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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Ecouter Lucky Dube Band : Slaves_Usizi


Girl Next Door (Saving Jane)

Small town homecoming queen
She’s a star in this scene
There’s no way to deny she’s lovely
Perfect skin, perfect hair
Perfumed hearts everywhere
Tell myself that inside she’s ugly

Maybe I’m just jealous-I can’t help but hate her
Secretly I wonder if my boyfriend wants to date her

She is the prom queen, I’m in the marching band
She is a cheerleader, I’m sitting in the stands
She gets the top bunk, I’m sleeping on the floor
She’s Miss America
And I’m just the girl next door

Senior class president
She must be heaven sent
She was never the last one standing
A backseat debutante
Everything that you want
Never too harsh or too demanding

Maybe I’ll admit it, I’m a little bitter
Everybody loves her, but I just wanna hit her…


I don’t know why I’m feeling sorry for myself
Spend all my time wishing that I was someone else

I get a little bit, she gets a little more
She’s Miss America
And I’m just the girl next door


Wasted Episode (Angry Amputees)

In this wasted Episode, what the hell am I still doing here, growing up?
It's a landmark of much depravity
Sixteen without a purpose in life.
A smoking gun proves to define it
Broken windows line Boulevards
Hear children crying sleeping in their
Infested homes
Their heads hanging down
Straight from the womb
Where ignorance can be found
Above the sidewalks
Bloody Band-Aides
Sirens every hour
The shelter is over booked again
The city's crying out...When will it end?
When you're walking down the street
Hey can you spare some change
Well I love where I come from...But I hate this ** town.
Well I am not ashamed
I was born on Geary St.
I love where I come from, but I hate this ** town.
Where my future seems so bleak
And every day feels like a week
Well I love where I come from but I hate this ** town
I can never get no rest, and little Timmy gave his best,
I love where I come from but I hate this ** town
The rich stay in the game
The Meek will never reign
I hate this ** town
There's nothing left to say, so ** your empathy
Cuz I hate this ** town!!!!!!!
Well I love where I come from... But I hate this ** TOWN!

Megalopolis (Acid Drinkers)

Metropolis creates mob and mob creates its face
Megalopolis builds barriers, you die under their stress
The mob creates its atmosphere:
Bitches, drugs, guns for sale.
I'm a stranger in the city, in its rotten part
I will destroy the barriers and If I win
I'll get lucky!
The mob watchfully guards the wall
It's very hard to get through!
Volunteers in the army's rows, essence of slums and stench
Dead body of a city - alienation and water, the beginning of a job
Killers from dirty streets, victims of the city's creation
Fifty bucks for one head, they are not afraid of this task
To approach them is a risk, conscience is taboo
To escape them has no sense, losers in the system abound
Metropolis creates the gang and the gang defines the city
Parasites love this corpse, killers in the army's rows!
How many people did you kill?
About two hundred and fifty
How many murders did you see?
About two or three thousand
Tell me man, did you use choppers?
Yeah, we used choppers to torment!!!
And I wait for the darkness to set myself free...

Remorse Is For The Dead (Lamb Of God)

The dirty lord of the manor surveys his filthy domain
Too many nights raising hell worked a little all too well.
Constructed a monument to denial and excess
Sunk so low, crawled so far back there's nowhere left to regress.
If these walls could talk, they would tell a horror story
Never-ending winter, violence and infidelity
Shadows fall through broken panes
Careless words that are filled with hate
Just enough to keep it together, never enough to make it work.
All the tongues here are forked.
We are a hailstorm of broken glass, follow the path of least expectance.
A huge stinking pile of sick, pile it higher and higher.
Light the match, start the fire.
Level this place and take us with it.
Surroundings are irate.
Crack of dawn brings naught but pain.
Resentment steadily grows.
Laughing in teh gallows.
Full throttle determined to fail, pedal to the metal asleep at the wheel.
We are the lucky ones, welcome home.
Poisoned nerves and a bloody antidote
Violence is not an aberration, it's a rule.
Dying beyond the pale.
Your beatings will continue until my morale improves.
I don't hate you, I'm just romving an enemy.
Remorse is for the dead, my enemy.
Remorse is for the dead

2002 (Bob Schneider)

The year is two thousand & two
I'm doing exactly what I wanted to
And baby I don't even think about you anymore

Just thought I'd drop you a line
To let you know I was feeling fine
Cause honey it's been a long long time
Since you walked out my door

It took me some time I must confess
For a while there I was feeling less than my best
I had to get out of town so I headed out west
I ended up in Seattle

I thought I'd start a brand new band
I thought I might call it Lonelyland
Things got a little out of hand
I ended up hooked on heroin

So I ended up moving back over to Germany
Living with the folks baggin grocery's
But the time I had was mostly free
So I spent most of it drinking

I got myself in a jam or two
I guess it's what I had to do
Late at night I'd still think of you
And it felt like I was drowning

Till I met this girl at a discotheque
She was a dancer but not what you'd expect
She taught ballet and she was half-Czech half Chinese

But after she decided not to have the baby
She said she was gonna move back to Czechoslovakia maybe
By then I didn't really care I was either half drunk or half crazy

I got arrested once but never convicted
My parents eventually had me evicted
I tried your number but it'd been disconnected
I guess I should've known

I heard you got married and you moved away
I called your folks but where they wouldn't say
They said it's probably better that way so I just let it be

I moved back to Austin bout a year ago
I drive a schoolbus I don't drink no more
I go out every once in a while and see a show but mostly I just watch TV

So I don't know where I'm gonna send this letter
I doubt things are ever going to get much better
It seems like life is just one big whatever anyway

I just thought I'd drop you a line
Lie and say I was doing fine
Cause baby it's been a long long time
Since you walked out my door

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Bob Dylan & The Band)

Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying to be so good,
They'll stone ya just a-like they said they would.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home.
Then they'll stone ya when you're there all alone.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone ya when you're walkin' 'long the street.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to keep your seat.
They'll stone ya when you're walkin' on the floor.
They'll stone ya when you're walkin' to the door.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

They'll stone ya when you're at the breakfast table.
They'll stone ya when you are young and able.
They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to make a buck.
They'll stone ya and then they'll say, "good luck."
Tell ya what, I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone you and say that it's the end.
Then they'll stone you and then they'll come back again.
They'll stone you when you're riding in your car.
They'll stone you when you're playing your guitar.
Yes, but I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Well, they'll stone you when you walk all alone.
They'll stone you when you are walking home.
They'll stone you and then say you are brave.
They'll stone you when you are set down in your grave.
But I would not feel so all alone,
Everybody must get stoned.

Can't Stop Us (The Casualties)

This is for the touring bands living on the road
The ones that tavel non-stop from coast to coast
For the ones who do 90 shows in 90 ** days
Then they go back and do it all again

Across the states
Around the world
We'll play it loud
You can't stop us!

This is for the bands that take a chance
Leaving their loved ones and dead jobs behind
For the ** van that always breaks
Spending money fixing it more than taking care of my health

This is for the ones that break away
Losing monet over and over again
For the ones that take so much sht
From people who never leave their home state

For our friends in NYC
All the bands that we meet in the streets

This is for friends that still try hard
The many touring punk and skinhead bands
Life on the road can be so ** hard

My Sweet Passion (Nikki Gregoroff)

I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to
...Packed up my stuff, set out for adventure...
I know that your lucky color is that cool shade of blue
...Won't mind painting myself blue for you...
I guess I'm so easy to understand
I just do what ever that comes to me naturally

I do understand the feelings of a Persian Cat
...But the Sphinx looked so cute I had to shave it...
He reminds me of parsley when he's standing there all alone
...Makes me wanna be his specialite...
I guess I'm just a self-centered girl
But there are nights that I have trouble going to sleep

* Sweet sweet you're so sweet - So many things I want
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - I wanna be a wonderful girl
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - I'm not simple-minded
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - And I won't be a pearl

You probably need me just as much as I need you

(Pf solo)

Are you okay you seem to be a little bit tense
...You don't have to worry 'bout a single thing...
We are free to get whatever that we want to have
...We're also free to do whatever we want...
That's what we'll do that's what we'll do
We should live our lives the way we think it ought to be

Sweet sweet you're so sweet - There's no where to hide
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - Come on settle our lives
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - I'll always be there for you
Sweet sweet you're so sweet - In the best and worst times

You can be my sweetest honey for eternity

* Repeat

I honestly need you just as much as you need me.

UK Visa Versa (MC Lars)

Hey England... let's kick it.

Cops without guns and the NME.
Should I watch the BBC or should I watch the BBC?
Look at these crazy coins, is this Lord of the Rings?
Pounds and pence and Princes and Queens?
Flipside experience, well not really.
More familiar than Russia or Chile.
Up for cricket or squash, or the London zoo?
Look, you hate George Bush and we do too.
Fab music scene, though, UK bands are ace,
And you guys are the most polite of the human race.
Fish and chips, crumpets, bangers and mash,
Shakespeare, Donne, Sid Vicious and the Clash.
You love our movies, we kind of like yours.
We love the way you talk, "please help help us in these wars."
You stopped staying "fab," we stopped saying "groovy,"
Our Scotland is Canada; you saw the South Park movie.

I love England and visa versa,
American perspective in these Visa verses.
Tea time? Jolly good! Caffeine rush.
Look, a red a phone booth and a double-decker bus.

I love you England, so let's both ignore
The Boston Tea Party, and that silly East Coast war.
Oxford, London, and Guildford too,
Rockin' your P.A.'s when I come to visit you.

The Florida incident? Democracy at work,
But we've still got love for your boy Edmund Burke.
If it weren't for us, you'd be speaking German,
But then we gave you Hanson and Pee Wee Herman.
You gave us the Beatles, and you gave us the Who
We gave you Kris Kross and Vanilla Ice too.
You gave us "Chicken Run" and the Teletubies,
We gave you McDonald's and got you chubby.
You think we're all Trailer Trash obnoxious and noisy.
But that's just Springer, Ricki Lake, and Boise.
We're friendly and fake and proud of our nation,
Overweight, wasting gas, hedonic civilization.
We're sue-happy mad overworked compulsive winners,
Strong facade but insecure, just think Seymour Skinner.
We're obsessed with image, old age and fat,
Technology, death, and our dogs and cats,
The superbowl, shopping, S.U.V.'s and money,
Santa Claus, hygiene and the Easter Bunny.
But bigger is better and we love our T.V.
From L.A. to Boston, to Nashville, Tennessee.
And yes 1/4 of Americans own guns
In case you come back to punish your sons.
But Mother Britain listen, there's still a tie that binds us,
The U.S. isn't perfect, you don't have to remind us.


YER SO BAD (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

My sister got lucky, married a yuppie
Took him for all he was worth
Now she's a swinger dating a singer
I can' decide which is worse

But not me, baby
I've got you to save me
Aw, yer so bad
Best thing I've ever had
In a world gone mad
Yer so bad

My sister's ex-husband can't get no lovin'
Walks around dog-faced and hurt
Now he's got nothin', head in the oven
I can't decide which is worse

But not me, baby
I've got you to save me
Aw, yer so bad
Best thing I've ever had
In a worl d gone mad
Yer so bad

Oh, but not me, baby
I've got you to save me
Aw, yer so bad
Best thing I've ever had
In a world gone mad
Yer so bad

Oh, but not me, baby
I've got you to save me
Aw, yer so bad
Bes t thing I've ever had
In a world gone mad
Yer so bad


Usizi emhlabeni (Misery in the world) Izingane zilala zingadlile (Kids go to bed hungry) Umama nobaba Emsebenzini badiliziwe (Mom and dad laid off) ...

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