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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Tango Maureen (Rent)

The samples won't delay but the cable-

There's another way
Say something...anything

Test one, two, three

Anything but that

This is weird

It's weird

Very weird

** weird

I'm so mad that I don't know what to do
Fighting with microphones
Freezing down to my bones
And to top it all off I'm with you

Feel like going insane
Got a fire in your brain
And you're thinking of drinking gasoline

As a matter of fact

Hunny, I know this act
It's called the tango maureen
The tango maureen
It's a dark dizzy merry-go-round
As she keeps you dangling (you're wrong)
Your heart she is mangling (it's different with me)
And you toss and you turn
Cause her cold eyes can burn
And you yearn and you churn and rebound

I think I know what you mean

The tango Maureen

Has she ever pouted her lips and called you pookie? (never)
Have you ever doubted a kiss or two? (this is spookie)

Did you swoon when she walked in the door? (every time, so be cautious)
Did she moon over other boys? (more than moon)
I'm getting nauseus

Where did you learn to tango?

With the French Ambassador's daughter in her dorm room at Miss Porter's
And you?

With Nanette Himmelfarb. The Rabbi's daughter at the Scarsdale Jewish Community Center

It's hard to do this backwards

You should try it in heels

She cheated

She cheated

Maureen cheated

** cheated

I'm defeated, I should give up right now

Gotta look on the bright side with all of your might

I'd fall for her still anyhow

When you're dancing her dance
You don't stand a chance
Her grip on romance makes you fall

So you think might as well

Dance the tango to hell
At least I'll have tangoed at all

The tango Maureen
Gotta dance till your diva is through
You pretend to believe her
Cause in the end you can't leave her
But the end it will come
Still you have to play dumb
Till you're glum, and you bum and turn blue

Why do we love when she's mean?

And she can be so obscene
My Maureen

The tango Maureen

The Genius Is Slammin' (The Genius)

What I'm about to flow on is so dope
The average hip hop fiend couldn't cope
Or explain my style because it's hard to define
So the fiend scratch and think and nod to the rhyme
That I lay down in a straight narrow path
While beats are just flowin' off a modern phonograph
Bass loud, high hats crisp and clear
That'll never let a weak MC interfere
Or bring about some technical difficulties
So I got prepared and I wrote these
Rhymes That just broke loose from the brain
Searching for dope beats on the same plane
For you to write new rhymes it is a must
But I come off with rhymes old as dust
Even as a speck of dust it existed
Ya got that?
Forget it, ya missed it

I'm slammin'
The Genius is slammin'

You flip me on the mic, no way
That's me being played in April on the 1st day
Now who's a fool? What do you strive for?
Prime time juice on the box and fans galore
Forget it, cause you're not hype as they want you
With a maximum of 200 your rhymin' IQ
Is 10, meaning thin, you'll never win
So erase that, I'm not gonna lose friend
I know you're gassed, ya charged, and kinda stuck up
But I define your challenge, a total ** up
And it's critical, a crying shame
How many MC's challenge me, and die in vain
But you should've came with ya whole rap
Community, now where's your unity
Cause what I see right now is you and I
And you're too weak to stop me from doin' my
Damage, you know, type of body and fender
NAH!, not the same way I did Brenda
But you had the audacity to step to me
Thinking you was Butch Cassidy and you could do me
How can you do me when you don't know me
And out of the hip hop styles ya couldn't show me
One style that may have damaged me
But that's something you'll never see


M.C. means mic constructor I build
That have suckers running like what track and field
When I conduct please don't interrupt
With ya if's or and's or but's keep ya mouth shut
The hip hop style that I own is highly known
To bury MC's like a dog bury bones
And in this field, yo, I'm extraordinary
And in my back yard there's a cemetary
Of meek MC's who try to speak
And off preak technique that's soft and very weak
Yet they still have the heart to ask me to duel
And like Mr. T, I pity the fool
The shining chrome microphone is the device
That makes me stand out like men amongst mice
So respond to the stimuli then fly
Straight to the sky on a natural high
Cause I'm the transmitter buck wild and bitter
Thinking about tryingme then reconsider
Cause if it sounds tempting boy, I'll Double Dare you
And speaking of your low life, I won't spare you
Cause you're not worthy of the mercy
Anyway The Genius is just blood thirsty
So take a lickin' as the plot thickens
While ya head is took, ya be pumping like a chicken
How can you ever say my style was played
When my rhymes be chopping shit like a switchblade


Police State (Dead Prez)

[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:]
You have the emergence in human society of this thing that's called
the State. What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy.
It is the police department. It is the Army the Navy. It is the prison
system the courts and what have you. This is the State it is a repressive
organization. But the state and gee well you know you've got to have the
police because if there were no police, look at what you'd be doing to
yourselves -- you'd be killing each other if there were no police! But the
reality is the police become necessary in human society only at that junction
in human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got.

I throw a Molotov cocktail at the precinct
You know how we think:
Organize the hood under I Ching banners,
Red, Black and Green instead of gang bandannas
FBI spying on us through the radio antennas
And them hidden cameras in the streetlight watching society
With no respect for the people's right to privacy
I'll take a slug for the cause like Huey P.
while all you fake niggas try to copy Master P
I want to be free to live
Hey, (but?) they have what I need to live
Bring the power back to the street where the people live
I'm sick of working for crumbs and filling up the prisons
Dying over money and relying on religion
For help. We do for self like ants in a colony
Organize the wealth into a socialist economy
A way of life based off the common need
And all my comrades are ready
We just spreading the seed


The average Black male
Live a third of his life in a jail cell
Cause the world is controlled by the white male
And the people don' never get justice
And the womben don' never get respected
And the problems don' never get solved
And the jobs don' never pay enough
So the rent always be late.
Can you relate?
We living in a police state

No more bondage, no more political monsters
No more secret space launchers
Government departments started it in the projects
Material objects, thousands up in the closets
Could've been invested in a future for my comrades
Battle contacts, primitive weapons out in combat
Many never come back
Pretty niggas be running with gats
Rather get shot in they back than fire back
We tired of that
Corporations hiring Blacks, denying the facts
Exploiting us all over the map
That's why I write the shit I write in my raps
It's documented, I'm in it
Every day of the week I live in it, breathing it
It's more than just ** believing it
I'm holding in ones, rolling up my sleeves an' shit
It's (Cee-lo?) for push-ups now
Many headed for one conclusion
Niggas ain't ready for revolution


The average Black male
live a third of his life in a jail cell
Cause the world is controlled by the white male
And the people don' never get justice
And the womben don' never get respected
And the problems don' never get solved
And the jobs don' never pay enough
So the rent always be late.
Can you relate?
We living in a police state.

[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:]
(That's right, that developed?) me: brought me here and worked me like an
animal. Built the political economy off my stolen labor. Made them rich.
Made me poor.

The average Black male
Live a third of his life in a jail cell
Cause the world is controlled by the white male
And the people don' never get justice
And the womben don' never get respected
And the problems don' never get solved
And the jobs don' never pay enough
So the rent always be late.
Can you relate?
We living in a police state

[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:]
Why is it that Black people and everybody like us live in the kind of
poverty and misery that we live in? Everywhere I look around me are nothing
but poverty and misery, on the one hand. And yet, what I'm seeing is that
everywhere there's wealth and riches in the world it's in the white
community somewhere, whether it's in europe or whether it's right cross the
street from where I was born.

Interrogation (The Coup)

I aint seen shit
i aint heard (nothing) i dont know what happen
i dont speak pig latin
i am a mother** true when its us against you
so fox skyhutch and inspector goose
i was taught dont rely on pigs for protection
shit i dont even ask em for directions
youre in the wrong section of the hood for a crime to be inspected
got this block infected
you could get ejected inspected
aint no love when youre the fuzz
i mean the fizz i mean my daddy told me who you was
i mean the wiz I mean
you cant get win
ease on down the road we got a dont speak to cops code
i went pro working for the man with the electric chair
thats why i never watched roberta and i hated huggie bear
even scooby doo snitched with that hippy**van
but me i know the scoop i know the plan
ask me no questions i tell you no lies
you know the deal the real criminals who dressed in suit and ties
who holds the wealth you do more damage than health
so for me and my folks we gonna just do for self
i dont know shit about those stolen goods
you want peace mother **er raise up out tha hood
i think you should no one is all i m gonna say
to get that 411 you better go ask mary j.
eroc do not play when there's pigs in town clown
you try looking up encyclopedia brown
thats when he frown asking who selling herb
i got disturbed fool i'm not your mocking bird
the only words coming out of my mouth is a lyrical thang
so please back tha ** up off my screen tho
since i was four you was known to be the enemy
like rintintin you only give a shit for me
the community took four steps higher
86ing mother**as working for the suppliers
so sayonara before you catch a cap in your**
no more questions in here so dont ask

you want peace mother**a
raise up out of the hood repeat

well all the tattletalers and undercover dwellers
they are here to be placed into helicopter propellers
and the narcotic snatched up by the seat of his pants
his face was driven into a hill of army ants
the man had the murder for his benz and his face
i never saw the assailant he vanished through the mists
"you know the faces and names all your stories are polluted
tell me the truth before i have you electrocuted"
attempting on my person wouldnt be the wise thing
in your thoughts you have fear of my peoples uprisings
the masses rebel your aircraft propels
a cop was shot seven rounds were expelled
went straight right to hell just for being a fascist
burned uniforms and piles of human ashes
"your making this difficult so for being a bastard
i'll have you charged for murderer and resisting arrest"
I never did resist you're telling 4 smiths
shes swung with the sticks so i made a spinal column twist
twist one came with a body blow to osaygefo
and he struck my abdominals and fractured his hand
rebels away through the twigs blasted their wigs
and there you will find a red ocean of pigs
stay away from my zone
where it starts and it ends
that's how we murder policemen upon planet 10
step into this 8 by 10
im getting nervous you feel me point blank
yo i feel the coppers came to serve us
but now here he comes
stepping through the ** dough
and we dont know who smoked that mother** cop at the liquor store
but now you creep through the hood looking for a clue
but your bob head twice with the point blank crew
running up my bumper for late registration
taking me to that station for interrogation
and i guess i'm just supposed to just let my tongue run
asking me shit that would get my mother hung
but where im from up in my hood the shit wont raise
if a brother is constantly tripping that would be his arse
but now you wanna creep up on me and threaten me with time
while you got the billy club pointed at my spine
with things nowadays aint the same like they used to be
doing time for contempt aint new to me
i never feared going down with my whole damn crew
only thing that i fear is ever ** with you
well i too took a beating from the boys in blue
and all cops watched like a pay per view
and unless you're referring to this incident
we dont know nothing and we aint seen shit
get it


Bring It Back (KRS One)

Ha hahaha!
("Bring it back that old New York rap
Bring it bring it back that old New York rap") repeats in background
The only reality
Is now...

Verse One:

I rock slow and easy like soul
The New York flow is strictly for the pro
Hip hop! Ladies and gents
So you can know every word yo of the sentence
Hey la like De La I got Common Sense
Save the compliments for after I commence
to evidence of MC's, rockin under false pretense
Yes they get burned like incense
Myrrh and frankencense, you know the consequence
When you rock with KRS and don't make sense
Kris represents all MC's, that rock with ease
I'm not conceited, I got confidence in my abilities
Agility's my credibility
Oratorical artillery in all facilities
It Takes a Village like Hillary
when killin me, KRS has wide range capabilities
On the microphone, in the combat zone
MC's get eaten like the ozone layer
Hey ya, I'm not a playa I'm a teacher
But if I wanted your girl
You'd be Living Single like Latifah
Action Uptown like Monifah
I hit like a beeper, and hot like the bunny on Easter
Lyrically let me freak ya
With moves like Scoob and Scrap
Rock Stready, Stretch, Al and Kiko
I warm up any room like a heater
Bringin a New Balance to the speaker like a sneaker
Still a teacher, prove it, like medicine squared
This Garden of Eden, keeps the party movin

("Bring it back, that old New York rap
Bring it bring it back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X

Verse Two:

I'm interested in skill and how we build as a culture
I don't eat off old material like a vulture
Repeatin myself for wealth is bad for my health
Everyday I express myself with a dope lyric
From my inner spirit, then I share it with others
As they hear me, enhancin
East and West, overseas, brothers and sisters
Sons and daughters transcended all borders
I deal with mind expansion
Anytime you aimlessly dancin, and romancin
It's your life that you be chancin
Not that I wanna sound gloomy
But I don't rhyme about Judy Judy, cutie and shake your booty
When you gonna grow up and be GOD?
Instead of making a rap a full time job
Yeah, it's a job and not an art
They only rhyme to get money;
cause true self-expression takes heart, and guts
Rhymes, and cuts
Tight minds and not tight butts
Reach your goal, like a puck
I wish you good skill and not good luck
Cause only skills put you up out the gutter so I utter

("Bring it back, that old New York rap
Bring it bring it back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X

Verse Three:

That old New York flow means wrote for fun
And if the money come, THEN THE MONEY COME
But today and everyday, KRS speaks the truth
We dealing with unemployment in the city black youth
usin rap, to put clothes on they back
No culture, or disciplined, way to act
But soon yo, we'll take care of alla that
We're huntin fi de power help supress people tracks
That keep the culture intact, and soon you will see
In the black community, black unity
Not black nudity, after black puberty
For every crew to see, to breakin down the black community
The only one to blame is you and me
For not takin responsiblity for our artillery
Verbally, you heard of me, Knowledge Reigns Supreme
Over Nubians Everywhere, I kick it cause I care
The end isn't near, it's way over there
BLAOW! The only reality is now
But when I say bring back the old flava
That means bring back the ORIGINAL MC behavior

("Bring it back, that old New York rap
Bring it bring back, that old New York rap") - repeat 2X

Verse Four:

Now I got to show you how the BX rocks
MC's, are jumpin out shoes and socks
Body body rock body body rock
I'm the king of rock'n'roll, ahh yeah
Throw your guns in the air! Glocks down
Who the hell is, pagin me at 5 o'clock in the mornin
Where you gonna be, because...
Fresh is the word, many money missin many
Jenifa, oh Jenny
We make up all these rhymes inside our head!
Yo, let's connect politic ditto

Piece O' Peace (Spearhead)

Every million miles ya haffe tek a first step
Every million miles ya haffe tek a first step

I was sick of flippin' channels / and sick of
flippin' quarters
I called my man Zulu/ said "Meet me on the corner"
Maybe we can check out the clubs in the city
'cause waitin' at the crib can make you feel shitty
so he hopped into my ride on the squeaky door side and
we hit the Upper Room/ where they keep the funk alive
The man at the door/ invited us inside
He said there isn't any cover/ if you're keepin' up the vibe

We took it upstairs to big up the area
the people in the house was shakin' up their derrier
Raisin up their hands and raisin up their voices
Tokes was the D.J. I was happy with his choices
maxin' and mixin' the beats they was fixin'
my brain like a smoke that was doubly, triply, dope
the decadence is gone and lifemay never be the same
'cause when the beat hits
you feel no pain!

so a piece of peace for you, a piece of peace for me
a piece of peace for every peaceful person that you see
a piece of peace for you, a piece of peace for me
but I don't act peaceful if you're not that way to me
Every million mile ya haffe tek a first step
Every million mile ya haffe tek a first step

Five-O was outside waitin' with their vans
hopin' that shit would get outta hand
so dat they could test their weapons
on innocent civilians,
the high tech shit costin' million and millions
money should've spent on something for community
but that's O.K. because we got the unity
so ** the police! we can keep the peace!
we can make love and conquer that disease
because nothing in the world is impossible tome
I can swim on dry land and run upon the sea
and nothing in the world is impossible to me
you can chop off my legs and I'll land upon my feet
I turn it over to the spirit and I leave her in charge
my favorite record sounds like an African Head Charge
She'll beat up the beats with and eggbeater
pour em in the batter
she'll make 'em sound fatter and fatter
'cause food for the soul is the flavor of the music
spice for the brain is the essence of the lyrics
songs can be delicious and also be nutritious
You can't payfor culture", it can only be experienced


If the funk is on time
then we call it punctual
we're matchin up the footsteps
spiritual and functional
like carnivale in Rio
the Charlie Hunter trio
Had the groovers groovin'
and all the movers movin'
Cuba, Twist, Reminisce and NME
Graffiti on the street for everyone to see
even the elders in the house was havin' fun
because we livin' life at the top of our lungs
It was truly a life celebration that night
had the world's greatest time
but we'd never sell the movie rights
to Morrie Povich, or anyone like that
and anyone who does is really, really w**!
We fish or cut bait and we're not takin' prisoners
and if you comin' late then you might've missed some a this
funky good time we had here in fronta you
so long, farewell, alveerdersain, adieau to you

To Da Beat (E 40)

Ooohhh... (To da beat!)
Oooh ooh! (To da beat!)
Wake dey**up check it
BEAOTCH! Ooh! (To da beat!)
[every two lines end with 'To da beat!']
She hit me on my locker I was off that truck
mechanic orange juice and Absolut vodka
Smokin on a beadie chasin it with a fat Strike in my
fresh off the showroom flexin 32 valve Northstar Caddy
Gettin it cricket slangin em sideways walkin up the streets
Residuals, re-enactments, constantly repeatedly burnin Vogues
Flamboastin, high-sidin, turnin heads, REWINDIN!
Ain't had the car but two weeks and already need a wheel alignment!
See us Bay negroes is nigger-ain't-give-a-**
Flip a spankin new vehicle, tear it up
We play mind games with tizzy airhead**hoes, make em
buy us things like diamond ear-rhings and clothes, a, uhh
P, I-M-P, come V-I inch up bitch and pay me
Hoe, ahh pay me n-uh-no attention
These are the things that you need to know
But just remember Charlie Hustle always told you so, it's to da beat
And it don't stop, a TO DA BEAT y'all
And it won't quit, a TO DA BEAT y'all
And it don't stop, a TO DA BEAT y'all
And it won't quit, cranks out DA BEAT y'all
Voice boisterous, make the shit throb, a TO DA BEAT y'all
Deep voice boisterous, make the shit throb, right TO DA BEAT y'all
Deep voice boisterous, make the shit throb, a TO DA BEAT y'all
Now do it up and say whassup off-i-sah-ha (To da beat!)
Ah-cho-ah-chokin on some burner, in my little deuce, white interior
Smoke grey exterior, convertible ragtop Hummer (To da beat!)
Little homey ain't but sixteen years and a millionaire
Sittin on somethin clever talkin about, "40 Water can you help me out?
Can you give me some kind of advice,
cause I ain't tryin to be up in this bitch forever?" (To da beat!)
Told all my mother**ers to try to wash they monies
and make some kind of good out of bad, buy you a couple of
Shit it ain't gotta be no brand new Caddy (To da beat!)
Use da dope game as a stepping stone, let your little sister run it
Turn one of the fixer-uppers into a care home, I'da done it (To be
Where I'm from, Vallejo California born and raised in crew
We got the highest paid police force, look what they do (To da beat!)
Too busy tryin to scrutinize and slander me
As much as I done did for the community (To da beat!)
Do me a favor why don't you go out of state and go visit
some of your family members down South and mention Vallejo
And I bet the first thing that come up out their mouth
is Earl Stevens and Denell, bump this shit til your tape break
and youse a bitch if you didn't buy my last tape, BEOTTCH!!!!
To da beat y'all
S-ah-sinister shit, for you to ride to, you got your clip?
Uh-huh, a-ight, then let me guide you (To da beat!) into my world
Straight up, this ain't no circus, playboys and girls
Listen up, we's bout to get on turbans (To da beat!) boom boom!
Woofers in the back BOOM BOOM! niggaz and bitches talkin bout
"Did you hear that nigga 40 Water new shit?
That nigga got the SLACK!" (To da beat!)
You can pat that nigga down with a metal detector
and still not have nuttin
Fools be slidin up in parties on crutches
Slippin, with an ear injuration (To da beat!)
** a Cuban cigar, give me a Black N Mild
Then watch me tear up a brand new hundred dollar bill
and throw it in the crowd (To da beat!)
I don't need no iron, I'm already crisp -- whatchu got whatchu got
whatchu got -- I don't need no money, I got mouthpiece (To da beat!)
Closed mouthtank get fed, dude what you talkin here, what
all of a sudden you got amnesia nigga
I know you didn't forget who buttered your bread (To da beat!)
Old money but new game playboy and it ain't recycled
I ain't to be toyed with, so don't call me Tyko

When Shandon Calls (C.J. Dennis)

Awake, awake, when Shandon rings into the crisp Australian air
Be glad or grave the tale it brings, we shall be there, we must be there.
When duty calls, when pleasure waits, the tongue of Shandon, day by day,
Peals out the message of the fates that guide the dear old A.C.K

A.C.K strive for it's high renown,
A.C.K never let it down.
A.C.K honour to it come what may,
It shall never be our aim to battle for the fame
And the glory of the A.C.K

For friends, for friends, Old Shandon's peal cements a friendship well begun;
And thro' the years, for woe or weal, it's note shall guide us everyone.
When afar our footsteps roam, ‘mid strangers on a distant day,
Dear mem'ries of our home from home shall bind us still to A.C.K

Snoop World (Snoop Doggy Dogg)

[Featuring Master P]
[Master P]
At ease
I would like to welcome the newest No Limit Soldier
Mr. Snoop D O Double G and he brings to the tank
Money power respect leadership street knowledge and wisdom
AHH YAH...D.P.G. yah D.P.G.
Pop the Champaign
Once you break this of you can't get twisted
So pay attention and listen
Welcome to my world nigga and its V.I.P
And the bitches and the bud for free (6x)
Welcome to this world that you never thought existed
And you got to be a soldier to be inlisted
Listen, IM gunna take your mind, your body and your soul
On a whole lil' trip just don't loose your grip
Wait a second (Wait a second), were is the sack
You don't have to ask no questions just jump in the back
And leave your strap, cus there ain't none of that
Were we goin', it ain't nuthin' but 808, beats and flauntin'
Niggas showin' niggas love, hoes suckin' dicks
That's how we do it, cus everything is in the mix
Doggy Land, Doggy World, Snoop World whatever
It don't matter cus we 'bout it, and homies down to do whatever
Everything is legit, and the bitches the shit
And niggas they give you love, cus dey down for it
Now that's just how it goes, and all the hoes on me
And everything is V.I.P, and that's on D.P.G
Now nigga creep in, just like a liquor store
Now nigga if you want a hoe, nigga just let me know
I'll send a H, and when she gets you (got you)
She with you forever, and ?? That's da D.P way
[Chorus x 5]
Wipe your feet before you enter in
Now take a seat and peep dis beat and sip yo' gin
Cus ain't no killin', everybody chillin'
Steady stackin' paper from the floor up to the ceilin'
Now in my world, a bitch is a girl
And mans best friend is his ends, and his motha**in' benz
But chall can't get in just cus you all say you chall down wit us
And try to get around wit us, and hang around wit us, and clown wit us
Hold on, this shit here is for the establishment
Niggas that's havin' shit, and if you ain't roll on and stroll on
This is the spot were the bangers at, the slangers at
Were red and blue equals green, and we probably be black
In fact we stack G's for them keys, so when we finished doin' deeds
You all can't believe what we did provide an opportunity in the
Tryin' to spread a lil' unity between you and me
Since IM the mayor, I think I gotta say-ahh a lil' something
Lets keep it jumpin' playa (playa), ain't to many places that you know
So everybody in the world, welcome to the mutha**in dogg house
[Chorus x 2]
[Master P]
UGGHHHH, picture me ballin' (ballin')
3rd world hustler out the ghetto of New Orleans
Some say life is like a fairy tail (fairy tail)
Did a song with Snoop Dogg, and it turned into a business deal
But it ain't bout da ends, cus we all got matches and we all got
It's about riddin' with the homies (homies)
Gettin rid of the fake and lookin' through the phonies
And the haters can't stop this, check billboards, number one
The only company with a profit, So say Ughh and How You Do Dat There
It's No Limit and D.P.G. nigga we don't care
[Chorus x 4]
Yah, Snoop World
Home of the No Limit Soldiers, Beats By the Pound
You know how we do dis, ain't no stoppin' this
We can't be stopped, we run da streets
You feel me, da streets is ours
Ain't no stoppin' this shit nigga
Ain't No Limit neither, your lucky
Yah, it's on for life
Yah, gunna drive this tank overseas
Gunna get these g's, while we smoke on these trees
Welcome to my world nigga, and its V.I.P

Aint Gonna See Us Fall (Sizzla)

At this appointed time I'd like to let you know.
We give thanks and praise onto the most high Selassie I
Whoa !
Cast away all your fears hear
You don't worry let me see you wipe you tears
Yea you know I love you.

All my black people and all a my thugs
All you little children and the those women I love
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall
Share all my riches and I sing for my fan
Love mama Africa let me see your hands
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall.

Verse 1:
Unpleasent aprasal they dont stop me
Wow with the usless where my catch be
Oh with the people that's where my catch be
Oh those pegans think they can at me
Oh judgement we face them
From they're pegans we got to erase them
Girls on the roof and the thugs in the basement
Playin music for the war love is the replacement.

All my people and all my thugs and
All those little childrens and girls I love
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall
Share all my riches and sing for my fans
Love mama Africa let me see your hands
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall.

Verse 2:
Pray on to most high, he helped me
I want to see all my people living wealthy
Take care of yourself and be healthy
Go to Mount Zion I thats where your blessing be
Wow that's a bomb
Ethiopia Africa thats where we're from
Glad that my nation going strong
Yuh sing my song.

All my people and all my thugs
All you little children and all you women JAH love
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall
Share all my riches and sing for my fans
Love my community let me see your hands
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall

Verse 3:
Ras Tafari your my tower of strength
And every hour that JAH sent
I take the time to pray and tell him thanks
Within your ends the most high what created the earth and the events
No time to pretend
Tell yuh enemy tell yuh friend
Word without end.

All my people and all my thugs and
All those little childrens and girls I love
They ain't gonna see us fall
Babylon ain't gonna see us fall
Sing for my people and my fans
Love my community glad I'm strong

They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall
See us fall No there ain't no way
They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall

They ain't gonna see us fall
They ain't gonna see us fall.


This video was taken in last march 2009 @ marilao bulacan. if you are interisted in malabon community band email me @ trumpet_sax21@yahoo.com.

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