,
10 years old suddenly bold
Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring,
Be smart never give an inch,
No retreat when I'm wrapped up
Respect from teachers, Red Necks
And creatures who attack in a pack
Like incensed never seen the light not before or
Since a young prince
And I remain convinced of his invincibility
Athletic agility, virility,
Seen your free spirit for every through eternity stings
Like a bee Mr Muhammed Ali

I want you to know
You are the o-riginal (x2)

Your achievements defy belief from the belly
of the beast Rising like yeast,
My release from low self esteem
Came when I saw you rapping on my TV screen.
Float like a butterfly,
That describes my walk to school after fight night
I felt so cool cause I was at place too,
Love myself born slippy
Outta love for you,
And I knew that someday people would love me too.
None of that heckling about my black skin got through,
I would walk bare foot through hell for you,
It was how I felt back then I would still do for you,
So accept these humble words of praise,
And my gratitude for those glorious days
And your victorious ways,
Instilled in the young minds,
Skill sublime yours to mine!

I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!
I want to know who you are!

Can't C Me (2Pac)

[Featuring George Clinton]
Intro: George Clinton
The blind stares
of a million pairs of eyes
lookin' hard but won't realize
that they will never see
the P
(You must be goin' blind)
Verse One: 2Pac
give me my money in stacks
and lace my bitches with 9 figures
real niggas fingers on nickle plated 9 triggas
Must see my enemies defeated
i'm cashin'
while they coughed up and weeded
open fire
now them niggas bleedin'
see me in flesh
and test
and get your chest blown
straight out tha west, don't get blown
my adversaries cry like ho's
open and shut like doors
is you a friend or foe ?
nigga you ain't know ?
they got me stressed out on Death Row
i've seen money
but baby I got to gets mo'
you scream and go
and I ain't stopin'
till i'm well paid
bails paid
now nigga, look what hell made
visions of cops and sirens
niggas open fire
buncha Thug Life niggas on tha rise
until I die
ask me why i'm a Boss Playa gettin' high
and when i'm rollin' by
Niggas Can't C Me
Chorus: George Clinton
The stares of a million pairs of eyes
and you'll never realize
You can't C Me..
Verse Two: 2Pac
Been getten worried that these square mutha**ers with nerves
sayin they can get with us
but picture me gettin' served
My own mama say i'm thuged out
my shit be bumpin out tha record store
as if it was a drug house
my lyrics bang like a Crip or Blood
nigga what ?
It ain't nothin but a party when we thug
and there I was
a young nigga with heart
ain't had shit to loose
pullin' my pistol on them fools
you know the rules
D-R-E you got me heated
my words like a penatentary dick
hittin' bitches where it's most needed
money and weed
Alazay and Hennesse
To my Thug niggas in lock down
witness me
bail on these ho's in floss mode
tha life of a Boss Playa
** what ya thought tho'
my enemies deceased
die like a bitch
when my album hit tha streetz
Niggas Can't C Me
Niggas Can't C Me
Chorus: George Clinton
Which way did he go George
Which way did he go
Which way did he go
Which way did he go
Verse Three: 2Pac
You niggas made a mistake
you shoulda never put my rhymes with Dre
them Thug niggas have arrived and it's Judgement Day
Hey Homie if ya feel me
Tell them tricks that shot me
that they missed
they ain't killed me
I can make a mutha**er shake
rattle and roll
i'm full of liquor
thug nigga
quick to jab at them ho's
and I can make ya jelous niggas famous
** around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
i'm just a rich mutha**er from tha way
If this rappin' bring me money
then i'm rappin' till i'm paid
i'm getten green like i'm supposed to
Nigga, I holla at these ho's
and see how many I can go through
Look to the star
and visualize my debut
niggas know me, playa
I gotta stay true
don't be a dumb mutha**er
because it's crazy after dark
where the true Thug niggas see ya heart
Niggas Can't C Me....
Outro: 2Pac, George Clinton
(Yo, check this out, stay off his dick)
Niggas Can't C Me
(Right before your eyes, i'll disappear from here) You niggas Can't C
Me, hahah
(You Can't C Me) I know it's hard nigga, i'm all up in your face
But you still Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me) All up in your range, but niggas Can't C Me
(20/20 vision won't visualize) I'm in tha flesh baby, but you Can't C
(All tho' glasses won't help you realize) You blinded
You blinded
You Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me)
Thug Life baby
Don't believe everything you read
Alazay and weed (You Can't C Me)
(Right before your very eyes, You won't even visualize)
(You Can't C Me)
Dr. Dre all day, 2Pac
Niggas can't C Me, hahaha
I dedicate this, to you PUNK Mutha**ers hahaha
this ones for you big baby hahah
cause you bitch**niggas Can't C Me
Niggas Can't C Me
(You Can't C Me)
(See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil)
(You won't C Me)
(First C Me, Now ya don't)
(Wanna C Me, but ya won't)
(Come to C Me, but ya Can't)
(ooohhh, You Can't C Me)
(You Can't C Me)
(Right between your eyes, you'll never realize)
(Right before your eyes, you won't even realize)
(Visualize what you Can't C)

Night Train Freestyle (Necro)

Necro's goin to brave a stunt
Yo, who the ** you think made Chrissy Applegate a cunt
Don't be fakin shit, make no mistake wit this
I'll backslap you til you're retarded like DeNiro up in "Awakening"
Time for money making, you better give up the bacon
You will sleepin forever, that **in pedophile, I will
** you, rip my fist when I twist my wrist like Bowser
Then I'll cut open your heart like a satanic Dougie Howser
{*Laughter drowns out words*} Mental 666 like Nicky
I know you wanna see me played, but my style is all juice
Cause yo, in a +Minute+, you'll be my **in +Maid+
Yom codeine, like Al Golstein, ODin, you better hit **in record
You bitch, go get a tape, trip over a wire and crack open your face
Do what it takes to get a tape and record it into place
You kickin envy, nah, shut the ** up, **er I'll do what I want
Plus I'll rip anyday, freestyle or written, a shoe flies up on the stage
Beats the guitar, I'll leave a battle and pack a bigger blade
Now what, you're lost and nobody wants to find you
The only deal you'll get is when Satan signs you
Sicko, sickest bastard, runnin through clubs
Dead, like a trends a stickin acid, peep it
You can't see me, like I'm in the sky
I got cut above your eye sockets so the blood drips in your eyes
Ain't seen nothin decent, pick up my slick 187 reasons
Why Ali Wood needs me, son
Yeah, yeah I shot Reagan, ** a pig in they fellafel
Wit a knock of bacon, who ** this car saggin
Yeah, yeah I shot Reagan, ** a pig in they fellafel
Wit a knock of bacon, who ** this car saggin
I seen demons in back of taxi cabs
My thougts attack me like a bad acid tab
Or a crack drag, the black flag
Tales from the darkside, mandatory suicide
You and I collide, never suits and ties arrive
Drive in medicated, then the thoughts and dreams accelerated
Then some mother**er levitated
Talk about some vampire shit like he's dedicated
So I chopped his **in head off quick then I celebrated
I give up my last two dollars, after this honey shows me now
She's a **in pig whose gonna huff and puff and blow me down
Her cunts covered with lice, dust and parasites lust
But yo she's a got a nice butt, paradise lust
Lights camera orgy, can I suck on the piece
You're vagina yeast is my tiger feast when I ** like a beast
Cream on your cunt, nicely groomed high tops
Finger lookin good, get funky high twat
Pure evil, vagina yeast, like a statue perfectly chisseled in
Shove a missile in, shoot the GZA, man
Now babies my scums, nitro glicerin
Leave my Mellow Yellow jizalin **
** but let's courts
The Golden Girls, they got their name
How you think, I pissed on all them cadavers
Like i drank alot of (???)
You think I got enough lunch
To cross is fork or a muff
Launch excited groupies

Albee Square Mall (Biz Markie)

[ VERSE 1 ]
On the mic at this time in the place to be
I'm the Inhuman Orchestra called Biz Markie
That made you dance, make the music with my mouth, and all
But I'm here to talk about the Albee Square Mall
A place where people shop in downtown Brooklyn
Where I can be found if you're lookin
For me, the B-i-z, so just come check me out
Cause 24/7 I'm mikin the house
So when I come in the Mall, and then I start to roam
You wouldn't think it's a store, you would think it's my home
Cause when I come in the place, then I hang up a sign
Reads 'home sweet home' - this house is mine

[ T.J. Swan ]
Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall

[ VERSE 2 ]
I been to many malls from state to state
But I've never been in, say, one this great, I hate
To say, about the other shopping centers that's left
But the Albee Square Mall is the doo-doo-def
I be in there everyday, walkin around chillin
>From when they opened all the way until when
It's about time for the place to close
I'm just running things like a pair of panty hose
They all know me, the Biz Markie
I get more respect than the average employee
Could work in every store in the mall
Because the place is my house from wall to wall
If I could move in, party people, I just might
So I could stay forever, and it won't be just like
A bum that you see sleepin on a park bench
So how will it be when you see Biz Markie
I fade them all, been havin fun
See, to me this mall is like number one
And any other shoppers that try to compare
There ain't no way they could hang out with Albee Square

[ T.J. Swan ]
Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall
My house is the Albee Square Mall

[ VERSE 3 ]
I step in the place and shop around for a while
Buy some jewelry for Treny and Ali, and after that I'll
Go take a stroll inside of Gibb's Pups
Then buy some fresh silks, Bally's too
Next stop Olympic, wanted to buy some sneakers
Then hit the ??? room to pick me up a Cesar
Stroll around with a fly female
While security's riffin about leanin on the rail
After that I go eat some food at Wendy's
In the Albee cafateria, could be shoppin plenty
>From store to store just stuff in my face
And I do the pfrr-one-two while sayin my grace
Finally I step off all alone
Up to the top level to use the telephone
Never use a quarter, cause I got a calling card
So I can reach out and touch everybody I know
That's where I be until the day is done
Just coolin in the place that's number one
So next time you'll be in Brooklyn walkin around
Play like _Price Is Right_ and 'come on down'

[ T.J. Swan ]
Go shoppin
Go shoppin
Go shop - let's all go shoppin (3x)

Go shoppin
Go shoppin
Go shoppin - Swan and Biz go shoppin

La-la-la-la-lala (till end)

[ Biz gives shout-outs ]

Buggin' Out (A Tribe Called Quest)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo, microphone check one two what is this
The five foot assassin with the ruffneck business
I float like gravity, never had a cavity
Got more rhymes than the Winans got family
No need to sweat Arsenio to gain some type of fame
No shame in my game cause I'll always be the same
Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have
You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don't know the half
I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path
Messin round with this you catch ?the sizin of em?
I never half step cause I'm not a half stepper
Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper
Refuse to com-pete with BS competition
Your name ain't Special Ed so won't you Seckle With the Mission
I never walk the streets, think it's all about me
Even though deep in my heart, it really could be
I just try my best to like go all out
Some might even say yo shorty black you're buggin' out

Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uh!
Zulu Nation, brothers that's creation
Minds get flooded, ejaculation
right on the two inch tape
The Abstract poet incognito, runsss the cape
Not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse to get my
point across, so bust, the floss
As I go in betweeen, the grit and the dirt
Listen to the mission listen Miss as I do work, umm
as I crack the, monotone
Children of the jazz so, get your own
Smokin R&B cause they try to do me
or the best of the pack but they can't do rap
For it's Abstract, orig-inal
You can't get your own and that's, pitiful
I know I'd be the man if I cold yanked the plug
on R&B, but I can't and that's bugged

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)

[Phife Dawg]
Yo when you bug out, you usually have a reason for the action
Sometimes you don't it's just for mere satisfaction
People be houndin, always surroundin
Pulsin, just like a migraine poundin
You don't really fret, you stay in your sense
?Comafied? your feeling, of absolute tense
You soar off to another world, deep in your mind
But people seem to take that, as being unkind
"Oh yo he's acting stank," really on a regal?
A man of the fame not a man of the people
Believe that if you wanna but I tell you this much
Riding on the train with no dough, sucks
Once again a case of your feet in my Nike's
If a crowd is in my realm I'm saying -- mic please
Hip-hop is living, can't yank the plug
if you do the result, will end up kind of bugged

Yo, I am not an invalid although I used to smoke the weed out
Ali Shaheed Muhammad used to say I had to be out
Schemin on the cookies with the crazy boomin back buns
Pushin on the real ?hardest? so we can have the big fun
When I left for Rosie I was Boulevard status
Battling a MC was when Tip was at his baddest
It was one MC after one MC
What the world could they be wanting see from little old me
Do I have the formula to save the world?
Or was it just because I used to swipe the women and all the girls
I'm the type of brother with the crazy extended hand kid
Dissed by all my brothers I was all up what my man did
Supposed to be my man but now I wonder cause you're feeble
I go out with the strongest and I seperate the evils
it's your brain against my mind, for those about to boot out
All you nasty critters even though you see I bug out

Buggin out, buggin out, buggin out you're buggin out (repeat 8X)

Driver's Seat (Capone N Noreaga)

featuring Busta Rhymes Iman T.H.U.G.

(Killer B yeah rest in peace I'm sayin son
Ain't no room in this game for everybody you know?
But uh we gon' do our thing baby we gon' do our thing)

[Iman T.H.U.G.]
Yo Iman T.H.U.G. something stunnin rappers get done in
I migrate Queens Jamaica Brooklyn gets sunning
All feelings though we all grow wit this ?buckle?
I recognized life is a deal cards and a shuffle
Everything revolves around me, I couldn't see that
25 to Life and hip-hop, you got the feedback
Who need that, hundred gram stashed up in the cheese stack
We fo' black, want more trip, we get that old back
And keep this world high, yearly raw supply
These **in tracks have a nigga feelin wide inside
Any bottle-tip high smokin lah in the rye
It's on you, if you wanna take heed the hidden treasure
Recognize it's Iman T.H.U.G. wit Noreaga
Recognize that 2-5 shine'll last forever
Embedded in your mind like the seams in butter leathers
Butter leathers, check it yo yo yo

Chorus 2x
I keep it real wit a nigga keep it real wit me
I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat

I keep it real wit a bitch that keep it real wit me
Cut the hand off a chicken tryin steal from me
CNN be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Now it's Nore now in the **in driver's seat
Yo I shot rapid, burn weed inside a back quick
Iraq embassy need a straitjacket
Yo let's rachateer this, while most niggas'll fear this
Turn my shit down everytime they hear it
P-H-D me, rapidly right in back of me
Tackle me, them niggas make loot but only half of me
My faculty, blow holes in your Moschinos and tuxedos
While all y'all niggas free-load, reload
Explode on, roll on, fold on, Ghengis Khan
Dusk till dawn Art of War
Still time to score, yo we kid we poly for
Yo Victoria's Secret bitches that suck dick raw
The freak, Rick James type, I got the long pipe
Kick doors in, snake four-fours in
Yo escape the Nor-van, swervin, TV's inside Suburban
Iraq dishieke, diamond cut pinky
Listen to Trag shit wit Noyd and Chinky
Network like the internet, wit Henny wet
Nine-oh be my set, so whatever be next
Nashiem, he laced this beat on some east coast shit

I keep it real wit a bitch that keep it real wit me
Cut the hand off a chicken tryin steal from me
CNN be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Now it's Nore now in the **in driver's seat

We overdose this, high class wit one E-Class
Shorty came through, she iced out and dressed in blue
Said she move from Brooklyn, reside in secion two
Know how we do out here hoe, a two for square
Get high, and disappear play the projects on super-low
Plus she feelin my style, Too Hot like Coolio
Plus her cooty though, bangin just like the studio
>From Iraq to Inglewood, it all good
>From hood to hood, regulate like a thug should
Yo we in too deep, losin sleep and can't call it
The game is still fresh until the jake try to spoil it
Even people I was loyal wit, give my life to
Be the first who turn around and try to spike
Now they don't like you, sendin ten dogs to bite you

[Iman T.H.U.G.] (Busta Rhymes)
I keep it real wit a nigga (yo yo) keep it real wit me
(We keep it real nigga) I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
(CUT YA HAND OFF!! **) 2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
(WHAT!) Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat (WHAT)
(We keeps it real wit niggas who keep it real wit us)
I keep it real wit a nigga keep it real wit me
(**, CUT YA HAND OFF) I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see (WHAT!)
Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat (WHAT!)

Love (Mos Def)

[Mos Def]
They say the goodness in life belongs to those who believe
So I believe...YES!

[Chorus] 2x
I start to think and then I sink
Into the paper like I was ink
When I'm writing I'm trapped in between the line
I escape when I finish the rhyme (aiyyo)

My pops said he was in love when he made me
Thought about it for a second wasn't hard to see
I could hear he was sincere was a game of promotion
The entire affair's probably charged wit emotion
But love call your heart, I guess you got to persue
12-11-73 my life is testament
Praise the beneficent, element that rest
Devoid in the form that make love manifest
I spent my early years in Roosevelt Project
It was a bright valley wit some dark prospects
In '83, Venny C was the host wit the most
I listened to the Rap Attack and held the radio close
I listened to the Rap Attack and held the radio close
This is far before the days of high glamour and pose
Aiyyo power from the street light made the place dark
I know a few understand what I'm talkin about
It was love for the thing that made me wanna stay out
It was love for the thing that made me stay in the house
Spendin time, writin rhymes
Tryin to find words that describe the vibe
That's inside the space
When you close yo' eyes and screw yo' face
Is this the pain of too much tenderness
To make me nod my head in reverence
Should I visit this place and remember it?
To build landmarks here as evidence
Night time, spirit shook my temperment
To write rhymes that portray this sentiment
We live the now for the promise of the infinite
We live the now for the promise of the inifinite
And we believe in the promise (love, love *repeated*)
Yes yes y'all and we don't stop because


I got love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E I MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
The M-O-S-D-E-F-initely

Check it out y'all, feel me out y'all
Feel me out y'all, hear my out y'all
Check me, out y'all
Feel me out y'all, check it out y'all
Now hear out (bounce) y'all
Check me out y'all, feel me out y'all
Check me out y'all, feel me out y'all
Feel me out y'all (hear me bounce y'all)
Check me out y'all, check it out y'all

My folks said they was in love when they had me
I take they love they made me wit to make rhymes and beats
(Can you feel?) The raw deal, it's all wheel-driven
Contemplate the essence of beats, rhymes and living
Speech in line wit the rhythm, designed wit the rhythm
Ears and eyes keepin good time wit the rhythm
I shine wit the rhythm, the Black Star Gallactica
Big number fleetin, we ancient like the Abbacca's
After us, I see most proceed to be trees
Sproutin leaves, given breeze to the we who believe
I MC, which means I Must Cultivate the earth
Back straight backs, hard beats and hard work
I be the funky drummer to soften the hard earth
(I mean) Pray Allah keep my soul and heart clean
(I mean) Pray the same thing again for all my team
?Restorate? to Fort Green and on out to Queens
Uptown to Boogie Down, yo just look around
AND SHOOK UP THE WORLD!, like Ali in 6-3 (right)
I'm reachin the height that you said cannot be
I'm bringin the light but you said we can't see
Saw the new day commin, and it look just like me
Some burst through the clouds, my photo ID
I bring light to your day and raise yo' degree
The Universal Magnetic, you must respect it
>From end to beginning, ? true and livin
EVERY CHANGING, it was a state of magnificent
Building it now for the promise of the infinite
Building it now for the promise of the inifinite because


I got love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
Love, L-O-V-E to MC
Get love, L-O-V-E and I be
The M-O-S-D-E-F-initely

Farfisa (Stereolab)

penser au delà de la pensée
où le coeur est manquant
penser au delà de la pensée
le coeur est aliénant
la plénitude de l'horreur de la joie
dans un dépassement
coïincidence de la vie de la mort
de l'être et du néant
où les limites sont sans cesse projetées
toujours plus loin devant
anéantir morale religion
et que la voix la plus pure rejoigne la libert

Brodels (311)

Ooh, you know we pepper you
With a sonic assault sidestepin' you
I cannot think of a better way
That we could celebrate freedom
Than make up a set of goals and cold beat 'em
See dumb verbal tags like audio spaghetti
Give a shout to the one they call Yeti
I bet he put the cabash on any foes whatsoever Like original brodel Trevor
Positive vibe merchant grandson of Lord Buckley
Scottish Ralston shows up if you're lucky
Ad Raspler the Swede, a friend indeed
He's keeping an eye on the other guy's greed These are 311 characters I dubbed everyone
The story ain't over but my rhyme is done

It was the year that I first touched ground
So I grabbed the microphone and I got down
Just like James Brown gather ‘round of our sight and sound
Pound for pound we throw down rather profound
I'll put you in another world, I can't hear you
Like having phone ** with a deaf girl
No doubt, we got the jams that'll smack ya
I penned three books of lyricsa; 2 for action, 1 for backup
'Cuz I'm a cold rockin' brother, got transistor tunes
And it feels real good to get close to you

The brodels is the nazz, and the nazz knows where it's at
The brodels is the nazz, who knows a cat who can feed a cat
The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter
To be one who loves, to be one who works
The nazz not something that can be given
The brodel is inside you, it comes from within

When I feel into the sea
When the world came and kissed me
Transformed my shit, told the shark I was a dolphin
Swam quick funny though
Piranhas chilled and laughed at
The way that I took off my polka dots on top of that
The whales know I'm quick, watch out
And I get funky fresh, as for the fishes, I'm lit luminous
I'm not nouveau techno, I glow like a glacial
In skin that swims faster than speed I am
I be dropped out of nothing I will return to nothing
Rotate my style, my rhyme, my way, magician of a rhythm
Lover of animals, damn, I wanna hear 'em
Aquatic my way, I got soul shape

Well I'm 6 foot 3 and like Mohammed Ali
I float like a butterfly and sting like poison ivy
Drive a ‘69 Lincoln, suicide doors
Around the town, I'm slinking fat subs of course We're the greatest show on earth
You know we turn it out daily
In and out of town like Barnum and Bailey
I know that is a simile, but I couldn't resist From Solomon Roadie for the PJ's
I don't think he'll be pissed
I eat a Cobb salad, smoked fish, duck, or clam chowder
Chill with Indica and Guinness
Steer clear of white powder
I run into my brother, give him a pound and a yodel
They know my word is bond, talkin' bout the brodels

The brodels is the nazz, and the nazz knows where it's at
The brodels is the nazz, who knows a cat who can feed a cat
The goal is to be a poet and a carpenter
To be one who loves, to be one who works
The nazz not something that can be given
The brodel is inside you it comes from within

And we're fresh, dude, just check my man P
He said, "I will not muddle my mind with impertinency"
Lost a lot in Vegas, plays a lot of Sega
Saw a phrase that he likes and put it on his leg And we're fresh dude just check my man D he said
Comin' in ruff and tuff, all systems are tweakin'
People all over the world, they must be thinkin'
All the shit that we kickin', our shoes must be stinkin'

Sky's The Limit (Dres)

Chucky Smash Now close your eyes..visualize and see what we be

seeing...eveident with the evidence...nobody be
freeing...wisdom...release your mind..bitches rockin Calvin
Klein..confined to watchin rewinds of Martin on channel 9... where
blind lead the blind destination to the boulevard..blessed to be
fresh...beatboxin' like M& Cold
Crush...Easy used tyo rock the tube sox...aye yo, my box
JVC an nowaday, these Childs wanna live like Mr. Kevin....o.t.
with mad
g's...push a 7 or a Legend.....Yo, was
it the buddas?...stick up niggas with 17 shooters...but they don't
understand till they're three time losers...Chucky Smash...I be killin
em...I hit em with the minimum...then I start
smackin em...I take em to the retreat,
back pedal....The Microphone Lord...I'm steppin off with a bad


Chi I layed low for six years...was in no rush to drop an album..still
got g's and car keys...wasn't stressed without one...yo wonder how
I ain't rappin and I'm stayin creamy...ladies
love me and I'm peelin Franklins when you see me... up in the
Tunnel, at
Esos, even the Mirage....I bag up models at expos and we menage, I'm no star but my aura and my
jewels are gleamin...and now I'm driving so I'm keepin lifestyles
with semen...No yall aint dreaming...It's Chi Ali..I'm back to
stay...and dare niggas say some shit I think is wack record label drop me..but that shit still ain't stop me..It
got me mad so I had to go o.t. and cop me..a diamond stud and a
cuban stayin laced cause I just refuse
to sink..or fall off and now I'm back to set it all and my
niggas rentin floors in the Waldorf Cie Lo Now I'm holding more
than Tower..when I more than
shower..No baking soda, come back story - I devour...delete,
destroy -
prime time, by the hour - Grand Rapids - never delt with
touch flour...Torn from the seam...born in my
genes to get the cream like noxem - shine like oil sheen....Niggas in
this game with that in-expensive talk...while I'm out buying property
real estate - and side walks...I elevate at a rate
that's heavy weight...straight from the state where we chop it and
break...the Legion see...we click on all cylinders...o.t. locking
and holding down Dillingers


Cules Check it..To get what I got in my possession...I had to use
aggression dealin in my profession...My compliance with my clients
is to
a science...I'm only dealin with giants
because I'm forming an alliance....They call me
know the
rules..I paid my dues...back in the day..I walk the streets with
.22', It's different times and different now I rock the block with glocks under butter soft
leather...Although I changed my flow..I'm about gettin doe..but on
low..I don't think these niggas know we about to
blow...Now we're pushin and my Legion team...kickin
breeze...sippin on Dom P...Remy on freeze...I went from sportin
to Cuban links around my neck...Sub
Mariner Rolex..Assault mix made by Avirex....Yo Dres...These
mother**ers is small in the mind...they will find it's time for Black
Sheep and the Legion to shine....And **in
with me is like snortin a ki of lines...ya better off bustin yourself
with a million nines.... cause my mind is on pushin weight and
dimes and your mind revolves on sippin three
dollar bottles of wine


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