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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Ecouter HadiratMu Membawa Kemenangan - Franky Sihombing


Denton, U.S.A. (Shock Treatment)

You'll find happy hearts and smiling faces
And tolerance for the ethnic races
In Denton

You'll find a rambling rose
And a picket fence

Tenderness and innocence
In Denton

You'll find conference rooms
And a children's playground
Denton is a real O.K. town
Civic pride and civic duty
And Denton girls are (wolf whistle) full of beauty

(Brenda & Frankie)
You may call us the goody-goody two-shoes
We're here to cheer you with the good news
That D-E-N-T-O-N gets T-E-N
That's ten out of ten!

If you're looking for a life of leisure

You're gonna get a whole lot to please ya

Again and again

And again and again

(Ralph & Macy)
And again!

Denton, Denton, you've got no pretension
You're where the heart is, you're O.K.
Denton, Denton, I'd just like to mention
You're the home of youth, you're America's Truth
You're Denton, Denton, U.S.A.

This is the Mecca of America

The Bethlehem of the West

This is the birthplace of the virtuous

The home of happiness

Leisure-wise, we're sure you will adapt

Enjoy your stay, have a happy holiday

(Brenda & Frankie)
And we'll all put Denton, Denton on the map!

Denton, Denton, you've got no pretension
You're where the heart is, you're O.K.
Denton, Denton, I'd just like to mention
You're the home of youth, you're America's Truth
You're Denton, Denton, U.S.A.

Denton, Denton, you've got no pretension
You're where the heart is, you're O.K.
Denton, Denton, I'd just like to mention
You're the acceptable face of the human race
You're Denton, Denton, U.S.A.!

Stylin' (Foxy Brown)

Fever Baby
OK, alright
Uh-Oh Uh-Oh
Yeah Uh Huh

Bitches throw ya drinks up, Style when we be comin' in
Niggas throw ya guns up, Whyle when we be runnin in
And all that ain't nothin, We at the bar frontin
Its necessary, We stays in Burburry (Whooooo)

(-Verse 1-)
You know how it go, Fox and Gav
In a navy blue Rov, Stuttin in Halo
On the I-95, Keepin it live
In the hood, in the 5, Front of Kennedy Fried (Whooooo)
Then slide off with a NBA jump-off
Or a nice lil' rapper, Whoever money stack up
Duke, Cop a little H-Tod shoe
And them little boxer dudes, Get a watch or two (Whoa)
It aint greed, Yall got kids to feed
** it, All he wanna do is kill it and leave
So, Lay low and throw the pussy like the free throw
Brooklyn broad and bet I keep the heat low

Its necessary, We styles in Burburry
And our walk is mean in them Frankie B. jeans bwoy
Its necessary, We stays in Burburry
And a Mark Jacob bag and a H-Tod shoe (Whoo)

(-Verse 2-)
When we walk up in the club, Niggas be like, "OH!"
They aint got no dough? Bet we be like, "NO!"
We bout our paper and all that fam
Rollin through Planet Hollywood knockin that Killa Cam (Whoa)
Up in V.I.P. with F.B.
With a nice throw back, Right below a good G
Now, dude is ill, I'm lovin his boys
I'm all, seing he's gangsta, I'm watching him swift now
They wanna see us, Bitches they wanna be us
Fox and Althea in a powder blue two seater
We the truth in our Juicy sweat suits
When we come through ya town, Every'ting shut down

(-Hook 2X-)

(-Verse 3-)
20's with the rims, B-custom kitted Bently
And everything we do, They assist like Jamaal Tinsley
Cocky bastard, I only spits acid
Slept on Broken Silence, Fever bout to smash it
This here's a classic, We keeps it drastic
I'm all engaged engaged to dough and married to plastic
And you know how we do, Fresh pair Air Force 2's
With the toaster, Kobe pull over (Whoo)

(-Hook 2X-)

Brass Knuckle Sandwich (Braid)

piston unhappy
you just lost me everything

easy on
easy money
i just need everything

mood swings
personality has always been everything

stupid people say stupid words
and i hate myself
when you want to look like everyone else does

can't take the wheel
i've wrecked the car
we are days long

that one
was such a one

temperature is fever

Wax Wings (Braid)

wax wings
on mine fearful flier
unalarmed in gravity's charm
and starter motors hum
ballads of ballasts
am i reaching?
wax wins i surrender

and this makeshift design
will ground me
and without the air's arms
around me
i'll surrender the sky
to your dumb machine

wax wings
prepare for takeoff
with the engine beneath the ribs
and the wind sings
ballads of balance
can you hear me?
wax wins i surrender

and i know that icarus
loves me
and there are no stars
above me
i melt into the sun

Capricorn (Braid)

be little
for now
your time will come before
the earth rotates winter

he said
i feel like this licorice
and she sticks so well
oh well

i'm not in your stars
but it's still early

you lie because you're in the bed

be little
for now
your time will come before
the flat earth december

she said
he's so hard to hear
so will i outgrow
well if he says so

you can't look at the sky
without looking right through it

i'm not in your stars

Hugs From Boys (Braid)

never did much to restore
my self-confidence
and you said i should have more

i was only kidding when i said
blind date
sitting in your car
you got angry and hit my arm

dashboard hugs from drunk boys

got angry and hit the dashboard
i didn't want to talk about it
you didn't want to hear about it

stare at the road i'm honored
there on the road my solemn word
stare at the road i'm honored
stay in my blood too long
i'm there on the road and honored
fear of the road my solemn word
it stayed in my blood your honor
too long

said you liked hugs from boys
but i never saw them
i never saw them
but i knew they were there

Menage A Trois (Baby Bash)

[Chorus: Frankie J]
Show me what yo body do
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can have a rendezvous
We can have a drink or two
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can keep it on the cool

[Baby Bash]
Down and dirty
Rough and rugged dog
Nasty but you love it
You gon' lick it
I'm gonna shove it, ugh-ugh, ugh
When I hit it from the back
You commence to cap
Grab yo toy baby grab yo strap
I'ma kick back light up a sack
Last name "OFF" first name is "JACK"
You know the deal do
So grab the dildo
And let's do the damn thing
So I can tell my kin folks
About that there shit we did
About that there freak you did
And landed on my face, ooh
Baby girl but I love the taste
Got me livin' my fantasy
Baby come and dance for me
You got that candy cream
Let me see you pull yo panty string
Let yo thong slide to the side
Chica open wide
And let my fine**baby mama put her tongue inside
Tongue kissin' ** to the world
Such a nasty girl
You got me fiendin' every time I'm dreamin' of the pearl
Twice last night, once in the mornin'
That's yo favorite song
It turns you on
Leave your pumps on
Baby watch me hit it strong
Baby Bashy you so nasty
Love the threesome for the top notch jazzies
Smokin' on some of that purple grassy
Now what yo body do

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Shadow]
Ain't no tellin' what a fella gonna do
When it's me off Ren and you
On the phone when we getting' it on
Like the name off the song
It's just the freak in you, and me
Ya heard, ** it, every body in this mutha **a
We doin' this hit not givin' a shit
Shadow the chicken plucker
I wanna know what you got on your mind
Is it the same as mine
We can bump and grind
And tell your friend she can come along, Why?
I would never leave her behind, hell no!
Never mind the love we share
Remember I'm a thug you bitch
** her up rub 'round your dick
Cuz all I give you dirty tricks and that's it
No shame in the game I play
Me and Bash got pie to lay
Texas Californ-I-A
Smokin' weed, pokin' bitches all night and day
Ride away in the hot one
Put my hook in the sea then I caught one
I gotta take it or leave it
And believe it or not
I got the eye of an eagle and I spot them

[Chorus x2]

[Don Cisco]
Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson
Me and two friends like Charlie Bronson
Locked up in a suite in between sheets
Gang bangin' top nothes, huh
I'm the bossiest playa like the freak Steve Austin
I don't give a ** what shit be costin'
Keep bad bitches, pretty friends be flossin'
** and the City every time we tossin'
Never leave the pad without packin' precaution
Frisco Mac, so proceed with caution
You and these dudes are in these streets is often
Blaze up a sack get the chronic often
Outlaw on the run come ? me none
Don Cisco baby
When I ride, I'm bossin' on that ass
And ? rollin' pregnant
2-1-1 girl I like them odds
You can rock my world
I'll make you scream for the Gods
In between the sheets all night
I'll freak you hard
Keep it cool
What you speakin' on?
Shut your mouth and just tweak it on
Close your lips, leak you wrong

[Hook: Frankie J x2]
You know I like to watch
You I like to see it
I'm kinda freaky mama
Oh baby please believe it

[Chorus x4]

Golden Child (Frankie Carle)

Golden child
When ever you feel lonely
I'm on your side
No matter where you go
I will be there
You always find my shoulder
So don't cry, my golden child

My golden child

My golden child

Golden child
Whenever you feel lonely
I'm on your side
No matter where you go
I will be there
You always find my shoulder
So don't cry, my golden child

Golden child
Whenever you feel lonely
I'm on your side
No matter where you go
I will be there
You always find my shoulder
So don't cry, my golden child

My golden child

My golden child

Feel The Vibe (Frankie Cutlass)

[Featuring Rampage Doo Wop And Heltah Skeltah]
** all you niggas makin' minimal wages
Yo I'm proud and on the street like my name was Larry Davis
The brown skinned brother with the shelltoe flavas
People talkin shit it's yo' next door neighbours
About me n' KRS
Who rocks the best
Niggas wanna picket sign and protest
From Hempstead to Westbury
I'm 3 platinum LPs
Take off them Stobalees
Now who's the truckas
Boy Scout and Frankie Cutlass
Flipmode is da squad we brings da ruckus
** all you crab mutha**as
Yo I'm criminal minded
Boy Scout been let out the cage
I'm on the loose
I'm in the Flatbush town
It's goin down
I still got my tre and my 4 pound
Warriors come out and play
I'm in the Bronco with O.J.
I'm comin' back around your way
Yo watch me sweep the nation if you black or caucausian
I'm nice with mine
Leavin the microphone blazin
From here to the projects
I'm droppin brothas all over the land
Like Tokyo did Japan
Let me take a stand
I'm the million dollar man
Ay yo, shit hits the fan
Doo Wop:
Ay yo, live from New York where niggas shoot to kill
Cutlass, bring da ruckus and ya looses ill
Keep it goin' by, I keep flowin' the same
And get open like the pussy on mystic rain
Showin no shame cuz my name maintain
The cocaine weight rawest nigga on tape
CDs we bump by the key
Plus the LP
Is guaranteed lactose free
Ay yo we got the yajo
Frankie, Beverley and Maze
Will leave the crowd in a daze before we let go
Wop rock the Echo
Unlimited gear with the Fubu
Catch me politickin' with Premier and The GURU
I be stickin' chicken like the colonel, Nocturnal
CD number 6 in my whip
Bounce is the squad that'll Flip
You niggas talk shit then abandon ship
All that lip but you can't back it
Fagot niggas get they wig splattered
Battered, rappers
Livin' in the shelter
When they felt the
Wrath of Doo Wop, Rampage and Heltah Skeltah
Chorus: Rock
Ay Yo who them headz keep the party live?
Ruck, Rock, Ramp, Doo Wop Feel the Vibe
Frankie Cutlass
Y'all can't touch this, we live
We keep the party live
C'mon Feel the Vibe
(repeat 2X)
Hey Ho (Voice Cracks)
Here we go, better yet, here we come
Tawl Sean and Jab the bum
Call him Bummy Jedab
Smash dat his**quick fast
1/45th blast
And make one drop and 10 more get whiplash
I be the T-A-W-L
Bringin' the trouble to
Couples who rap off track
Ya wack so I'm rubbin' you
Off the map with my gat black so I'm snubbin' you
Dubbin' you
The wackest nigga on the universe
You be the first to witness lyrical techniques I disperse
(Rock)Until the day we die
(both)Heltah Skeltah let the brainz burst
We cooool
But not that cool like September
Spring to Winter
I be turnin y'all Battlecats to Kringer
Contenders, he bend ya, then send ya to the
R-U-C-K-U-S when blessed off of buddah
I troop the terain maintain my composure
I fold ya, holdin' my sose then screamin' Eshkoshkah
So um
Raise yo hand if you sure Rock'll smell ya
And if ya ready for the war scream Heltah Skeltah
(Ruck)Heltah Skeltah
Ruck n' Rock flip till we got it locked
If not, we make it hotter than the glocks in lye spots bitch

Tak Ingin Dilupakan (Xavier Cugat)

aku bagaikan ada di saat yang terendah
menjadi bagian kisah terhempas dari cintamu
tersiksa cintamu yg tlah dinikmati orang lain
menjadi bagian tawa dan cemooh semua orang

Bridge :
dengarlah lagu dari orang yg tak mau putus asa
dengarlah lagu dari orang yg tak ingin dilupakan

menepis hari yg sedih
yg membuatku lupa akan arti harga diri
caci makilah atau kau buatku tersenyum
tuk hadapi kenyataan

angkat kepala yg tertunduk malu terasa berat
lawan sendiri arus kemenangan orang lain

Back to : Bridge and Reff


menepis hari yg sedih
bagaikan berdiri di tepi jurang batinku
doronglah aku atau kau raih tangan ini
tuk hadapi kenyataan

menepis hari yg sedih
menepis hari yg sedih

Back to : reff


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