, ghostface, killah, stop, rockin, rhythm, droppin, wisdom, niggas, locked, prison, those, streets, rock, system, one's, restin, piece, representin, ain't, pot, piss, went, small, timer, position, kiddin, what?, radio's, mixin, while, shots, whistlin, block, listen, uncontrolled, mentally, hold, p.o.w., comin, through, cameleons, play, wrong, fence, switchin, clark, kent, drama, commence, ladies, gent's, poetry's, beyond, intense, trench, spot, bench, best, invest, favored, heavenly, i.n.s., address, excellency, successfully, defendin, belt, first, rounders, where, close, friends, treated, same, out-of-towners, "check--check--check--check, invent..., check--check--check--check--check--check..., bangin..., sounds--sounds, jurrasic, insides, rise, norm', urban, icon, ridin, storm, veteran, form, spaz, memories, 'nam, duckin, bombs, rendezvous, miss, saigon, calm, assassin, showin, face, beatstreet, paint, picture, raymo, lay-low, makin, dough, aimin, blow, takin, slow, >from, shao', borough, throwin, thoroughbred, flow, echoin, ghetto, throughout, metro, 'bout, give, some, room, elbow, watch, bitches, nigga, velcro, plan, grap, within, reach, expand, crystal, white, sands, fill, beach, beast, rhyme, teach, history, class, move, mass, .., *echo*, inspectah, deck, substance, marillion, sheltering, ego, edge, floodlit, arcshe'll, contemplate, seduction, she'll, calculate, catchwhen, moved, presence, speared, mewhen, spoke, words, ensnared, mewatch, lizard, crimson, veilshe, crucified, depth, satin, graveas, sweating, monologue, sensed, lovelight, fadewithin, spiral, cigaretteyou, betrayed, bedside, etiquettei, lizardi, touched, veili've, seen, different, doorway, shut, million, times, beforethe, smiling, chameleon, vinyl, whoresthey, want, sing, nameand, glide, between, sheetsi, chemical, glow, we'll, bodies, meetso, **, another, saidloving, laughs, carnal, autograph, lying, lizard's, bedso, bleddegraded, alone, raped, forlornbetrayed, bedwe, marillion, fugazi, km/h, b.u.g, mafia, intro:sunt, maniacprobabil, cä, dapentru, cä-mi, place, sä-mi, banii, în, masina, mea.yo, yo.special, pentru, cunoscätorisi, ales, fanatici.nu, nuam, cai, sä, mä, întorc;clasic, din, '90, torc;admiratie, orice, rival, intervalsunt, grav, w8-ul, meudeclarat, fatal.îmi, genul, masinä, prezentä, scenicä, dramaticä, enigmaticä, singuraticä, animalicäîncä, äääämi-am, dorit, ceva, specialcum, explic?:, ääääai, passat, stiu2003, stiuv6, tot, vrei, ;, stiuda, stiu, sunt, câtva, sute, taparc-ati, fute, toti, aceeasi, piz*änu, supära, frate.dau, spate, repedecând, väd, golf3carosat, umflat, vibrândsau, vre-o, torpilä, metri, tunäritämodificatä, volan, fatäbäi, tatä!hai, las-o-n, pu*a, meacä, poate, asaai, bani, sä-ti, cumperi, lexda, s-o, faci, ta.niste, spoilere, alte, accesoriidä-i, vopseagalben, excentricala, america.curcubeu, îi, zici, sezonportocaliu, violet, verde-aprins, perlatm-astresat, atâta, metalizat.pune-i, roti, mari, anterasau, niste, croame, garantate, fure, privirea.elegant, fenteazä-le, pe-obstacole, si-arde-o, încetcä, graba, stricä, efect.2, refren:cu, tovaräsi, basi, portbagajne, remarci, repede, peisajplutim, usor, parcä, miraj;senzatzie, majorä, orä.trezoriant, färä, îndoialä, extravagant, reconfortant, acelasi, impresionant, shocant;fanaticii, spun, relevantcä, pânä, neinteresati, gäsesc, interesant.un, tanc, vopsit, albastru, perlat, negrun-o, turmä, da', vreau, rämân, integrusi, aproape, sträzi, cartiero, sä-l, cobor, vreo, câtiva, centimetrii, lejer.caroserie, unicat, nimic, cromatîn, afarä, roti18, constat, scotziochii, potisä, crezi, c-ai, cam, totibanii, cäcat, rotite-au, lucratsocoti.suprapondral, îmi, plac, masinile, mari.temperamental, contrastele, tari, prezidentzial, pentru-o, impresie, totaläo, comandä, interior, piele, albä.extraterestru, scaune, neon, albastrumodificat, masiv, spatiu, sä-ncapä, numai, tancu', transformä-n, avioncând, bancheta, doar, beton.pe, finalprecizez, despre, auzisi, unde, poti, vezidvd, normal, ecrane-n, tetiereca, spui, placere;vreo, 4000, watzi, puterepentru, cine, stie, cere.asta-i, vedem, sträzi.te, îti, combini, crezï.2, refren., b.u.g, mafia, waste!, dury, blockheads, driver, articulated, lorryi, poet, wouldn't, need, worryi, teacher, classroom, full, scholarsi, sergeant, squadron, wallahswhat, wastewhat, wastechorus:because, chose, fool, six-piece, band, first-night, nerves, one-night, stand.i, should, glad, inclined.what, waste!but, mind.i, lawyer, strategems, rusesi, doctor, poultices, bruisesi, writer, growing, reputationi, ticket, fulham, broadway, stationwhat, waste, x4repeat, chorusi, catalyst, sparks, revolutioni, inmate, long-term, institutioni, dream, wide, extremes, diei, yawn, withdrawn, world, bywhat, chorusrepeat, crescendo, then, again, fade, blockheads, &, drugs, 'n', roll:, chansons, paroles, albums, artistes, mp3, concerts, video, downloadMp3, Musique, Download, Paroles, Chansons, Concerts, Billets, Live, Video, DVD, Gratuit, Discographie, Mpeg, 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Thursday, 29 January 2015
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Ecouter Cameleon wallah by flicha


Albion (Babyshambles)

Down in Albion
They're black and blue
But we don't talk about that
Are you from 'round here?
How do you do?
I'd like to talk about that

Talk over
Gin in teacups
And leaves on the lawn
Violence in bus stops
And the pale thin girl with eyes forlorn

More gin in teacups
And leaves on the lawn
Violence in dole queues
And the pale thin girl
Behind the checkout

If you're looking for a cheap sort
Set in false anticipation
I'll be waiting in the photo booth
At the underground station

So come away, won't you come away
We could go to...
Deptford, Catford, Watford, Digberth, Mansfield
Ahh anywhere in Albion

Anywhere in Albion
Anywhere in Albion

Yellowing classics
And canons at dawn
Coffee wallahs and pith helmets
And an English song

Mmm... Reebok classics
And canons at dawn
Terrible warlords, good Warlords
And an English song

Oo if you're looking for a cheap sort
All glint with perspiration
There's a four-mile queue
Outside the disused power station

Now come away, oh say you'll come away
We'll go to...
Satsworth, Senford, Weovil, Woomoyle, NEW-CAST-LE

If you are looking for a cheap tart
Don't glint with perspiration
There's a five-mile queue
Outside the disused power station
Now come away (away), won't you come away

We'll go to...
Bedtown, Oldham, Nunthorpe, Rowlam, Bristol
Aaa-nywhere in Albion

Anywhere in Albion
Anywhere in Albion
Anywhere in Albion
Anywhere in Albion...

When He Shines (Sheena Easton)

This man's a child, this man is old
Sometimes he's mild, sometimes he's bold
This man I love, sometimes in spite
I wish he would stick to his guns, or abandon the fight

But when he shines, oh when he shines
Yes when he shines, he shines so bright

Sometimes a tramp, sometimes a dude
He changes colour just like a cameleon, can't find the mood
He is a song that's not easy to write
He is a moon in the morning, and the sun out at night

But when he shines, when he shines, oh when he shines, he shines so bright

This man's a gentleman, this man is strong
This temperamental man plays me along

But when he shines, when he shines, oh when he shines, he shines so bright
Yes when he shines, when he shines, oh when he shines, he shines so bright

(Instrumental break)

But when he shines, oh when he shines
Yes when he shines, he shines so bright

L'Empire Du Cote Obscur (IAM)

Le sombre monarque debarque et etale
(The sombre monarch lands and causes a stir)
Son pouvoir la puissance de l'ombre s'installe
(His power the power of the dark side becomes firmly established)
Non ne resiste pas ne lutte pas
(No don't resist don't fight)
Ne te detourne pas de la main tendue vers toi
(Don't turn away from the hand outstretched toward you)
Ou je vais explorer le royaume de tes peurs
(Or I'm going to explore the kingdom of your fears)
En devenir le dictateur pour mieux te dominer
(While becoming the dictator to better dominate you)
La, tu deviens raisonnable, c'est bien
(There, you're becoming reasonable, it's good)
Oui tombe sous le charme pour de meilleurs lendemains
(Yes, submit to the spell, for better prospects)
Pour les rebelles la force est trop forte
(For the rebels the force is too strong)
Je balaie les petits Ewoks comme le vent balaie les feuilles mortes
(I sweep away the little Ewoks like the wind sweeps away the dead
Les indecis sont avertis, qu'ils se mefient
(The indecisive ones are warned, to be careful)
De la seule etoile qui se fond dans la nuit
(Of the only star that fades away into the night)
Le bastion des bas-fonds du pays en action
(The bastion of the lowest depths of the country at work)
L'energie degagee genere une telle attraction
(The released(?) energy generates such an attraction)
Que vers lui se tourne enfin tous les regards
(That eventually all looks turn towards him)
Pour s'apercevoir que l'espoir emerge du noir
(To realize that hope emerges from the darkness)
Une partie de tout homme la force manipule
(The force mani**tes a part of every man)
D'un rien il suffit pour que l'etre bascule
(A nothingness suffices to topple the being)
Que les yeux de l'aveugle s'ouvrent, qu'il contemple
(The eyes of the blind open, he contemplates)
Mars de l'obscur cote, le temple
(Mars of the dark side, the temple)
N'aies pas peur, ouvre-moi ton coeur, viens vers l'Empereur
(Don't be scared, open up your heart to me, comes towards the Emperor)
Sentir la chaleur de l'obscurite, pour toi
(Feel the warmth of the darkness, for you)

Il est l'heure
(It is time)
De rejoindre l'armee des guerriers de l'ombre
(To join the army of the warriors of darkness)
Ne vois-tu pas ton cote clair qui succombe
(Don't you see that your good side is dying)
C'est ta destine, pourquoi vouloir lui resister
(It's your destiny, why wish to resist it)
Sans peine je ferai sauter les verrous de ta volonte
(Without pain, I'll break the deadlocks of your will)
Sois l'hote dans la noirceur la plus pure de l'Empereur
(Be the guest in the most pure darkness of the Emperor)
Et arbore les couleurs du cote obscur
(And bear the colours of the dark side)


Obscure, la force est noire
(Dark, the force is dark)
Noire comme le chateau
(Dark like the castle)
Ou flotte l'etendard, notre drapeau
(Where the standard hangs, our flag)
Sois sur, que sous les feux, la verite est masquee
(Be sure, that below the fires, the truth is disguised)
Viens, bascule de notre cote, obscur
(Come, fall to our side, the dark side)

Je suis le fils de Jaffar, le sale rejeton de Dark Vador
(I'm the son of Jaffar, the dirty kid of Darth Vader)
Le grand Cador, du maniement de mic, j'adore
(The big Cador(?) mic handling is what I adore)
Adapter mes techniques a la maniere du cameleon
(Adapting my techniques in the way of a chameleon)
Sans pitie pour mater la rebellion
(Without pity to suppress the rebellion)

Millenaire, salive empoisonnee langue amere
(A thousand years old, poisoned saliva bitter tongue)
Un Pilot V5 en tant que sabre laser
(A pilot V5 (?) and a lightsaber)
Quoi, ma conscience comme seule medaille
(What, my conscience as my only medal)

Je traque et j'etripe sans remords tous les chevaliers Jedi
(I hunt down and gut without remorse all the Jedi knights)

La haine monte en toi je le sais parfaitement
(The hatred is building in you, I know perfectly well)
Je vois ta main droite gantee de noir
(I see your right hand gloved in black)
C'est sans espoir, la mutation s'amorce
(There's no hope, the mutation begins)
Ta nature que tu obtures, le cote obscur de la force
(Your nature that you suppress, the dark side of the force)

Viens vers moi, passe le pont de part en part
(Come towards me, cross the bridge bit by bit)
Rejoindre ma demeure dans la lune noire
(Join my dwelling on the black moon)
Mars est l'empire, je lance mes troupes a terre
(Mars is the empire, I launch my troops on land)
Pour eradiquer ce niais de Jean-Claude Gaudin Skywalker
(To eradicate this simpleton Luke Skywalker)
Petit presomptueux ne vois-tu pas le nombre
(Little presumptuous kid don't you see the number)
Deploye? L'armee des ombres, tu seras elimine
(Deployed?, the army of shadows, you'll be eliminated)
Au nom forces mystiques qui habitent la
(In the name of the mystic forces that live there)
Dans mon cerveau, je donne pas cher de ta peau
(In my brain, I don't care much about your skin)

Le souffle de la force est en moi
(The breath of the force is in me)
Le microphone crepite, crache des tas de flammes
(The microphone crackles, spits out tons of flames)
Sur les "en bois"
(On the (?))
Le fils de Dieu tremble
(The son of God trembles)
Mais lutte avec ses armes, renverse les credos qui lui semblent
(But fights with his weapons, knocks down the creeds that to him seem)

Errones, brise les traitres de la tete au perone
(Erroneous, breaks the traitors from the head to the fibula)
Par la peur, l'ennemi reste sclerose
(With fear, the enemy remains sclerosed)

Longue vie au regne de la nuit
(Long life during the reign of the night)
D'une théorie qui renverse les croyances etablies
(Of a theory the destroys the established beliefs)

"Luke, aide-moi", idiote il est trop tard
("Luke, help me," idiot it's too late)
Tu appartiens au sinistre sombre seigneur vetu de noir
(You belong to the sinister sombre lord dressed in black)
Casque, souffle rauque sous une armure
(Helmet, hoarse breath underneath armour)
Du soldat le plus dur, de l'empire du cote obscur
(Of the strongest soldier of the empire of the Dark Side)


gülhan (rashid moussa)

Kametah kamal gazale Maschweta kamal hajale Troh u teji kedam babna Wallah scharaletli bali Uakayetni be mhabeta Ya emmi rohi kulila Oyy gülhan gülhan gülhan Tay iraylai dardi derman Tay iraylai dardi dermaaan Elim Mhabee yalametni Chayne rahet u nezyetni Yaynaya zud jananuny Le hal el maut wasaluny Hay renety dard u ham we Thebun allah lat lumuni oy gülhan gülhan gülhan Tay iraylay dardi derman Tay iraylay dardi dermaaan

Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahin (Kishore Kumar)

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin Kya Mera Saath Bhi Gawara Nahi?
Mufte Main Banke Chal Diye Tan Ke Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin, Kya Mera Saath Bhi Gawara Nahi?
Mufte Main Banke Chal Diye Tan Ke Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin

Yaaron Ka Chalan Hao Ghulami Dete Hain Haseeno Ko Salaami (2)
Gussa Na Kijiye Jaane Bhi Dijiye Bandagi To Bandagi To Lijiye Sahaab

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin, Kya Mera Saath Bhi Gawara Nahi?
Mufte Main Banke Chal Diye Tan Ke Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin.

Toota Phoota Dil Yeh Hamara Jaisa Bhi Hai Ab Hai Tumhara (2)
Idhar Dekhiye Nazar Phenkiye Dil Lagi Na Dil Lagi Na Kijiye Sahab

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin Kya Mera Saath Bhi Gawara Nahi?
Mufte Main Banke Chal Diye Tan Ke Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin

Masha Allah Kehna To Maana Ban**a Bigda Zamana (2)
Tumko Hasa Diya Pyaar Sikha Diya(2)
Shukriya To Shukriya To Kijiye Sahaab

Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin Kya Mera Saath Bhi Gawara Nahi?
Mufte Main Banke Chal Diye Tan Ke Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin

Hai Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin Hai
Hai Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin Hai
Hai Wallah Jawab Tumhara Nahin Hai

--ContriButed By Adnan.I.M

Hyperdermix (Inspectah Deck)

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo the bare facts make 'em take Flight like Air Max
Hyperdermix raps share it and you'll both have tracks
Dope man supply fire to wax push your wigs back
Hit ya like a tall cat make ya relapse
Never before have ya ever heard this level of raw
My metaphors touch down like the hammer of Thor
Knee deep into the war sirens and gats roar
Livin life ragin bull life's the matador
I soar, above the law, branded illegal
They still rush my door cuz I'm power to the people
Sharp as an eagle's claw, certified lethal
Keanu Reaves can't match the Speed I exceed to
Crash the party, make 'em jump like KenEvil
I take cash in advance and blast off on retrieval

"Check the bangin sounds that I invent, marvelous...
Check--check, marvelous...
Check the bangin--the bangin sounds that I invent" -> Ghostface Killah

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, yo
I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin
Representin all those who ain't got a pot to piss in
Went from small timer to a top position
I'm not kiddin, so what? Radio's not mixin
While shots whistlin, niggas on my block listen
to the Uncontrolled, mentally hold you P.O.W.
Comin through, ain't no good, ain't no love for you
Cameleons play the wrong side of the fence
Switchin like Clark Kent when the drama commence
Ladies and gent's, my poetry's beyond intense
Find me in the trench, while you hold your spot on the bench
Best invest in me, favored heavenly
I.N.S., address me, as your excellency
Successfully defendin my belt with first rounders
Where close friends get treated the same as out-of-towners

"Check--check--check--check the bangin sounds that I invent...
Check the bangin--the bangin--the bangin...
The bangin sounds--sounds that I invent" -> Ghostface Killah

[Inspectah Deck]
Jurrasic insides, I rise above the norm'
Urban icon, ridin on the eye of the storm
Veteran form, spaz like memories of 'nam
Duckin bombs on the rendezvous with Miss Saigon
Calm assassin, showin my face so they can know
When on Beatstreet, I paint a picture like Raymo
On the lay-low, makin dough, aimin to blow
Got away to go, so I'm just takin it slow
>From the Shao' borough, throwin the thoroughbred flow
Echoin in the ghetto, throughout the metro
'Bout to let it go, give me some room to elbow
Watch bitches stick to a nigga like velcro
Yo, the plan is to grap what I can within my reach
Expand like the crystal white sands that fill the beach
With my hand on the piece, one eye is on the beast
Through the rhyme I teach history class and move the mass


I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin *echo*

I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin *echo*

She Cameleon (Marillion)

Sheltering her ego on the edge of a floodlit arc
She'll contemplate seduction, she'll calculate the catch
When she moved, her presence speared me
When she spoke, her words ensnared me
Watch the lizard, watch the lizard,
Watch the lizard with the crimson veil

She crucified my heart in the depth of a satin grave
As I lay in sweating monologue I sensed the lovelight fade
Within the spiral of the cigarette
You betrayed your bedside etiquette
I saw the lizard, I saw the lizard
I touched the lizard with the crimson veil

I've seen a different doorway shut a million times before
The smiling she chameleon, the smiling vinyl whores

They know what they want, they sing your name
And glide between the sheets
I never say no, in chemical glow we'll let our bodies meet
So was it just a **, was it just a **, just another ** I said
Loving just for laughs, carnal autograph, lying on a lizard's bed
So was it just a **, was it just a **, just another ** I bled
Degraded and alone, raped and still forlorn
Betrayed on a lizard's bed
We chameleon, we chameleon, we chameleon

40 Km/H (B.U.G Mafia)


sunt eu un maniac
probabil cä da
pentru cä-mi place sä-mi bag banii în masina mea.

yo yo yo yo yo yo.
special pentru cunoscätori
si mai ales pentru fanatici.

nu nu
am 260 de cai sä mä întorc;
clasic ca un BMW din '90 torc;
Admiratie de la orice rival,
pe interval
sunt grav si ca W8-ul meu
declarat fatal.

îmi place genul de masinä cu prezentä scenicä,
dramaticä, enigmaticä, singuraticä, animalicä
încä de mic (ääää)
mi-am dorit ceva special
cum sä explic?: (ääää)
ai un Passat (stiu)
2003 (stiu)
V6 TDI cu tot ce vrei pe el ; stiu
da mai stiu cä sunt câtva sute ca a ta
parc-ati fute toti aceeasi piz*ä
nu te supära frate.
dau pe spate mai repede
când väd un Golf3
carosat, umflat, vibrând
sau vre-o torpilä de 2 metri, tunäritä
la volan vre-o fatä
bäi tatä!
Hai, las-o-n pu*a mea
cä nu se mai poate asa
ai bani sä-ti cumperi un Lex
da nu ai bani s-o faci a ta.
Niste spoilere sau alte accesorii
dä-i o vopsea
galben sau ceva si mai excentric
ala america.
Curcubeu, cameleon sau cum vrei tu sä îi zici,
în ton cu orice sezon
portocaliu, violet verde-aprins perlat
m-astresat în pu*a mea atâta gri metalizat.
Pune-i roti mari BBS, Antera
sau niste croame garantate sä-ti fure privirea.
Elegant fenteazä-le pe-obstacole si-arde-o încet
cä graba stricä orice efect.

2 x refren:

Cu tovaräsi în masinä si cu basi în portbagaj
Ne remarci repede în peisaj
Plutim usor parcä e un miraj;
Senzatzie majorä cu 40 la orä.

Trezoriant, färä îndoialä extravagant,
reconfortant si în acelasi impresionant,
fanaticii spun cä e relevant
cä pânä si cei neinteresati gäsesc interesant.
Un tanc
vopsit albastru si perlat cu negru
n-o ard în turmä da' vreau sä rämân integru
si ca sä fiu mai aproape de sträzi si cartier
o sä-l cobor vreo câtiva centimetrii lejer.
Caroserie unicat,
nimic cromat
în afarä de roti
18 ", constat cä scotzi
ochii din cap, nu poti
sä crezi c-ai dat cam toti
banii pe cäcat de roti
Te-au cam lucrat
Suprapondral sunt,
îmi plac masinile mari.
Temperamental sunt,
îmi plac contrastele tari,
pentru-o impresie totalä
o sä fac pe comandä interior din piele albä.
Extraterestru , sub scaune neon albastru
Modificat masiv în spatiu ca sä-ncapä numai 4,
pentru cä tancu' se transformä-n avion
când pe bancheta din spate pot sta doar 2 beton.
Pe final
precizez despre cum o sä auzi
si pe unde poti sä vezi
DVD normal, niste ecrane-n tetiere
ca sä nu poti sä spui cä nu e o placere;
vreo 4000 de Watzi putere
pentru cä cine stie stie si cine stie cere.
Asta-i tot, ne vedem pe sträzi.
Te las sä îti combini masina cu ce crezï.

2 x Refren.

What A Waste! (Ian Dury And The Blockheads)

I could be the driver an articulated lorry
I could be a poet I wouldn't need to worry
I could be a teacher in a classroom full of scholars
I could be the sergeant in a squadron full of wallahs
What a waste
What a waste
What a waste
What a waste

Because I chose to play the fool in a six-piece band,
First-night nerves every one-night stand.
I should be glad to be so inclined.
What a waste! What a waste!
But I don't mind.

I could be a lawyer with strategems and ruses
I could be a doctor with poultices and bruises
I could be a writer with a growing reputation
I could be the ticket man at Fulham Broadway Station
What a waste (x4)


I could be the catalyst that sparks the revolution
I could be an inmate in a long-term institution
I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die
I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by
What a waste (x4)


(Repeat CHORUS with crescendo, then again with fade)


Groupe cameleon chanson top.

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