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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Ecouter Watatah - ♫ Mango Zumba ♫ Choreo Video


Here Come The Lords (Lords Of The Underground)

[DoItAll] Hey yo Funke wake up!
[Mr. Funke] Huh?
[DoItAll] Turn your radio up!
[Mr. Funke] What?!
[DoItAll] It's us!
[Mr. Funke] It's US?!
[DoItAll] Yeah listen to the cut!
It's our style!
[Mr. Funke] Our style?
[DoItAll] Your style
[Mr. Funke] Stop brother
[DoItAll] Aiyyo nigga wake up "let me show you some thin!"
Listen to the way they flip the metaphors and phrases
Listen, listen, it's drivin me CRA-ZY
Cause everytime I do a style and flip it kind of simple
Brothers say, "That's fat," and do it on the demo
From a demo to a promo now a hit on the radio
Next thing you know, they'll be doing our video
[Mr. Funke] Same one?
[DoItAll] Same one! Concepts, whole nine
And crazy similarities to the whole rhyme
I'm not worried though (why?) I'm flippin hits from the grill
And in the underground only real stays real, so umm
check the skills, the skills are kinda ill and yo
Here Come the Lords, cause we're here to make a kill!

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

[Mr. Funke] Aiyyo, Marley!
[Marley] Aiyyo whassup knocka?
[Mr. Funke] Do you hear these suckas tryin to clock the Lord Chief Rocka
[Marley] Yeah I hear em, they're just a bunch of clones on your bone
[Mr. Funke] Hold up, I'm tryin to figure out where could they get my style from
Aiyyo wait a minute, remember the tape you shopped around a while back?
[Marley] Yo what, wasn't that your boys?
[Mr. Funke] Now they got our stuff down pat!
[Marley] Yo man don't sweat it, just show em why they call you Mr. Funke
Yo Lord Jazz, pass me some of that Brass Brass Monkey

[Mr. Funke]
Here Come the Lords, Here Come the Lords, Mr. Funke don't you see me?
I told you we were comin, you suckas didn't believe me
The Skipper, my Lords style stick like Jack the Ripper
I'm hangin other rappers like your girl hangs on my zipper
Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky
Stop being stingy knocka, pass that Brass Monkey
I step, off a stage, everyone knows, who I am
Grab the mic like Teddy Riley and I _Jam_ (chicka, aawww, Jam)
Give me the mic and watch me wax that***horn sample*
Keep the camera moving cause I'm kinda fast *horn sample*
You can trip, you can flip, you could even slip or dip
but you'll never ever rip, Funke style as good as this
Because you sound like you're drugged, you might as well be a singer
Your whimsy couldn't touch me if your name was Sticky Fingaz
So when I come around, don't try to be down, don't try to be down
Just dig the sound, cause here comes the Lords of the Underground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

Well umm, open up the doors and yell, Here Come the Lords
Yell it loud yell it loud, let me hear it from a crowd
I packs em, _In the Closet_ like Michael Jackson
And love to hear the girls go OOH when I'm rockin
So catch it, no stutter in my flow but I wrecks it
And caught you on the dillz from my jam called _Check It_
Check it check it check it check it microphone check it
Yeah, you went wild, cause your moms digs my records
So come on, I'm takin you where the sun don't shine
The underground, but everything is fine
I rhyme, copacetic, unless it gets hectic
Your vocal chords'll get CRACKED, you gets no chloraseptic
So hit em, so chill, chill man chill
I know who used to be but now who's _Top Bill_
Well it's me, and yes, I am back by the Funke
Marley filled the House with Hits so you know The Lords are chunky
We stink, like pee-eww, funk from my shoe
But what about this funk, can two brothers like us do
but get down like James Brown and rock the whole town
Hah! And now The Lords have broke ground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X
(Here Come the Lords) 7X

* Lord Jazz cuts n scratches 'Here Come the Lords' *

Tossed Up (Mean Green)

featuring UGK

[Pimp C] (Bun b)
hol up..smoke something bitch
keep your mind on your money (keep my mind on my money)
I represent UGK river know what I'm talking bout (black owned)
independent and black owned (smoked up)
smoke on something
so get your mind right

uhhh I'm young mother** sweet jones
pimpin the six
gotta yellow bone bitch cooking me serving bricks
since I was 17 I've been a legend in texas
screaming ** the police and blowing dough in the lexus
I saw your video nigga, you're slow and sloppy
spent 500,000 on a carbon copy
while I was smoking with the young soldiers in the caddy
yall ** off your money trying to be puff daddy
i'm a OG rock baller
I know some nigga that a bust 17 off in your impala
you ** them hoes and pay em top dollar
I'm still down with lil J I gotta the money and the ** power

chorus x 2
now all you niggas talking shit you getting tossed up
and all of these hoes that's on the dick they getting tossed up
we got them cookies and them bricks they getting tossed up
so don't you be bout nothing slick you getting tossed up

[verse 2]
yall niggas done **ed up and called up some treal niggas
niggas who ain't scared to put 6 in your Hilfiger
deal wit a nigga like a swisha and split him down the middle
remind a mother**er who the real hard hitter
gold diggers for cheese jealous and in keys keeping berretas
for them playing hating fellas what the ** can you tell us
driving benzs with mo mos hoes ** our toes
cause they know we the niggas roll with all the goddamn dough
I cook a quarter pound of blow sell it for 44
selling ounces for 5.50 caught you 12 at your door
it's smitty the pimp dope pro hoe I know the rules
the early bird gets the bread if you snooze you lose

chorus x 2

[Bun -B]
you done pushed the panic button
now we taking it all like a glutton
any tripping we cutting so listen it's bubby hutton
now any hoe that snort in here you can catch the nuttin
we synonymous with a rock like charles s dutton our prophecies
now wasn't you that sudsucker
talking shit with that funky bitch up in that fuddruckers
you best to be a mud ducker, I'm a thug bucker
and I got one specially designed for all you mother**ers
we love ruckus, wanna shuck and jive
but when I came through with that four to the ** five
niggas duck and dive ?????
what a ** liar
bitch ain't no time to get flossed up
I'm sauced up you said it cost what woooo-d

chorus x 4

Pepepez (Los de Abajo)

Había un pez, en la kermesse
Y su hermana Inés, lloró por el

Se quedó tirado, no pudo salir
Que con tanta agua negra de caño ese pez tuvo que morir

Su hermana Inés lo hizo puré
Lo hizo pastel para bodas del Señor José

No pudo comerlo pues el pobre pez
De tanta agua negra de aquel caño se infectó también

Pepepez, Pepepez, Pepepez, Pepepez

El Señor José la denunció
A la pobre de Inés la clavaron al tambo
Y conoció a Fernando y se clavó con Armando
Y se tronó a Rolando se pasó divulgando
Con la suerte de un mango que portaba la punta
De su cruel bisturí

Y qué pasó con Raquel, Raquel llegó
Era la novia de Inés la acuchilló
La quiso hacer un pastel pa´ Don José
La historia vuelve otra vez

Se prendió la mecha de nuestra incongruencia,
Hoy lo más coherente tan absurdo suena

Banks Workout (Lloyd Banks)

50 Cent]
I hear a lotta talkin niggaz must be mad at BANKS
But there only one problem niggaz ain't as bad as BANKS
Nigga yous front you gon get shot down
We fend to pump crack at cho spot now, G-Unit
Nigga ain't nuttin change
You move I'll blow your brains

[Lloyd Banks] + (50 Cent IN CAPS)
These niggaz don't really want war (nah)
They just walk around frontin
Cause I walk around stuntin
Why you think the long pump is in the trunk for (yea)
If you really want somethin we can show up at your front door
I know my history, my family tree done said "master" (uh-huh)
** livin positive, cause negativity spreads faster
A celebrity has ta, bulletproof his car
Cause big hits come flyin through ya door like Casper (WOO)
I'm smokin out the jar (jar) scopin out the bar
Distracted see shorty breast pokin out the bra (uh-huh)
Not the type to go spark metal in
Start thinkin you gangsta cause you hit a park yellow van (yea)
Act hard but ya heart made a marshmellows man
Talk tough, til you get cuffed and start tellin damn
Everyday I got a new bitch and when I'm done wit her
It'll look like she dived head first in the pool wit it (GOD DAMN)
You only gon wind up dead tryin to prove shit
I put chalk around ya head like a pool stick (yea)
I gotta have bucks on the waist
I'm hungry like a south african with fly stuck to his face( WAA)
Catch Banks in a truck full of bass (uh-huh)
Remember I'm a batchelor, the 4 or 5 ducks outta space
You could either get bucked or get ya**jumped
The only tigger you touch is on a gas pump
I got my own personal slave she really got a curfew
Cook and clean for the kid like silly in color purple (UH-HUH UH-HUH)
I know you wanna pop me but (but)
If I hit you first, the exit wound gon be the size of a hockey puck (AHH)
**, I really hold the rubber
I send +Sparks+ at you and I don't mean Emilio or Bubba
I'm aimin for a video cover, huge tall bustas
A pound and a philly hold the smuggler
G=Unit's whats up right now
The Gucci cloth is on a newport sign upsidedown
You gotta come a little harder, nigga
You wear jerseys while mine a throwback and yours is a Starter(HA HA HA)
You still gotta beg a hoe (hoe)
And you mad cause you blowin on oregano
You niggaz'll never blow
Anyone to step in my ring is brave
I don't know a thing about hair stylin but I can make a finger weave (ERR)
Short stay leave her butt in the telly
Lace up the beef and brocclis peanut butter and jelly
I'm about to get this deal (uh-huh) shorty know
Thats why she foamin out the grill like a Alka-Seltzer pill
I ain't loud around a snitch (nah)
I don't crowd around a btich (nah)
The jumpsuit match wit the Carolina kicks
I been sick since niggaz was on Harlod Miner dick
I could call up a chick and put a child around her lips (WOO)
niggaz can't stand the fact that I'm real
I kidnap the Queen from the castle and put her back on the pill
Gimme Barbie at her best (UH-HUH)
Bacardi at the chest(UH-HUH)
I'm similar to the young Marcus Darvy at the desk
Useta have ta push up, now I hardly got ta press
Got two guns, and both lead to cardiac arrest
My success got suckers salty (salty)
Blowin steam like a cup of coffee
Click POW get these **as off me

[50 Cent]
I hear a lotta talkin niggaz must be mad at BANKS
But there only one problem niggaz ain't as bad as BANKS
Nigga yous front you gon get shot down
We fend to pump crack at cho spot now, G-Unit
Nigga ain't nuttin change
You move I'll blow your brains

Lloyd Banks nigga
Whats up nigga?
It's 50 nigga
You **in wit him right?
I know you **in wit him cause I said you **in wit him
Thats my baby right there thats my boy right there my young nigga
Whats up nigga?
What the **
I hear niggaz hollerin that "keep it real" and all that nigga
Nigga if you talkin all that gangsta shit
Nigga we get it poppin nigga
Whats up nigga?
Anytime nigga I don't give a ** if it's 4 in the afternoon nigga
Any where you see me nigga
Lets go

Living In America (2 Live Crew)

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice

There's 8 million stories in every city
And Americans love to watch it on TV
There's**s, **s, stripper nymphos
Teenage prostitutes, husbands gone psycho
The haters hate it 'cause it's too hot for TV
But America rules, nasty as we wanna be
Always #1 across the land
So don't hate Jerry 'cause he's the man!
With more fight time than HBO
And even Don King should promote talk shows
It't the best thing in years to hit the TV
'Cause America's rowdy-rowdy like Master P
Players everywhere love a good talk show
'Cause the hoochies get ** like a 2 Live show
So always represent the American way:
Freedom of speech and always gettin' paid!

[Living in America!]
[Living in America!] (All the time, station to station)
[Living in America!] (Here to here, across the nation)
[Living in America!] (Got to have a celebration)

Verse 2: Brother Marquis

The ghetto got me caught up in some talk show shhhhh
Now I'm on TV to find that my girl was a trick
She did my main man, plus my own band
I had to take a stand and beat the trick bad
Two sisters, that were doin' the two brothers
Now they fight 'cause they was doin' each other
The girl posin' ** used to be a dude
Outcasted from the family, now they startin' a feud
The man cheatin' on his wife got caught last night
'Cause the girl he was kissin' was a transvestite
Got caught on TV where it's too late to fight
Now the whole world knows about his secret life
50-year-old mom, dressed him like a hoochie
The hoodrat pulls a gat on the groupie
Too hot for TV, too much for the movies
Some lady smacked Jerry, say what? Sue me!



(Miami! Atlanta G.A.! Chicago! And L.A.!
Houston! And New York City! And don't forget - Cincinnatti!)
[I live in America!]
[I live in America!]

Verse 3
[Kid Ice] No matter how you feel, the stories are real
Showin' the world how Americans feel
With home-grown topics and a final thought
They even got hoochies without their bras
Of all the talk shows he's the best by far ...
{Instrumental where there should be a verse}
So set your VCR's if you got to go,
'Cause you're living in America with the Springer show!
[Marquis] At the sound of the bell that goes Aw Hell!,
Another knock down, another video sale
All problems solved, all matters scarred
A girl got knocked out her chair upside the wall
More hair-pullin', nail-bitin' and people fightin'
I love this show because it's so excitin'
The people believe what they really see
On tabloid TV, even me!



Tongue Ring (Three 6 Mafia)

Hey we gonna do a song called Tongue Ring
Let me see your Tongue Ring, is it rusty, hahaha

Chorus One: {D.J. Paul}
Let me feel your tongue ring, let me feel
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring, let me see
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring

{Juicy 'J'}
Me and my niggas train yo' bitch
stole the price and stang yo' bitch
all you did was take a shot
and ball the fist to close the fist
kiss it at the mall of memph
hold the hands and love the shit
hope you ain't no ecstasy
don't you know she used to trip
open the door to pop the crespt
to take your time to ** **
Neva will I wear that sweatah
knowing she'd be chewing peckahs
all my boys the more the better
not a week but when you met her
spits the swallow while she asks
thats as if you gon' eat me now

{D.J. Paul}
Now nigga (nigga) what ?
What the ** ?
Im all about them freaky hoes
that like to suck
them broads wit' them booty blowin'
now thats the business
I let this kinda camera for show
be my witness
them boys wit the can't block it
get them round
wit' them boys that cap rocket
drink some crown with it
niggas wit some videos
or some college hoes
that playin' hard to get
but they the freakiest (freakiest)

Chorus Two: {DJ Paul}

Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel your tongue ring
Let me feel let me feel let me feel your tongue ring

{Gangsta Boo}
I be ** this nigga
straight corruping this nigga
pussy wet as a river
you need a boat for me nigga
I be hot as a fire
oh my God I'm on fire
I be tellin' these boys
I do my thang when I'm higher
come on baby just lay there
or to bed with me baby
I be triple the playin'
the triple pleasure im sayin'
I be comin' with cha'
if your freaky like me
if your freaky, im sneaky
hey undercover watch me
strawberries and ice
not the ice on yo' wrist
got yo' niggas dick brick
see me rubbin' my clit
(rubbin' rubbin' my clit)
suckin' (suckin') my **
camcorder got me starring high
in my first click
I be major with mine, I don't ** all the time
I don't need you, please believe me
Nigga only when I'm in the mood for a quick
a quick ride on the dick
throw a razor in my mouth
straight slicin' yo' shit

Repeat Chorus 2

{Chrunchy Black}
Dis' Bitch, dat ho (ho)
let me see you pussy ho
soakin' **in' wet
nigga tryin' to play some fat
oldy, freaky, hood rat type of ho
nigga don't you know all hoes
go easy
**in' cum easy
**in' go see me
nigga **in' ho bout' a train bro'
all nigga, all boy, take off yo' **in' hat
let these ho put cap in yo lap (jack)

{Lord Infamous}
Bonified pleasure girl
lickin' every measure girl
tryin' to find a tresure girl
nigga it's whatever girl
bitch i'll take you round' the world
lick ya dick, or tongue a twirl
All to know ya' toes will curl
and then your dick will start to hurl
talk like I ** her in da butt
nigga it ain't hard to cut
wait untill she sittin' up
just waitin' to lick a nigga nuts
quickly gettin' **
skinny dick, she'll strecth it
pussy stayin' wet, and she loves when niggas rake it

{Koopsta Knicca}
Some did it bitches
pretty bitches
freaky bitches
I've had those sticky bitches
Grand there thin, all on the flow wit' bitches
them goin' bitches
hoein bitches
blowin' bitches
mad at the stoned up bitches
flowin' bitches
some sort of rollin' bitches
scary bitches
plenty bitches
hairy bitches
even the smelly bitches
ready bitches
beat up the deadly bitches
say what ?
to tear up the ugly bitches bout' the news
Koopsta my bloodshed bullsucker
bitch you gon' feel the nooooise !

Britney (Busted)


Your face is everywhere I go now
And you're on every television show now,
Baby I need you.
You're everything I want in someone,
But you don't know who I am,
Baby why should you?

Sweating all over your video,
Watching every scene in slow mo.
Trackin you down on the internet
Cos I aint seen you ** yet...


I want you Britney,
I need you here with me.
You know that I won't stop until I've got you.
I want you Britney.


I even know the place that you live,
And I don't care who your boyfriend is,
Cos one day it's gonna be me.
And I think that I'm obsessed with you girl,
Cos I copy everything you do now.
And Pepsi lets me taste you.

God must of spent a little more time on you,
In school uniform you look so good.
And you say that you're not a girl,
I'll make you a woman.



Every single thing you do,
Everytime I look at you,
I become a slave for you.
You drive me crazy.
You know that I won't stop until I got you,
I want you Britney.

What the hell can I do,
To get closer to you.
You can run you can't hide,
I'll make you feel good inside.



Last Mango In Paris (Bonus) (D-A-D)

When I'm wrong I admit it
When I'm right I shut up..
But, if you're hairless with apes
You get to mop the mess up
U do me no justice
U can't sentence or judge me
I know u can't grade me (oh no)

Change is pain
So here we go:
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What a show
I won't bossanova my way outa this
No no no
What a blow
I won't bossanova my way outa this
This, I know: I won't bossanova my way outa this
It feels good to be careless
Last mango in Paris
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I've fooled everyone completely
Everyone, except you..
And maybe a few others
That was all there was to do (Yeah, what can a fool do?..)
I got clothes in my wardrobe
They'll make me feel allright
I was aiming to please

'Coz you see... Yeah
There's just a few of us..

No Scrubs (Video Version With Rap) (TLC)

** Left Eye's little add ons will be in {}'s **

A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is
also known as a buster {buster}
always talkin' about what he wants
and just sits on his broke**

so (no)
I don't {uh uh uh} want your number
no I don't wanna give you mine
and no I don't wanna meet you nowhere
no I don't want none of your time {uh} and no

I don't want no scrub {no scrub}
a scrub is a guy {uh} that can't get no love {no love} from me
hanging out the passenger side
of his best friend's ride
trying to holler at me
I don't want no scrub {no scrub}
a scrub {uh-huh} is a guy that can't get no love {no love} from me
hanging {uh} out {uh-uh} the passenger side
of his best friend's ride
trying to holler at me

But a scrub's checkin' me
but his game is kinda weak
and i know that he cannot approach me
cuz I'm lookin' like class and he's looking like trash
can't get wit' a deadbeat**{uh}
So {yeah} (no)
I don't want your number
no I don't wanna give you mine
and {said} no I don't wanna meet you nowhere
no I don't want none of {check it} your time (so no)


If you don't have a car and you're walking
Oh yes son I'm talking to you
If you live at home wit' your momma
Oh yes son I'm talking to you
If you have a shorty but you don't show love
Oh yes son I'm talking to you {yeah}
Wanna get with me with no money
oh no I don't want no...

No {no scrub} scrub
{No love}
No {no scrub} scrub
{No love}
No No
No {no scrub} scrub
{No love}
No no no no
No no


Left Eye:
See, if you can't spacially expand my horizon
Then that leaves you in the class with scrubs, never rising
I don't find it surprising
and if you don't have the Gs
To please me and bounce from here to the coast of overseas
SO, let me give you something to think about
Inundate your mind with intensions to turn you out
Can't forget the focus on the picture in front of me
You as clear as DVD on digital TV screen
Satisfy my apetite with something spectacular
Check your vernacular
and then I get back to ya
With diamond like precision
Insatiable is what I envision
Can't detect acquisition
from your friend's Expedition
Mr. Big Willy, if you really want to know
Ask Chilli, could I be a silly ho?
Not really
T-Boz and all my señoritas
are steppin' on you Filas
but you don't hear me, no

Chorus (until fade)

Do Dat (Petey Pablo)

Are you a gun busting nigga? (Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh)
Are you a bitch baggin nigga? (Whu-Whu-Whu-Whu)
You got ice and ya chain and ya chong wit your Rolly on,
Not just any Rolly but you bought the most expensive one.
Hey take ya car keys*Jingle Jingle* to ya class E
Big body be for your CD on ya DVD
For ya T.V in ya head beats
In ya back seat (Haha)
Yall think I?m mean
Runnin round talking bout the shit that you talking bout
How you the drug game sewed up and locked down
John Gotti got life and I?m sure he never told nobody
Boy lets put on an album so the **in feds could buy it
You should be shouting out them bodies you buried
Nine millimeters in Tex and dem AK47's
Illegal weapon you talking bout you snuck in the club
You got so many guns
Tell me why you rapping stead of getting robbed
I got two more verses for (huh)
this ain't just to an individual person
These questions here for all of ya

(Hook x1)
I can write a song with out ice, bitches, and cars, can u mutha **as do dat
I can blaze a track with out bustin a gat at a cat, can u mutha **as do
dat (DO DAT)

(Chorus x2)
Yoouuu gon? have to change up all yo shit in a little bit
When the radios in the club get to pumpin dis
And they start to finding out what what rappin really is

Now that you know what the song about
Yall probably cussin me out
You gonna listen to it anyhow
Lets talk about somebody Eskimo
Rentin they jewelry from Jacob
And don?t let me know
You got a platinum piece
But your chain is plain right gone(?)
After the video it gotsta go back to the sto?
That?s Crazy
Talkin bout some shit you don?t own
Oughta be ashamed of yourself
Yo don?t they call that frontin holmes?
You ain?t Jigga, Nigga
Nor can you spin like puff
And got a cash money deal
So what?s your big willy talk for?
I get so excited man
Your track got me leapin
Then you start rhyming and *Yawn*
I get sleepy

(Chorus x1)
(Hook x1)

It?s a sad situation
Record name buggin out
Cuz they star artist done ran out of shit to talk about
Yeah that?s crazy
And you think about it baby
Only thing that changed in yo rhyme
Was ya day ?2000?
Oh that shit is hot
Put that on the album
You heard it with my man
Kick that shit (??)
Loud and proud
Nigga swear he be throwin down
Arthur lose his voice every time he opens his mouth
I oughta hold up a signs and boycott they**right
No more mutha**in sound alikes
Sounded like (Mobb Deep!) Sounded like (Jay-Z!) Sounded like (B.I.G.!)
And we don?t need no more please!

(Chorus x1 & 1/2)


ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mango-zumba-single/id576917230 Choreography / Performance Vid to my song ♫Mango Zumba♫ with my ...

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