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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Ecouter Baja Mali Knindza - Uzivo - Soferska


Keep Control (Marley Marl)

featuring Tragedy King Tee Grand Puba Def Jef Chubb Rock

Keep control...

(Tradegy the Intelligent Hoodlum)
When I made arrest the president America ate me
Spoke the truth that the gov't hates me
They labeled me a prejudice poet
I'm speaking the truth as I know it
I hold on but it's hard for me to handle
Too much lies corruption and scandal
Cops want to kill a brother or two
Who do you call when the gang wears blue
I ain't going out like an Uncle Tom man
My gun is loaded and I'm itching to pull the trigger
I'm marking for death as a funky rhyme sayer
Corruption flows from the cops to the mayor
Mali troops will run through your resident
In my hand will be the head of your president
All you fess that made a check to throwdown
Will rise up for a political showdown


(King Tee)
Yo, King Tee stepping in on a dark tip
Open your eyes and your mind and get a grip
Of the ropes and chains that kept us
Since we were black they didn't want to except us
But it's ok, I got my own plan
'Cause yo, I ain't down wit your program
The natives cook, wash and clean
And to the rubbers that throw in the scene
Now you got a chance to hear what he say
Since they kept him locked up for so long
'Cause his skin was black and his mind was strong
But we need to all stand together though
And let the red, black and green show
Become aware of yourself before it gets too late
Another message from King Tee the great


(Grand Puba)
Yo bust it
Hung wit the flip, got a ?dooby? wig
Now she thinks she's all that shit, her man got zits
Hon living lovely, Miss Gouchi
Even got a Benz when she drives around wit all her friends
Ugn, miss quick fast in a heedy
Speedy, speedy, speedy, the bitch is greedy
Spend so fast, she got caught wit 4 kids
And the man caught a nice thick bitch
Now the bitch is on skid
Screaming how she hates her kids
The move for the bitch is a thing quick and easy
Think slick, she better get wit the wick
'Cause foul, foul, foul is your style
You tried to run the race but you lost by a mile
See it everyday, it's the same old sorry song
How long must this go on


(Def Jef)
Power now or never, together forever
And ever, sever make it endever
To enlight your brother when
I recommend to extend a hand
Expand it then wish strength to fend
Black women and men from the white power structure
They stucked ya in, stoled your culture and fuked ya
And you gave birth to a nation
You freelabel laid America's economic foundation
Blood, sweat and tears and fear for years
But now here was a peer to give you shift in the gears
The turn of the tables, knowledge and ables
Us to escape the sterotype wit the labels
And years of classroom fables, fiction
Fallacies all sorts and fabrications
?For sarge? even fuss
Star Spangled story, stigma and stunts


(Chubb Rock)
I know this 11 year old kid named Jeffery Cowen
And knowing his father slowing
And his mother is hoeing
And now should he be growing
He's too young to be sewing
he should just chill and be flowing
I know he was being malested and sold
And his mom for being infected
Never check it, so I invested
My time and made sure little bro was looked at
Pops got evicted, not a smack
Pumped his fists and being that I'm a ?fugiless?
The bum got done by the one
And little Jeffery, no more tears left and drip
Mixed wit seaman on his lip, emotional trip
It confuses and bent ill thoughts
In the soul of the youngster
Is daddy a monster
That raw creates lip songs and heartache pain
Drys and open your eyes for the insane


Good To Go To Mexico (Toby Keith)

I can feel a chill of a cold November wind
Here in Oklahoma that means it is wintertime again
Every time I think about the rain and sleet and snow
I start dreamin' about siestas underneath this sombrero

Chorus 1:
Baby if you're good to go we'll go down to Mexico
Get a place in Cabo, kick back in the sand
It'll be just you and me and moonlight dancing on the sea
To Spanish guitar melody of a mariachi band

I got two tickets bought
There won't be no second thought
Weather's always nice down there in paradise
We'll find that little man who owns that taco stand
We'll be drinkin' margaritas while we're workin' on our tan

Chorus 2:
Baby if you're good to go we'll go down to Mexico
Get a place in Cabo, kick back in the sand
If you'll get off that telephone and put your shorts and sandals on
Tomorrow we'll be dancing to a mariachi band

Cancun don't get me high
That's where the snow birds fly
They like to winter there
Then they come from everywhere
I'll take the Baja sun
It ain't overrun
With the gringos and the touristas
We might be the only ones

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Hype Shit (Saafir The Saucee Nomad)

You like classics well I'll stock that**
Wit a 454 hypo nitro hooked through the trunk
I'm a flowmaster monk you'll get smobbed on
I'll smoke that**like skunk. You better
Rotate them drums locate that hum
no alignment
My rhymes remind me of ya suspension
Off to the left section off the strip.
Let's strike a got a 7 deuce mali with sauce
Brandy wine gloss releighs edelbrock manifold
Header chrome kit, aluminum tips and I'm
Assumin he'll slip and want to race me
For some scratch. I'll hook em in and pretend
My shit ain't tight. Let him bite then suck his**
At the light - red light, smash - green light,
I lit up a lotta stares, now he wanna fight,
Nigga swing ya shit, I gets up outta there
Just me & him on the B & M shift kit from a rich b-,
You wanna ride, unlock the shicks on tha cock,
I'm smockin engine blocks overheatin oil level
Rebels cause I'm rollin in hype shit.

High speed chase down 280, I'm
lookin at my oil gauge &
It read "you can't fade me." I'm floatin
through traffic
Laughin 'n' shit but I wasn't trippin cause I had a gat
Wit a clip under the seat, then I heard the loud speaker
Speak, "pull your**over on the offramp &
Don't try to vamp." Heart was on thumpa,
The mark was on my bumper plus I had a zip
Of bomb on my lap, I couldn't dump the gat.
Going into custody can't ** with that, plus
I got a 396 with a trick in my trunk & I'm not
Goin out like a punk so I bounced - ** it,
The way he was in me you would think his slary poppin.
But I got mallory hook up & I'm not stoppin for shit,
I'm smobbin through tricks & trucks.
5.0's gettin
Sucked and I'm caught up in the rear-view,
Didn't see Linda Woo tryin to merge lanes.
She almost hit me. Took the Richmond turn off,
Hit the switch on the nitro in a lean
I felt my shit was Christine,
I'm out like a motha **in fiend, in hype shit.

Sorry Na (Parokya Ni Edgar)

Sorry na kung nagalit ka di naman sinasadya
Kung may nasabi man ako init lang ng ulo
Pipilitin kong magbago pangako sa iyo

Sorry na nakikinig ka ba? Malamang sawa ka na
Sa ugali kong ito na ayaw magpatalo
At parang sirang tambutso na hindi humihinto

Sorry na talaga kung ako'y medyo tanga
Hindi ako nag-iisip na-uuna ang galit
Sorry na talaga sa aking nagawa
Tanggap ko na mali ako wag sanang magtampo
Sorry na

Sorry na wag kang madadala
Alam kong medyo nahihirapan ka
Na ibigin ang isang katulad kong parang timang
Na paulit-ulit kang hindi sadyang nasasaktan

Sorry na saan ka pupunta?
Please naman wag kang mawawala
Kapag ako ay iwan mo mamamatay ako
Pagkat hawak mo sa iyong kamay ang puso ko

Mahal kita sobrang mahal kita
Wala na akong pwedeng sabihin pang iba
Kundi sorry talaga di ko sinasadya
Talagang sobrang mahal kita
Wag kang mawawala
Sorry na

Llame Pa Verte (Wisin y Yandel)


Llame pa' verte ('W' con Yandel!)
Tu quieres conocerme ("Pa'l Mundo"!)
Y yo conocerte (Un millón de copias, obliga'o!)
Llame pa' verte (El arma secreta, Nelly!)
Tu quieres conocerme (Oye, esto es "Pa'l Mundo"!)
Y yo conocerte (El dream team!)

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

('W', dembow!)
De coco y de piña pa' la niña
Lampiña, llego el que te "kidnap"
No le hagas caso a las aves de rapiña
Yo tengo la crema pa' tu piquiña
Honey, te noto funny
Repartiendo belleza en el lobby
El novio tuyo tu sabes que es un pony
Yo soy el caballo de Troya
El que controla el money

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

Tanto fronte, y viste
Yo te llame y te vestiste
Por la mía corriste
Te fui a buscar y tú te fuiste
Por mi te derrites
Ahora me llama pa' que la excite
Aquí no hay pieza de reemplazo
Déme un abrazo, un codazo
Hágame pedazos duro pa' que gane el caso
La noto dando bandazos, quiere un puñazo
Viste, yo te llame y te vestiste
Por la mía corriste
Te fui a buscar y tú te fuiste
Por mi te derrites
Ahora me llama pa' que la excite

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

Luny Tunes!
El arma secreta, Nelly!
'W' con Yandel!
El dúo dinámico!
El dream team!
100 mil copias, Yandel!
Baja el volumen pa' que no lloren!
El dúo de mayor resistencia!
De una y mil maneras!
Oye, hermano!
No trate más que esta haciendo un ridículo!
El arma secreta, Nelly!
"Pa'l Mundo"!
Te pusiste triste!

Czy Nie Czujesz Zalu (Goya)

Sa dni,gdy ziemia sie usuwa spod nog i w glowie mi sie kreci,jakoos,nie nie nie to co myslicie,nie ten problem,to cos innego,cos do czego,
,jeszcze sama przyzwyczaic sie nie umiem,swej milosci do zazdrosci nie rozumiem,nie,nie rozumiem,nie.

Czy nie czujesz do mnie zalu,czy nie czujesz zalu,przez moj maly nalog,czy nie czujesz do mnie zalu,czy nie czujesz zalu,przez moj maly nalog?

Tak jest,ze kazdy ma swoja mala gleboko skryta slabosc,aa oprzec sie jej nie jest prosta sprawa,ii niee zaprzeczysz,jak wiele rzeczy,robisz tak,bo inaczej juz nie umiesz,swej milosci do slabosci nie rozumiesz,nie,nie rozumiesz,nie.

Czy nie czujesz do mnie zalu,czy nie czujesz zalu,przez moj maly nalog,czy nie czujesz do mnie zalu,czy nie czujesz zalu,przez moj maly nalog

Czyy niee czujesz,czy nie czujesz,czy nie czujesz,czy nie czujesz zalu przez moj maly nalog,czy ninie czujesz,cyz nie czujesz,czy nie czujesz...

Two Hearts (Chris Isaak)

No stars in the sky, the night seems so dark around you.
You won't say a word, and wonder why no one's found you,
Waiting for love, praying for love again........

Love's a heavy weight, give it to me don't hesitate.
Love's a heavy thing, too heavy for one heart to bring me your love.
Give me your love again, it's not your fault.
One heart can never win it takes.

Two hearts, two hearts just to hold love.
Two hearts, two hearts just to hold your lo-o-o-o-o-ve.
Your lo-o-o-o-o-ve.

And if your heart should ache,
Remember me.
And if your heart should break.

Two hearts, two hearts they can mend it.
Heartache, heartaches can be ended by love, by love.

Love's a heavy weight, give to me don't hesitate.
Love's a heavy thing, too heavy for one heart to bring me your love.
Give me your love again, It's not too late.
One heart can never win, it takes two hearts.

Two hearts, two hearts just to hold love
Two hearts, two hearts just to hold your lo-o-o-o-o-ve
Your lo-o-o-o-o-ve.

I Ain't Havin' That (Heltah Skeltah)

featuring Doc Holiday Starang Wondah

Starang: They don't like us
Rock: Word Up
Starang: They don't like us
Rock: They ain't gotta like us ** them son

Starang forever like Wu Tang my crew brings drama
hangin your**upside down by ya shoe strings
Smoke tell em how we doin this
Stop the whole shit just to big up my newness
(Now by all means) I do a show in New Orleans
and get wit Bout It Bout It Mystikal (Starang we been missin you)
Last year ATL we almost got physical
I can't talk now read about it in the interview
(While ya'll up in D&D) I caught two and three stitches
I was still gettin bitches in the tunnel takin pictures
In the mazda listenin to Kris ‘I Got Next'
I wanted "Hot **" so I ran and got the Lex (aiyyo)

Aiyyo shit goes down
Time to throw down show up this a showdown
So down low now I'm low down
Hold down the fort now wit a fo' pound
blow down ya whole town first go round
Yo smile'll quickly be switched bitch and you'll frown
when I dig in ya pockets and take all the dope out
Lay ya gold out now and don't pronounce one word
Shut the ** up probably cryin hold down
Tired of punk asses takin shit for a joke
Now watch you'll pounce gat pointed at yo door (POW)
Act like you know now
We could be so foul shake your hand run up in ya bitch no doubt


I ain't havin that - 4X

Shit yo game be asses I got two passes to the Baja
Ah ha then turn into night we **
Yo cars superthug privelage
I ain't got to brag because I did it
Run before the rap when I was scrappin
On these mother**in mean streets of Brownsville gun clappin
I ain't got to front I make it happen
Strictly snappin necks, strictly macs and techs
Head all night overdeuce deuce the feds

Yo matter fact here's a list of some of the shit I ain't havin
First of all there wont be no more talkin out yo**man
I ain't havin no back stabbin I ain't havin shit
Run yo mouth you get smacked in it (Why) Why? why?
Why ask why say goodbye to mister nice guy say hi to the bad guy
Four horsemen head the magnum force man rip you get lit the ** up (Speeed)
Like a spliff of human torch man this shit scorchin
Do the research your feet hurt from half-steppin
Bitin my shit a make your teeth hurt
Word is bond - jovi B you wildin
My dick dont stay out my high stop ridin (My Diiick)

Son niggaz tryin ta beat me in the head wit gats ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
Run up in the piece think you gone dead that ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
U.S. marshalls at my crib tryin ta take me back ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
We could take it ol school at 3 meet me in the back ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)

Yo, yo.. "where ya at?"
To all my peoples Henessey passed off
Give a toast to my whole MFC
While you clowns waitin Ruck is shakin the foundation
Wit some groundbreakin shit that'll leave the town thinking
When I cock back my pistol drop back and whistle
For my niggas to hold me down because this here bout to get hit dude
We miss you stick a niggas roll and his fool clique
I gotta full clip for you and all of ya bull SHHHH

[Doc Holiday]
U.S. marshall and your little wittle when left is caught up on my pillow
Eat a dick between 2 slices of bread you **in fag
MFC keep it cookin (Keep it cookin)
We emerge wit the blue print to plan my escape from central brooklyn
Rock pick the lock Ruck bust the sha sha
Keep with the blast CC4 to blow the door (Now we blow the spot)
Armed and dedicated semi under rated ** it to me dated by a wip**
You niggaz lick**we blast gas pletal freak mass
Doin the Macarana over 2 pounds of hash
(We ain't havin that)

I ain't havin that - 5X

You dont got no wins in mi casa
My shit's proper you still suckin my kielbasa
From hilshire I still fire from helicopters
Watch the birdie I heard him tell the tale to the coppers
Clock ya comin from the precinct singin operas
Met you at ya crib from the blind side I dropped ya
Knocked ya, teeth out ya mouth when I popped ya
Sent you upstate to get a gun from ya poppa

Yo live niggaz on the wall write that smoke crack ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
Yo ya smack me and I smack you back ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
Ya'll niggaz think ya'll gone come around here flashin' track ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
And if you niggaz owe me dough besta get my trap ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)

Son you know they can't stand me
Cuz my crew pack heat like Miami
Ran for these rappaz outside of the Grammy's
They be killin me how they willingly be grillin me
Cuz they shorty wop just be feelin' me
Could it be, my name, or my big gold chain
Now when we in the airport on our way to soul train
I got niggaz on the west coast (WEST SIIIIDE)
That meet me at the airport carryin weed in they trenchcoats
In business class eatin french toast and coffee
Tell the stewartess to back up off me we on ya'll
Warned ya, but ya'll still couldn't wait for the all-time great
William H. word up

And if ya call and I'm not home then you can call me back ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
You just can't smoke if you ain't put in for the sack ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
Son don't ** her raw here's a jimmy hat ** that
(I ain't havin that, I ain't havin that)
Here's a tic-tac your breath smell like**crack ** that (Wooooo)

And when you know, that when your MFC, your MFC for life
98 shit, Willam H. Duren, Doc Holiday

Ruido (Kannon)

Que locura, tontería pura
tachar de ruido solamente
lo que no quieres oir
lo que es a mi
la verdad me la suda
y seguiremos creando "ruido"
como forma de expresión aquí !!
si !! polución acústica nos llaman
y son felices cada día
con el claxon de su coche piii!! piii!!
contaminando la ciudad
transforman la realidad
la ley cerrando bares
y montándoles casinos
a la alta sociedad
esa es la verdad
la música en declive
por culpa del capital
a quien le molestan !?
cinco chavales con guitarras
intentando no pasarlo mal
creatividad !!!
eso no nos lo podreis quitar
y encontraremos la manera
de seguir tocando
aunque sea en el fondo'el mar
me entran ganas de gritar
como pueden llamar ruido
a la musicaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Uno dos, uno dooos !!!
pruebo el micro y acción
letras muy korrosivas
representando al kañón
todos tenemos un don
don-de quiera que vamos
llevamos nuestra explosión
de-mu-si-ca potente
y allí está nuestra gente
gente dispuesta a luchar
dispuesta a soñar
con el dia en que un jodido vecino
no salga al balcon a gritar
cada vez que se pone un CD
gritale jo-de-te !!
a tu puto vecino
pero nunca permitas
que a la música que escuchas
la traten de ruido
que no la traten de RUIDOOOO !!! (enlace)

Tienen la osadía de...
De decir que hacemos ¿que?...
Aquí teneis un poco mas de...
Esto si lo hacemos bien.

Y cada vez que vengan y le digan
a UKA "baja el volumen del bajo"
cada vez que vengan y les digan
a David o a Juan "esa guitarra hace ruido"
cada vez que vengan y le digan
a Ouzo "toca esa batería más bajo"
y cada vez que vengan y me digan
"no grites tanto, canta más bajo"

2 Mujeres (Daddy Yankee)

Tu sigues descontrolandomeeeeeeeeee
Te dire estamos amandonoooooos
Que que que que [x2]

Una bella me ama diciendo q soy su vida
Cuando ella me llama con llamdas restringidas
Para mi las dos son igual de bellas
Encuentro solucion, razon para yo dejarlas
Si yo caigo en forma en la cama es una metida
La otra en la cama es pasion encendida
Yo naci con mi socio q es mi amiga
Y cuando ando con ella la otra sana mis heridas
Por eso


Dia dia sigo yo con este problemon
Pelea aca pelea
Discucion tras discusion
Estoy buscando una salida pa esta situacion
Chica dime por que

Tu sigues descontrolandomeeeeeee
Te dire estamos amandonos
Tu sigues descontrolandomeeeeeee
Te dire estamos amandonooooooos

Una casi no sale, mujer d su casa
La otra sale cuando se le da la gana
Una me tiene mal por que con ella vivo
La otra hace lo que sea por estar conmigo
Por eso


Llego d madrugada
Apago el celular
Entrando en baja yo me hago el q no sabe nada
Chequeo si tengo una mancha de lapiz labial
Con la negra d casa no me quiero calentar
Trato d sacarle tiempo igual pa las dos
Estoy confundido
Cual es la que quiero yo
Esta aventura va a danar mi relacion
Chica dime por que:

Tu sigues descontrolandomeeeeeeeeeee
Te dire estamos amandonooooooooooooos

Tu sigues descontrolandomeeeeeee
Te dire estamonos amandonooooooos

Sonando te pregunto luny
Oye mira mi hermano dime que tengo q hacer
Una pelea que decide cual es mi mujer
En la calle ninguna de ellas se puede ver
Si la saco si la saco yo me quedare

Pero el buen capitan sabe navegar entre dos aguas
Daddy, Barrio Fino


Kamion mi ostao u kvaru... :-) Baja Mali Knindza - Legenda.

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